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  • 1. Made By:-Rahul Jadwani

2. WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITYAugmented Reality (AR) The term was proposed by TOM CAUDELL, a researcher ofBoeing corporation ,in 1990.RONALD AZUMA in 1997 defined theaugmented reality as:1. Interaction in real time.2. Combination of virtual and real.3. Works in 3D. 3. WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY Augment Reality (AR) is afield of computer researchwhich deals with thecombination of real worldand computer generateddata. Most of the AR research iscurrently concerned withthe use of video imagerywhich is digitally processedand augmented by addingcomputer generatedgraphics. 4. AUGMENTED REALITY WOW-NOW (AR) is a term for a liveDirect or indirect viewof a physical real worldenvironment . The augmentation is onconventionally in realtime and in semanticcontent withenvironmental elements(Wikipedia). 5. HOW DOES AR WORK ??o The Basic idea ofaugmented reality is tosuper impose graphics,audio and other senseenhancemenents over a realworld environment in realtime .o The Graphics will thenchange to accommodate inreal time.o The graphics will thenaccommodate to the userseye or head movements. 6. AR vs VRAugmented Reality Augmented reality is closer tothe real world. augmentedreality adds graphics, sounds tothe natural world, as it exists. That is ,the user can interact withthe real world, and at the sametime can see, both the real andvirtual world co-existing. User is not cut off from thereality.Virtual Reality Virtual reality creates immersive,computer generatedenvironments which replacesreal world. Virtual reality serves for attotally immersive environment .The senses are under control ofthe system. The user is completely immersedis an artificial world and cut offfrom real world. 7. GOALS OF AUGMENTED REALITYo The goal ofAugmented reality isto create a system inwhich the usercannot tell thedifference betweenthe real world andthe virtualaugmentation of it. 8. AR in GAME CONSOLES 9. Future of AR in MEDIA 10. Future of AR in SOCIAL NETWORKING 11. Advantages Anyone can use it.User can interact real world andvirtual world at the same time. It enhance mobile usability. Can save time and efforts. 12. Disadvantage The size of AR systems is yetanother problem. Still under development.No privacy. Social Acceptance. Can also be used by Terrorist tofind locations or other use. 13. THANK YOU 14. AnyQuery??