Facebook’s Algorithm Updates vs. Your Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Posting engaging content is vital to any brand’s social media campaign. How a fan engages with a post sends a specific message to Facebook and determines whether or not your brand stays visible in their newsfeed. Take some pointers from our latest infographic to ensure that you stay front and center with your audience! - See more at: http://www.bkv.com/blog/facebooks-algorithm-updates-vs-your-brand-infographic/#sthash.jmwIj7TD.dpuf

Text of Facebook’s Algorithm Updates vs. Your Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • 1. SHARE I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!SHOW ME MORE.So, what does this all mean?It's time to get creative withyour content & shoot forshares to stay squarely in youraudiences newsfeed.bkv.comQ:A:A BRAVE NEWNEWSFEED:FACEBOOKS ALGORITHM CHANGESAND YOUR BRANDHow users engage with your posts iseverything, and heres what usersactions are telling Facebook.COMMENT I DIG THIS.KEEP IT COMIN.LIKE IM KINDA INTO THIS.MEH. ITS AIGHT. NO ACTIONHIDE POSTIM NOT FEELING THISRIGHT NOW.UNFOLLOWNO THANK YOU.NOT NOW, NOT EVER.