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The Switch has provided customer controlled local and long haul television signal routing solutions for over 20 years. Our network consists of television and cable broadcasters, satellite and fiber optic facilities, news bureaus, government agencies, educational institutions, museums, corporations and producers of individual programs, sports and live events.

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  • 1. The Switch has always been driven by customer demand and by anticipating whats next in the broadcast industry Scott Beers, President and CEO of The Switch Copyright 2014 by Beers Enterprises, Incorporated. All rights reserved. The content of this presentation is the property of Beers Enterprises, Incorporated (BEI) .. Any reproduction, distribution, public disclosure, or other use of this information not expressly authorized herein without the written permission from BEI is strictly prohibited.

2. Business Business: The Switch Difference: The Switch is the only transmission provider to provide all three services of the transmission food chain with the added benefits of customer control, access to government and emergency services, and unlimited seamless local switching at a flat monthly rate. The Switch has three product lines to meet our customers video transmission needs 3. Background: History 4. Business Our Customers: The Switch provides connectivity to various Broadcast sub-industries, including: Broadcast and Cable Networks Television and Radio Stations Studio and Post Production Facilities Foreign and Domestic New Bureaus Wire Services Government Agencies Transmission Service Providers Production Companies Arenas, Stadiums and Theaters Universities, Museums, and Cultural Institutions 5. Local Switching: Before The Switch, television signals were routed like your grand parents telephone callsin some places they still are! 6. SwitchIT Two Ways to Switch Highlights: 7. SwitchIT - a newly designed one page ordering method 8. SwitchIT - a graphical step by step ordering method 9. SwitchIT Wizard Step 1 Choose your Source City 10. Step 2 Select Source Port and Quality of Service SwitchIT Wizard 11. Step 3 Select Destination City SwitchIT Wizard 12. Step 4 Select Destination Port SwitchIT Wizard 13. Step 5 Favorite destinations are saved for quick access SwitchIT Wizard 14. OR Choose Entire Route from Favorites SwitchIT Wizard 15. Step 6 Select a start/end date, and the duration of your feed SwitchIT Wizard 16. Step 7 Review and Press Take SwitchIT Wizard 17. The Switch Network: 44 Total Cities Chicago Detroit Pittsburgh Raleigh London, UK Jacksonville Orlando Atlanta Nashville Dallas Phoenix SanFrancisco LasVegas Sacramento Washington Toronto New York Tampa San Diego Charlotte Baltimore Philadelphia LosAngeles St. Louis Boston Miami Houston The Switch Network The Switch, 2013 Active 10 Gig ckts Buffalo Memphis Portland Seattle Austin San Antonio Indianapolis Cincinnati Columbus Oklahoma City Minnesota Milwaukee Salt Lake City Denver KansasCity New Orleans Cleveland 18. Specifications of AT&T Hardened Facilities Each Point of Presence (PoP) is equipped with generator backups; primary power is -48 VDC Each PoP is equipped with UPS via massive DC load bank, always in line to deliver reliability expected of the phone company Each PoP is typically in a Class A building; many locations are in hardened Central Office buildings. Colocation is available to the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) (e.g., AT&T, Verizon) and Incumbent LEC (ILEC) depending on location All equipment is NEBS compliant and comply with the highest environmental standards, including burn testing 19. Terminal Equipment The Switch utilizes Net Insight equipment, specifically Nimbra 688 and 680 platform under the control of NimbraVision NMS The Nimbra platform allows for the ability to transmit in Uncompressed 3G, HD, SDI, ASI, SDTI, JPEG 2000 compression of 3G, JPEG 2000 compression of HD, and JPEG 2000 compression of SD. Hitless switching: due in Q4 of 2011, NOC to NOC; customer extension possible NIMBRA 688 NIMBRA 680 20. Router control system NVISION 8144 NMS Configuration of Local Switches The Switch uses Miranda 8144 routers that that are compatible with Uncompressed 3G, HD, SDI and ASI The Switch utilizes Miranda NVISION NV9000 router control system under the direction of iControl NMS The NVISION 8144s are capable of 144X144 21. The Power of The Switch: 23 22. 1+1 Protection Switching for instant failover at packet level Protection 23. 26 Network Operations Center FEATURING: State-Of-The-Art Network Management tools for health & status of all services. 