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Setting your Manta Business profile page is a great way to get exposure for your small business from Manta's 20 Million + visitors per month.

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  • How To Set Up Your Manta Business Profile For Success
  • Listing your business on Manta is a great way to gain customers from Mantas more than 20 Million monthly users. Its also a great way to quickly get your business online and showing up in search engines like Google.
  • We are going to show you how to set-up your Manta business listing and product showcase pages. As a bonus, I am going to share with you some tricks that will help your listing outrank your competition and make sure it gets the most exposure possible.
  • The example being used is a real company, a New York City based dentist, which I recently helped create their new Manta listing.
  • There are three separate but connected parts of Manta. 1) Your Personal Profile 2) Your Business Listing 3) Your Product Showcase Pages
  • The Personal Profile In order to set-up a business profile on Manta, you need to have a personal profile. Your personal profile also gives Manta users the opportunity to learn more about you.
  • The Business Listing The business listing is what Manta is all about. Business listings allow you to add your business's contact info, business hours, social media accounts, website, products and services offered, and more.
  • Products And Services Showcase Pages As a part of your free business listing, you are allowed to have 3 product and service showcase pages (paid accounts can have more). This is an opportunity to generate interest in specific products or services by including an in-depth description, image, and pricing information.
  • Getting Started With Your Business Listing If it is, then there will be a little yellow button beside the listing that you can click to claim your listing. It looks like this: Start by searching Manta to see if your business is already listed.
  • When you click that button, your business listing will be automatically connected to your personal profile. You now have the ability to edit and add information to your business profile. If your business is not already listed, then adding a new listing is easy. Just click the add your business link in the upper right hand corner of your screen. It looks like this:
  • Now its time to start filling out your profile. As we go through this process there are two big things to keep in mind: 1. You want to make sure you complete all sections of your listing, using as much detail as possible. 2. As you fill out your listing, you want to use the keywords that your potential customers use on Manta and other search engines, when looking for the products and services you offer.
  • How To Know Google, which is by far the most popular search engine, allows you to see monthly estimates for the number of times any term is searched on These estimates can give you a good idea of the keywords that your potential customers are typing into Manta as well. What Keywords To Include In Your Profile
  • How To Use Googles Keyword Planner
  • The first step is to register for a free Google Adwords account, which you can do here. After logging into your Adwords account, you can find the keyword planner tool here:
  • Now you can enter in several search terms that are related to your business. If you are a dentist you might enter in the terms: dentist, dental, and cavity. Hit enter and then click the keyword ideas tab, which will give you a page that looks like this:
  • Here you can see an estimate from Google of the number of times people search using those keywords, on average, each month. Keep a list of the most popular ones and make sure that you use them when filling out your profile.
  • Business Profile Setting Up Your Manta Once you know what you should include in your Manta profile, Manta makes filling out your profile easy and straightforward. After claiming your business profile, each section will have a blue edit button or box where you can update or add information to that section.
  • The Logo and Basic Company Info Section The business name, address, and contact info should be the exact same info as you use on your website. If you already have a copy of your companys logo in digital format, you can simply upload it here. If you have a logo on your website, but dont have it in digital format, then you can take a screenshot of the logo on your website, and then upload the screenshot.
  • Product and Services Section Manta allows you to showcase, in detail, up to three products or services on your free business listing. Users who upgrade to a premium listing can showcase additional products and services.
  • They also allow you to list the names of up to 30 additional products or services that you offer. You can see the services I have chosen to feature, as well as the additional products and services I have listed. Keep in mind the keywords that you want your profile to rank when filling out this section. Product and Services Section
  • Clients can get a more detailed overview by clicking on the product or service that you have featured. When they do so, it takes them to a full product/ service overview section. Product and Service Showcase Pages
  • Manta resizes the images automatically, however if they do not look right, you can use to edit the dimensions of your images manually. ! When possible, you should also have at least one photo with a persons face. People are naturally drawn to pictures featuring other people. Product and Service Showcase Pages
  • About Us, Business Categories, and Company Contacts The About Us section is another great place to make sure you are including your keywords. ! For the Business Categories, you have the opportunity to list 1 primary category and 2 secondary categories. Keep your keywords in mind when choosing your secondary categories as well.
  • The Company Contact section is going to default to whomever is filling out the profile. If that is not the same person that you want the public to be reaching out to, then change it. You can also list multiple people here. About Us, Business Categories, and Company Contacts
  • Additional Links The Additional Links section gives you the opportunity to showcase specific parts of your website or pages on other sites that cast your business in a positive light. This is also a good opportunity to link to pages on your website that you want to rank higher in Googles search results.
  • Brands Carried and Memberships When searching for a product or service to buy, people often use the specific brand name they are looking to purchase. By including all the brands you offer in this section, you give your profile a better chance of ranking when customers search for those brands on Manta and other search engines. The Memberships section gives you the opportunity to add additional credibility to your company.
  • Social Media Accounts Here you can link up your Facebook and Twitter account. We have found that Facebook is especially effective for businesses that cater to other individuals. If you are not already on Facebook, read our free guide on how to get setup here.
  • Business Hours In addition to letting your customers know when you are open, you can add 250 characters of text below the hours. I used this as an opportunity to let people know that we accept walk-ins. ! If there is something specific that you would like to highlight, such as 24-hour emergency service, you can do so here.
  • Verify Your Profile Verifying your profile is free and gives it an added level of credibility as it shows up on Manta with the verified badge.
  • Get Recommendations According to a recent survey by, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means that getting positive reviews for your business is one of the most powerful things you can do to increase sales.
  • Youre All Set! If you have followed the instructions, your new presence on Manta should put you way ahead of the competition. If you would like even more exposure on Manta check out one of their premium package