How to Crowdsource Product Feedback

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How to Crowdsource Product Feedback

How to Crowdsource Product Feedback

Who is Pushpa Ithal?Product ManagerEngineerEntrepreneur (Advo.Ninja)Social Media fanSVPMA volunteer over 5 yearsWho is Jeff Schaffzin?Product MarketerEngineer and Data geekEntrepreneur (Advo.Ninja, Genysys Group)Go-to-market SMEVolunteer and startup advisor

Product DevelopmentIdea Generation

Idea Screening

Concept Testing

Mktg Strategy

Business Analysis

Product Development

Test Marketing


Idea Generation, Screening and Testing

Customer FeedbackStatistics and Data

Studies and Analyst Reports


What if you dont have any of these?


Social MediaBlogs/LongpostsSurveysInternal ExpertsCompetitive Intelligence

Social Media

Leverage Brand Advocates for Short PostsSample PostsI think current chatbots are annoying, what do you think? Does AI need a makeover? What % of your traffic is IPV6? Ours is about 8%.


Social MediaLinkedIn Showcase Page

Measure interest (followers)Gain traction LinkedIn Groups

MarketingSocial Media MarketingNon-Profit Marketing (niche)Digital Marketer India (niche)

Big DataData Science & Machine LearningGartner Data & Analytics Management

Entrepreneurship Lean Startup

Cyber Security Information Security CommunitySocial Media Security

Facebook GroupsSaaS Growth Hacks

SlackSaaS AllianceSingle Product line and purposeSeparate interaction from company page


Twitter and Quora Twitter

Short postsHashtag every request for tracking


Quora Interests

Information Security Social Media Marketing Software-as-a-ServiceProduct Management

BlogsLong posts and Blogs

Long posts and BlogsLinkedInTechcrunch HackernewsCNETMashableTech MemeHuffingtonpost


Surveys2. Survey DistributionSend to friendsPost on relevant social groupsPaid SurveyMonkey Service

1. Survey Creation

When you start your startup idea you go to friends in similar business and talk to them. Scale it further by actually writing a short survey go look at all the tips of writing survey (I am not going to cover that today) before writing a survey. Keep it short, remove any logos to keep IP away from it. Say it something like I am working on a project to get feedback.


Competitive IntelligenceResources AmazonAngies ListYelpCNETMashableProduct HuntConsumer ReportsBetter Business Bureau


Experts and Influencers

Idea BoxIdea Manager (Rally), Spigit, OpenIdeo

Employee Feedback

I have used Idea manager from Rally. It shows all the requests from customers, ideas from all employees. Through pizza lunches where everyone in the room says yes or no and brings a valid evidence behind their answer. 14

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