How to Get Photos from Instagram for Your Marketing (Legally)

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<p> 1. for your marketing (legally) How to get photos from 2. Ever wanted to license an photo? 3. Brands that use engaging native photos are driving massive results. 4. Here are a few examples of images that feel native to social: 5. It's difficult to get the photos legally from Instagram, but here are the three best ways: 6. Reach out directly #1 Track the photographer down and set up a personal relationship. 7. Start by checking their Instagram bio. Many Instagrammers have their email address, Twitter handle or link in their bio. 8. If you can't nd an email address, try sending them a direct message. 9. How to send a direct message on Instagram: 1: Take a photo or choose one you already have. (This can be a photo of you, a screenshot of the photo youre hoping to use, or anything you want the photographer to see) 2: Instead of sharing to your followers, choose direct. 3: Write a caption expressing your interest in using their photo and providing a way for them to get in touch with you. 4: Search for the photographers @username and hit send. 10. Use casual &amp; friendly language when messaging them. Try to come across in an authentic way. 11. Give them an email address or phone number where they can reach you. 12. Comment on their photos #2 Try reaching out directly on the photo you like. 13. If you can't contact them directly, try reaching out publicly by commenting. 14. It may be difficult to get their attention amongst the thousands of comments, so make sure to stand out. 15. Example: 16. Its essential to make sure that you're getting legal permission from Instagram users to avoid massive legal fees. ( fair use copyright laws do not protect you) WARNING: 17. License the photos #3 Twenty20 provides an easy royalty-free license for photos from the worlds best Instagrammers. 18. Working with amateur photographers directly, it can be extremely difficult to negotiate a legally sound solution quickly. 19. With 45+ million photos from the world's best Instagrammers, Twenty20 makes photos from Instagram available with an easy royalty- free license. 20. Save time &amp; energy by downloading instantly. Avoid the hassle of communicating &amp; negotiating with Instagrammers. Ensures that you're legally protected (all photos are reviewed by a professional in-house team). 45+ million photos from over 250,000 real-world photographers worldwide. The benets: 21. Authentic, Real-World Stock Photography USE BETTER PHOTOS 22. All photos sourced from Twenty20. Follow us for more useful SlideShares 23. Authentic, Real-World Stock Photography USE BETTER PHOTOS </p>