24/7/365 data and video technical support 24/7/365 Booking support Snell & Wilcox Alchemist PH.C-HD Motion Compensated Standards Converters HD/SD Up/Down Conversion MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Reception and Transmission and capabilities for ASI transport Expansion Plans in 2014 24. Th e Sw it c h - At l an t a Th e Sw it c h - Au st in Th e Sw it c h - Bal t imo r e Th e Sw it c h - Bo st o n Th e Sw it c h - Bu f f al o Th e Sw it c h - Ch ar l o t t e Th e Sw it c h - Ch ic ag o Th e Sw it c h - Cl evel an d Th e Sw it c h - Co l u mbu s Th e Sw it c h Co n n ec t io n s 25. Th e Sw it c h - D al l as Th e Sw it c h - D en ver Th e Sw it c h - D et r o it Th e Sw it c h - H o u st o n Th e Sw it c h - In d ian apo l is Th e Sw it c h - Jac kso n vil l e Th e Sw it c h - Kan sas Cit y! Th e Sw it c h - Las Veg as! Th e Sw it c h - Lo n d o n 26. Th e Sw it c h - Lo s An g el es Th e Sw it c h - M emph is Th e Sw it c h - M iami Th e Sw it c h - M in n eapo l is Th e Sw it c h - N ash vil l e Th e Sw it c h - N ew O r l ean s 27. Th e Sw it c h - N ew Yo r k Th e Sw it c h - O kl ah o ma Cit y Th e Sw it c h - O r l an d o Th e Sw it c h - Ph il ad el ph ia ! Th e Sw it c h - Ph o en ix ! Th e Sw it c h - Pit t sbu r g h Th e Sw it c h - Po r t l an d ! Th e Sw it c h - Ral eig h ! Th e Sw it c h - Sac r amen t o Th e Sw it c h - Sal t Lake Cit y 28. Th e Sw it c h - San D ieg o Th e Sw it c h - San Fr an c isc o Th e Sw it c h - Seat t l e Th e Sw it c h - St . Lo u is Th e Sw it c h - Tampa Th e Sw it c h - To r o n t o Th e Sw it c h - Wash in g t o n , D .C. 29. UN ITED STATES An ah eim Angel#Stadium# Honda#Center# At l an t a Phillips#Arena# Turner#Field# Ar l in g t o n Rangers#Ballpark# Bal t imo r e Oriole#Park# Bo st o n Fenway#Park## TD#Garden# Bu f f al o ! First#Niagara#Center# Ch ar l o t t e Time#Warner#Arena# Ch ic ag o # US#Cellular#Field# United#Center# Wrigley#Field# Cin c in n at i Great#American#Ballpark# # Cl evel an d Progressive#Field# Quicken#Loans#Arena## Co l u mbu s Na=onwide#Arena## D al l as American#Airlines#Center# D en ver Coors#Field# Pepsi#Center# D et r o it Comerica#Park# Joe#Louis#Arena# The#Palace#of#Auburn#Hills# H o u st o n Minute#Maid#Park# Toyota#Center# In d ian apo l is Bankers#Life#Fieldhouse# Kan sas Cit y Kauffman#Stadium# Lo s An g el es Dodgers#Stadium# Staples#Center# M emph is # Fedex#Forum# Miami # American#Airlines#Arena# BB&T#Center# Marlins#Park# M il w au kee Bradley#Center# Miller#Park# # M in n eapo l is # Target#Center# Target#Field# Xcel#Energy#Center# N ash vil l e # Bridgestone#Area# N ew ar k Pruden=al#Center# N ew O r l ean s # New#Orleans#Arena# N ew Yo r k # Barclays#Center# Ci=#Field# Madison#Square#Garden# Nassau#Coliseum# Yankee#Stadium# O akl an d O.co#Coliseum# Oracle#Arena# O kl ah o ma Cit y Chesapeake#Energy#Arena# O r l an d o Amway#Center# Ph il ad el ph ia # Ci=zens#Bank#Park# Wells#Fargo#Center# Ven u es Ac c essibl e via Th e Sw it c h -H TN Spo r t s G r o u p 30. UN ITED STATES Ph o en ix Pit t sbu r g h Po r t l an d Ral eig h Sac r amen t o San An t o n io San D ieg o San Fr an c isc o San Jo se Sal t Lake Cit y Seat t l e St . Lo u is Tampa Wash in g t o n , D .C. Ven u es Ac c essibl e via Th e Sw it c h -H TN Spo r t s G r o u p Can ad a Cal g ar y Ed mo n t o n M o n t r eal O t t aw a To r o n t o Van c o u ver Win n ipeg 31. Switch'Bookings'(212)'227'9131'or'bookings@theswitch.tv'Switch'Network'Opera?ons'Center'(212)'227A9191'or'noc@theswitch.tv' 32. Switch'Bookings'(212)'227'9131'or'bookings@theswitch.tv'Switch'Network'Opera?ons'Center'(212)'227A9191'or'noc@theswitch.tv' 33. Switch'Bookings'(212)'227'9131'or'bookings@theswitch.tv'Switch'Network'Opera?ons'Center'(212)'227A9191'or'noc@theswitch.tv' 34. Switch'Bookings'(212)'227'9131'or'bookings@theswitch.tv'Switch'Network'Opera?ons'Center'(212)'227A9191'or'noc@theswitch.tv' 35. The Horizon Whats next? 38 36. Network Expansion Building The Future 37. Transformation Current NY Network Operations Center 40 38. Transformation 2014 Network Operations Center Expansion 41 39. Transformation LA Network Operations Center Blueprint 42 40. Business Our Recent Projects: 41. The Switch was awarded Broadcast Engineering Magazines 2012 Excellence Award for Network Automation for SwitchIT. Read more: http://broadcastengineering.com/awards/excellence-award-winners/#ixzz1pmNNkQ7L Recognition: The Switch was awarded New Bay Medias 2013 Product Innovation Award for Video Transmission for SwitchIT. Read more: http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/newbay/innovationawards2013/#/2 WINNER Category: Transmission 2013 WINNER Category: Network Automation 2012 42. Network Benefits to The Customer Superiority Versatility to send any digital signal Flexibility to auto reroute across the diverse mesh network Security of protected 1+1 signal routing Flexibility Customer Controlled Available on-demand or by scheduling in advance Transmission billed in one minute increments No minimum bookings required Streamlining Advantages One stop shopping for local switching, local circuitry and long haul transmission Clear and concise invoicing, online booking and activity reporting Pr