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Chandramouli PSME for GIS Solutions9701234348HyderabadSmart City Solutions

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2Smart Governance13Smart Utilities4Smart EnvironmentSmart Citizens



Smart EnvironmentSmart GovernanceSmart UtilitiesSmart TransportationSmart Citizens

Social DimensionsEnvironmental DimensionsEconomic DimensionsPublic TransportMobility ManagementTraffic ManagementCity ServicesSupply NetworksEnvironmental ControlsAlternative Energiese Administratione Participation Digital CitizenDigital EnterpriseSecurity & emergenciesSocial CareHealth Care

GIS & Remote sensing(Open source)Smart Cities- Eco System21345

Smart Governance Framework1

Smart Citizens Top Priorities Of GovernmentChallenge 2: Making Services Available to the door step of Citizen. Challenge 5: Having Strategic Control Over DocumentsChallenge 1: Effective Delivery of Citizen & Business Centric ServicesChallenge 3: Compliances with standard operating procedures & Citizen Charter.Challenge 4:Continuous Improvement. Having a birds-view of the cases. Identify bottlenecks in work execution. Holistic View of cases spanning across departments



Effective Delivery of Services

Making Services Available to the door step of Citizen

Increased Citizen centricity

Citizen & Business Centric Services Delivery Platform


Smart Infra & Utilities- Intelligent Wireless Solutions



Enabling Smart Infra- Cellular Technology8

Smart ParkingConnected Street LightingDigital SignageEV ChargingTransitEnergy & water managementVideo Surveillance


Benefits- Cellular TechnologyUniversal coveragein most cities

In-building penetrationwith picocells and 4G/LTE-MTC

Ease of deployment

Continuous improvementsNative supportfor mobility

Why cellular gaining so much traction and a favored comm. infrastructure in smart city deployment. Its all about ease of deployment, the universaility and ubiquity and scalability. The city can leverage an existing network awithout having to maintained proprietary one. It is able to re-use the same network across multiple applications without installing new comm. infrastructure everytime it decides to act on new assets to monitor or just when simply expanding.9

SolutionsYard Management Solutions Warehouse Management Store Management System Smart Card Solutions Inventory Tracking Solutions Library Management System Automatic Vehicle Identification Asset Life Management System Solar Panel Tracking Asset Tracking Solutions Barcode Identification

Technology:Open Source Cloud Computing Web 2.0 RFID Biometrics Smartcards GPS CCTV Barcode NFC Mobile TechnologiesSmart Infra Process Automation

Smart Infra-tangible BenefitsAll About Sensors & Big Data & CooperationSmart ParkingTime taken to find parking spaces decreased by 40%Vehicle miles looking for parking spots both decreased by 30%Traffic vol. decreased by 10%

Public Lighting automation50% reduction in lighting power consumption (dimming, etc)Payback within one electoral cycle

Water management and smart waterLeak detection Improved maintenance and lower time to fix issues in the water network (better isolation of the issues)Decrease water usage from constituent by 15-20% (hourly usage tracking)


Smart Environment- GIS Data Management