Wait For Your Ex Make The First Move If You Want Them Back

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Wait For Your Ex Make The First Move If You Want Them Back

By Makoo LeandroBob and his girlfriend Carol got into an fight one day and Carol marched out saying she in no way wants to see him again.

This left Bob distraught as this came so suddenly and he was anxious to find out how to get her back. What Bob needs to realize first off is Carol needs some time to herself right now.

Obviously she was very stressed out about something so she needs some time to calm down. At this point Carol does not need Bob to start calling, emailing or texting her now.

He also should not be sending her flowers or any kind of gift to bribe her to come back.

All he should be doing for now is waiting for her to call him. For example she will have to contact him eventually to say she wants to pick up her stuff.

In any event she will want some closure to this and will contact him for that. What Bob must do is be prepared for when she does call.

He needs to be ready to discuss the problems they may have had in their relationship and be able to admit to the things he is guilty of.

He also must confront Carol on any issue that she may be responsible for that caused any problems. The two of them would benefit from a long heart to heart talk but Carol must initiate the contact.

Bob may desperately want to contact her but he must have patience and wait for her to make the move. There was definitely enough of a problem for Carol to make a grand exit by storming out.

Given time she will get it out of her system, thats why he must leave her alone.

Any pressure from him would prolong the anger or worse just chase her further away. You could assume Carol is attracted to Bob.

If she was not she would have just slipped away quietly without making a fuss.

All the dramatics show she still has that emotional energy invested in this relationship. Bob did the right thing and waited for Carol to call.

Turns out she was kind of embarrassed by how she handled the situation.

Bob suggested getting together at some neutral location to talk it over and she was all for it. Having the time to think about it Carol concluded things were not as bad as she thought and the two of them were able to reconcile their differences and get back together. If you are in a position where you need to save your relationship learn all you can.

If you just try to wing it you stand a chance of making things worse.

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