Evaluation- Question 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Evaluation question 3

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Evaluation- Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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Pre- production Feedback

Some of the feedback we received from our pre production pitch said ‘* Prologue was a good idea, helps the audience get into the story* Good idea to mix performance with location shots* However, main location was not made clear’To improve our location ideas and make it more clearer to our audience, we ensured our recess was more detailed in where we would exactly be shooting by adding maps, clear images and a description to go with it.

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Rough cut Feedback

• During our rough cut screening although the music video wasn’t finished we still received some constructive criticism.

• Everyone loved our transitions from black and white to normal colours, but we just needed to add transitions to show this.

• It was pointed out that in one of our scenes our artist came out of character so we immediately watched that part over and cut out the necessary bits.

• Another comment was that we had too many stationary still shots, therefore when we began filming more flashbacks scenes the next day we tried to add some tracking shots.

• We also added more transitions after our feedback as we noticed we hadn't added enough from what we had soo far.

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Print Products

Audience feedback:* Very nice, rework of the Rihanna logo as it links to the original without copying it* You need to decide whether you are going to stick with a black and white theme throughout or use colour.’• Our audience loved the idea of us reworking the R logo, which was a huge part of

out print products. We chose this to be red as red connotes love and intensity. It is also very eye-catching.

• However, we were still indecisive about our colour scheme. Eventually we decided to go for a black and white theme as we thought I linked with our black and white flashbacks in the music video.

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Music video Feedback

‘The transitions were good from black n white shots to colour shots’- We used mostly cross fades/ slow cutting rate to show the transition from flashback to present.

‘The location shots were good especially in Westfield’

‘We needed more of a variation of shots, and lip sync in some shots needed improved.’- Even though we weren't able to add more shots due to time, we did manage to improve the lip syncing to keep everything in sync in the end.

‘Much improved from the last screening’

‘It was much more clear which made it easy to understand ‘. – After putting all our prologue scenes together for the final video it made much more sense to the audience and helped their understanding of our storyline.