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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to succeed with ease while most struggle to build their business? There are some commonalities with those who are making it happen. Here are ten essential insights to building a highly successful and influential business in todays environment.


  • 10 Insights into Being an Influencer in Any Industryby Kathleen GageHave you ever wondered how some people seem to succeed with easewhile most struggle to build their business?There are some commonalities with those who are making it happen.Here are ten essential insights to building a highly successful andinfluential business in todays environment.MindsetNo matter what training you receive and what skills you develop, without the rightmindset, all is for naught. Its easy to keep a positive attitude when things are going yourway; the true test is when things are not going your way and you are able to stay the coursein spite of this.VisibilityThe more visible you are to your market, the more impact you can have. Only fear and lackof commitment can limit your potential visibility.Living in the lightTo have the greatest impact you must be willing to move away from the shadows and standtall and proud of who you are and what you are here to do. Let the light shine on yourmessage! Its amazing how we lurk in our own shadows, waiting for someone to give uspermission to live in our greatness. Well, today is that day. You have permission.Standing in your powerTo have the greatest impact you must be able to stand in your power own your power instead of blending in. (Blending in is fine if you want to live in the status quo.)Fulfilling your purpose through your businessMany of us dwell in someday someday I will take the risks I need to take; someday I willwrite the book; someday I will play bigger. But when you live in someday, you will neverfulfill your purpose. Today is the day. There is no time to waste.Knowing your worthA huge part of fulfilling your purpose is knowing your worth. Many of us were told asyoungsters to be quiet and keep our opinions to ourselves. You can no longer afford to dothis, either literally or in regard to fulfilling your life purpose.Developing short-term and long-term strategiesTo achieve the most in your business, thus the greatest impact in the world, short-term andlong-term plans are essential. Dont fly by the seat of your pants; take the time to envisionwhat you want, need, and desire.
  • Gaining trust in the marketThe more your market knows you, the better. I call this the know-like-trust factor. It takestime, effort, and commitment. There are a number of ways to build trust. Internet resourcescan help you build trust with your tribe in a very cost-effective way. The playing field hasbeen leveled. What used to be reserved for the big boys is now available to virtuallyanyone who has a computer and online access.Packaging your knowledgeThe best way to build your business and send your message out to the world is to packageyour knowledge into various types of information products. You and your tribe will benefitgreatly when you offer your products and/or services using various price points everything from free to products or programs that sell for tens of thousands of dollars.Being proactiveTake the initiative to use the simple yet very powerful ways to get your message out to theworld. Sitting back and waiting for things to happen is not the way of the consciousentrepreneur.You must be willing to take action; consistently and with focused attention.ConclusionWhen you apply the information above on an ongoing basis you will be amazed at what willtranspire. You, your business and your market will be transformed.Access my FREE training video on Power Profits 101: 3 Must-Dos inMarketing to Make More Money This Month Than Your Entire LastYear!