Making the most out of double hung windows

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  1. 1. The double hung window is one of the most popular types of window in the world. In the United States alone, its been used for centuries, appreciated for its ability to meld form and function together. With the number of advantages double hungs have to offer, it makes great sense that the window ranks as one of the top choices for replacements all over the country. However, not all double hung windows are created equal. Finding the Right Window: Some Considerations INSERTS VS. FULL-FRAME REPLACEMENTS Replacement windows come in two general options: as inserts or pocket windows or full-frame replacement windows. If your window frames are still in excellent condition, opt for double hung inserts or pocket windows. If your frames have seen better days and are no longer performingastheyshould,yourebetteroffwithfull-framereplacement double hung windows. U-FACTOR RATING Values range between 0.2 and 1.25 but the lower the rating is, the better a window insulates so go for the lowest U-factor you can find. A low rating means that heat transfer is kept to a minimum, ensuring indoor heat stays in and outdoor heat out. PART 1: CHOOSING AND INSTALLING DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS
  2. 2. SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENT Sunlight brings both visible and infrared light, resulting in both light and heat. SHGC is the measure of how well a window blocks heat from sunlight. Values usually range between 0.25 and 0.80 but the lower the SHGC, the better. Low SHGC is best for double hung windows in homes in warmer climates. VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE This refers to how much light a window is able to let through. Values range from 0 to 1, but feel free to choose depending on your own preferences. As a guide, keep in mind that the closer to 1 a rating is, the higher the level of light a window can let it. Installation Done Right If youre looking to save on costs, its understandable to consider installing double hung windows on your own. However, without the necessary skill and experience, you might end up running into more problems, that would cost you more, than if you hired a reputable contractor to take care of the installation for you. Not to mention that turning to a certified installer will help ensure you are eligible to enjoy manufacturer warranties. Another way to make the most out of getting double hung windows is to practice weatherization. Read on to learn a few basics and ensure your replacements last long. PART 1: CHOOSING AND INSTALLING DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS
  3. 3. Making the most out of your double hung window isnt just about proper choices and installation the window must also be able to stay in place and function at 100% efficiency for as long as it can. Constant wear and tear due to harsh weather will eventually get to your windows so learning to weatherize your double hungs will definitely come in handy. The Basics of Weatherization Because the process is mainly aimed at reducing energy consumption and optimizing energy efficiency, weatherizing a window is commonly believed to be achievable simply by improving insulation. This isnt alwaysthecasebecauseweatherizingalsoprotectsagainsttheelements abuse, helping maximize the service life of a double hung window. Here are a few tips on weatherizing your window you can keep in mind: Even the best insulation will be useless if your window doesnt close properly as you will still be letting air in and out of your home. Making sure all sash locks are working as they should will aid in securely closing your double hung windows, firmly aligning sashes with frames to seal all openings. PART 2: WEATHERIZING DOUBLE HUNGS
  4. 4. Air can also pass through small gaps between walls and window frames. For an airtight double hung window, make sure that all edges have been caulked. Daily operation can wear out seals around a frame. To ensure your double hung window works as it should all the time, routinely check the condition of the windows weatherstripping. Have them replaced as needed to preserve your windows airtight seal. Watch out for hairline cracks that may develop over time on window glass and frames, which are usually caused by windows being hit by debris or being forcibly shut or closed. If youre dealing with cracks in window panels, consider a replacement right away to avoid the dangers of glass breaking unexpectedly. After weatherizing, youll be learning about how to care for double hung windows in the next part as we conclude our blog series. Read on for more! PART 2: WEATHERIZING DOUBLE HUNGS
  5. 5. Double hung windows are built to last, but that doesnt mean you cant do anything to make them last even longer. Fortunately, it doesnt take a lot to care and maintain double hungs to maximize their efficiency and lifespan. A quick note though: low maintenance doesnt mean no maintenance. Neglecting their windows is a common mistake homeowners make. Windows dont take care of themselves so dont wait until damage due to lack of maintenance sets in before you start paying attention. Caring and Maintaining Double Hung Windows: Keep dirt and grime off your windows Grooves on the side of the window frame let the sashes slide up and down without falling off. However, its also a great place for dirt and moisture to get stuck in. Its difficult to get into these grooves to clean them with a cloth but a small brush should do the trick. To prevent streaks on window glass, clean them when its not hot out.The heat will dry out your cleaning solution, causing streaks on the glass. Check springs and locks Tightening springs and locks on your double hung window isnt just for weatherizing; its also for securing a sash in place. Check for signs of wobbling when the sashes are in use; thats a sure sign of loose parts. PART 3: PROPER CARE AND MAINTENANCE FOR DOUBLE HUNG
  6. 6. Oiling moving parts Do you hear squeaking sounds whenever youre using your double hung window?That could be a sign of rust or debris buildup around the moving parts of your double hung window. Oil these parts regularly to operate your window with ease. Keep windows unobstructed Double hung windows dont swing in or out so its unlikely for them to hitobstructionsduringoperation.However,theycanstillgetobstructed by objects resting on sills. Keep damage at bay by leaving enough room on window sills for your double hung window to properly close. We hope this blog series has helped you learn more about double hung windows. Choose properly, have the window installed correctly, and routinely care for them to make the most out of getting double hungs as replacements. PART 3: PROPER CARE AND MAINTENANCE FOR DOUBLE HUNG
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