How To Pick Up Beautiful Women On Facebook

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How To Pick Up Beautiful Women On Facebook

Text of How To Pick Up Beautiful Women On Facebook

  • How To Pick Up Beautiful Women On Facebook
  • Today I've got a special treat for you. I convinced my buddy Mike to spill his guts on how to pick up women using nothing but Facebook. Here are his words: I'm not going to lie. I used to be against the idea that Facebook would work as a successful medium to pick up women.
  • I dismissed it as just another MySpace or Hi5 whose popularity rose to the top, only to plummet shortly thereafter. I couldn't understand why guys would go through the hassle of trying to meet a woman on a social networking site instead of joining a dating site like or Plenty of Fish. With those sites, you knew the girls were single and looking to meet someone new.
  • If you sent them a message and asked them out, they wouldn't be surprised or scared or crept out. They'd EXPECT it. So why go through all that trouble on a site where women are more interested in chatting with their friends and family instead of guys that could be potential dates? Doesn't make sense does it?
  • Actually it does. For one simple reason: Facebook is different. Unlike every other social networking site that has come and gone, Facebook has risen to the top and STAYED THERE. They are now the 2nd most visited website in the world right after Google.
  • They are so popular they have become too big to ignore. If you do, you miss out big time. And it is for this reason that Facebook is worthy of our attention. *Facebook Game - The General Theory*
  • To be truly successful with women on Facebook, you need to master one core principle: Social Proof. Basically, it means people will want things that OTHER people want. The term was first coined by legendary psychologist Robert B. Cialdini in his 1998 bestselling book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. He designated social proof as one of his six weapons of influence.
  • The most common example of this is canned laughter that we often hear on sitcoms. While we mostly find this annoying, research has shown that TV shows that use canned laughter are perceived to be funnier than sitcoms who dont use it at all. (You laugh at the jokes not because they are funny, but because OTHER people are laughing at them.)
  • While Cialdini's book was aimed at using social proof for marketing and sales, we can easily apply this technique to women and dating. And as you may have guessed, social proof works especially well on a site like Facebook. (It is a "social" site after all.) Time and time again it has been proven that women will find a man more attractive if he's been "preselected" by other women.
  • And the hotter the women that preselect him, the more attractive other women will find him. (i.e., if all these sexy women like this guy, there must be something WORTHY about him.) So how do you display social proof on Facebook? Well, there are a number of things you can do to your profile and photos, but the best social proof would come from smokin' hot women posting things on your wall on a weekly or even daily basis.
  • Now you're probably thinking: "No shit Sherlock, of course I want hot girls posting on my wall! How the hell do I get them to do that?! I got so many guys asking me this question, I decided to write a book upon it. I call it "The Ultimate Guide To Picking Up Women On Facebook" and inside I'll show you: * How to tweak your Facebook profile & photos so that they demonstrate high value to women
  • * How to find out the exact number of single women in your local area * How to use one hot girl as a "bridge" to get in touch with all her hot friends (you're going to love this) * How to get an attractive woman on Facebook that you've never met before to accept your friend request
  • * Word-for-word routines that you can use on women in the real world to add them to your Facebook page * Over 70 hilarious status messages that get women writing on your wall * Plus a whole lot more... And the best part is that you can get this book absolutely free.
  • It's available as one of the bonuses you receive when you invest in the popular online dating program: Boy Clicks Girl. Click here now to learn more