US Funerals Online: What to do when a loved one dies away from home

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We are a more transient society today, and as a result more families are having to contend with a death away from home. If your loved one has died overseas or out-of-state, we are here to help you with your funeral shipping needs. One call to our international mortuary shipping experts can alleviate your worries and start the process for bringing your loved one home.


  • 1. US Funerals Online When a death occurs awayfrom homeIt can be especially traumatic anddistressing when you receive newsthat a loved one has died whilstoverseas.As more mobile society, this ishappening more often.

2. US Funerals OnlineExperts in International Funeral ShippingWe have a team of mortuary shipping experts dedicatedto helping you. Agents in key cities in theU.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. A library of funeral shipping articles covering what todo and legal requirements depending on the countryof death. 3. US Funerals OnlineVisit our Funeral Shippingsection to find outmore, or call our TOLLFREE repatriation adviceline to speak to a funeralshipping expert. 877-664-5662