Omani Dessert Recipe | Omani Dessert Cuisine

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Here's some of the famous Dessert Recipes prepared in Omani style.Please visit the website for more healthy, tasty and light recipes. Enjoy !!

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2. IngredientsSweetened Condensed Milk,eggs, butter, milk, vanillapowder, lemon zest, pistachionuts, almonds. Cooking Time: 20 minutes Visit Omani Pudding Recipe for detailed recipeOMANI PUDDING 3. JAZAR HALWAIngredientsCarrots, Milk, SweetenedCondensed Milk, Ghee, Pistachio.Cooking Time: 40 minutes Visit Jazar Halwa for detailed recipe 4. MAHO HALWA Visit Maho Halwa for detailed recipeIngredientsButter, Sweetened Condensed Milk,Cardamom, Saffron.Cooking Time: 45 minutes 5. HALAWET AHMAD Visit Halawet Ahmad Recipe for detailed recipeIngredientsButter, Vermicelli,SweetenedCondensed Milk, Almond powder,Coconut.Cooking Time: 15 minutes 6. MUGASGAS Visit Mugasgas Recipe for detailed recipeIngredientsFlour, Baking powder, Cardamom,Sweetened Condensed Milk, Oil,Pistachio nut.Cooking Time: 10 minutes 7. OMANI KHABEESA Visit Omani Khabeesa Recipe for detailed recipeIngredientsSemolina, Milk, SweetenedCondensed Milk, Cardamom,Butter, Rose water, Saffron.Cooking Time: 15 minutes 8. ZEINABS FINGERS Visit Zeinabs Fingers for detailed recipeIngredientsSweetened Condensed Milk, Flour,Cheese, Oil, Sugar, Lemon Juice.Cooking Time: 20 minutes 9. For more recipes visit