How to Promote Your Blog Without Losing Your Soul

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Congratulations, you have a brand new blog! But how do you get people to read it? ‘Promotion’ is something you need to learn if you want anyone to see the website that you’re putting a lot of time into working on. We’ll talk about how you can leverage social networks and how to build relationships with other bloggers who will help you out along the way. By the end of this session you’ll know how to market your blog without losing your soul. These are the slides that accompanied the talk I gave at WordCamp Seattle 2012. Video of this talk:

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  • How to Promote Your Blog Without Losing Your Soul WordCamp Seattle 2012 Laura Kimball @lamiki
  • Blog Marketing Secret #1Be a real person, not a robot.
  • You manage a blog (personal or business) You want people to read your blog You know that it will take some work to get results You do not believe that if you build it, they will come Youve written a blog post and asked, Now what?If you answered yes to the above, keepgoing
  • Blog Marketing Secret #2No one knows your blog exists if you dont tell them about it.
  • StumbleUpon Reddit Flickr Email LinkedIn Newsletters Pinterest YouTube Twitter RSS Feeds Facebook Your Other blog BloggersYour blog is your home baseBuild up a presence on social media channels to drive people back to your blog.
  • Blog Marketing Secret #3Social media is a useless channel for promotion if you dont invest time in it.
  • If you already have a presenceIf starting from scratch: as yourself or your blog: Choose 2 or 3 networks to Build your followers by focus on creating a brand- like presence for your blog following other users Top two: Twitter, Facebook Runners up: Tumblr, Pinterest, Talk to them Reddit Posting regularly Find 5 bloggers who are similar to you Share content that will Study how they use those appeal to your audience networks Learn best practices from them and is similar to what Then move to the right you write about columnSet up your social networks before youstart sharing your content
  • Title is under 120 characters for SEO and Twitter Be visual include an image in every blog post Images show up in the links preview on Facebook and Pinterest and will come in handy on Tumblr Shorten links use a URL shortener where you can track clicks My favorite: bit.lyBefore you share your blog post
  • 1) Tweet when you first publish your blog The Best Blog Post Youll Ever Read [Just published] The Best Blog Post Youll Ever Read [New Blog] The Best Blog Post Youll Ever Read 2) Tweet post again later in the day and with different intro: Have you read the best blog post in the world? Optional 3) Tweet a third time a few days later Could preface tweet: In case you missed it, heres the best blog post in the world: Do not tweet about your post every hour for 8 hours straight 90% of the time, share links to other blogs, RT other users, build your following, have conversationsHow to Promote Your Blogon Twitter
  • Share Post on Your Personal Facebook Share the post you made on your Blogs Facebook Page or share shortened link Give a more personal intro Occasionally tag your Facebook Page in the intro Why share on your personal Facebook? Because your Facebook friends already care about you and what youre writing is all over the internet, so why not tell them about your latest post too?on Your Personal Facebook
  • Share on Your Blogs Brand Page Use the shortened link Tailor your introduction by sharing some behind the scenes tidbit about your post On days when you dont share your own blog posts, share content that fits with your blogs brand Photos, links, videos anything thats similar to what you write about and your readers will enjoy to keep them interestedon your Blogs Facebook Page
  • Upload a Photo: The blogs image Set click-through link to your blog (long link) Copy and paste the first paragraph or two as the caption Add Read more with a link to your blog at the bottom See how Fast Company uses Tumblr: Add tags Include the same tags as in regular blog post Include a tag for your name and your blogs name Tumblr is the network for you if: You use a very visual images in your blog posts You fall in love with Tumblr and post content on a regular basis See how LitReactor ( and Tac Anderson ( use Tumblr to supplement their regular sites You build a followingon Tumblr
  • Share link to your post Make sure it picks up your image Add a short intro to pique interest Pinterest is the network for you if: You have a very visual blog or ad branded-quotes to your blog post images See how these blogs incorporate branded images within their posts: Life Without Pants, The Skool of Life You are very active on Pinterest and invest time in building boards and followers See how Social Nerdia ( and Jolkona ( have organized and branded their Pinterest boardson Pinterest
  • If you mentioned someone in the post,ping them
  • Blog Marketing Tip #4The fastest way to a bloggers heart is through their own blog.
  • Make a list of 5-10 bloggers who are like you This is your dream team who will become your blogs advocates Make sure theyre within reach (e.g. dont list Seth Godin) Have an active blog, are conversationalists on social (Twitter conversations, RT others, etc.) How to find your way into their hearts and get their attention: Read and comment on their blogs regularly Make sure the URL attached to your comment is your blog Share their blog posts on your networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.) and as it makes sense (dont share every post, every day) Be a human, be friendly, give feedback when they ask Talk with them on Twitter, etc. If youre really savvy, set up a time to chat via Skype and get to know them as people Do not ask them to share or comment on your blog If youre doing it right, they will start on their ownBuild relationships with other bloggers
  • Blog Marketing Tip #5Be a blogger, not a player.
  • Be a real person, not a robot. No one knows your blog exists if you dont tell them about it. Social media is a useless channel for promotion if you dont invest time in it. The fastest way to a bloggers heart is through their own blog. Be a blogger, not a player.How to be Successful at Marketing YourBlog (and Keep Your Soul)
  • After you hit publish: Shorten link Tailor your introduction to your post for each network give readers behind the scenes info that will make them click and read Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Personal Page Share on Tumblr Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn (same as Twitter) Ping anyone you mentioned in your post Share on any other networks youre active onBuild your brand and networks every day: Get followers by following other users Share interesting, valuable content on all of your channels consistently Model how you use social media for your blog after your 5 favorite bloggers Build relationships with other bloggers who will become your advocates Read and comment on other blogsHow to Promote Your
  • Thank you! Laura Kimball @lamiki