How to Migrate WordPress to Drupal with Ease

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This is a stage-by-stage tutorial on how to mirgate your data from WordPress to Drupal with ease and safety. You will get all the necessary information on how to make s switch automatedly in just a few minutes.


  • HowtoMoveWordPressto Drupal:StepbyStep Enlightenment
  • Regardingthe modern tendency ofwebsitemanagement,lotsofpeoplepreferWordPress as their sitebuilder to any otherCMS platform. Andits easy tounderstandtheirreasons. This CMS software comprises all the features needed to feel comfortable while running andorganizingthewebsite. WordPressisauserfriendlytoolthatcountsvariousfunctional benefits suchasmultipleandeasytoinstallplugins,simpleandplainoperationforposting, editingandpromoting.Itspossibletochooseanythemethatsuitstoeveryfancy. However,ifyouare moreexperiencedinthewebsitemanagementcraft,youprobablywant to test a fresh challenge. In this case, you have an option to give a try to Drupal. Its considered tobe themost powerfulCMS platformthatboastsitshighlyadvancedfeatures and diligent shades of website management. Drupalpossesses the modular architecture that provides you with the completed options to make your site look and functionasyou wantitto. Also, youllbe ableto create yourown applications on Drupals core, as far as itsnotonlyacontentmanagementsystem,butaframework. If youve already decided to move WordPress to Drupal, we present you a stepbystep guide that will help you to make this procedure flawlessly and fast, and will require no codingskillswhatsoever.
  • WordPresstoDrupalSwitch:YourHelpful Guidance 1.Start TomoveyourWordPresstoDrupal, Provideyourname,email,andpasswordintheprovidedfieldsorloginwithyourGoogle+ orFacebookaccount.
  • 2.ProvideYourWebsitesURLs Next, you should typeWordPressand Drupal URLs in the correspondingfields andselect your CMSplatform types, inyourcaseselect WordPressasthecurrentsiteandDrupalas thenewone. But, if you dont have your new Drupal site installed, dont worry! You may still try the migration. Just check the corresponding box and choose CMS platform you want to migrate to. Then, the partof your contentwill bemigrated to CMS2CMS test website and youllbeabletocheckuptheresult.
  • 3.InstallConnectionBridge 1. To create the path that will connect yourWordPressand Drupalsites,youneed to downloadthebridgefilefromthemigrationwizard. 2. Itwill to thefolderonyourcomputer. 3. Now,connecttoyourWordPresssiteviaFTP(anytypeofFTPclientsoftware). 4. In the dashboard youll see cms2cms folder that youve extracted from the zip, it should be copied into WordPress top folder withthe index.php file. If youve done this,itmeansthattheconnectionbridgeisinstalled. 5. Then,dothisproceduretoyournewDrupalsite:copycms2cmsfolderandinsertit intothetopfolderofyourDrupalwebsite.
  • 4.VerifytheConnection Afterthat,goback toyour migrationwizard andpressVerify theconnection toyoursites button.
  • 5.ChooseMigratedEntities YoumaychoosetheadditionaloptionstomigrateyourWordPresstoDrupal,theyare: 1. Media Files if you want to move all your post pictures to Drupal, check the correspondingbutton. 2. Make URLs SEO Friendly this option allows you to move your internallinksto makethemfittotherulesofDrupallinkformation. 3. ClearCurrentTargetData ifyou havesometestcontentonyourDrupalwebsite, itseasytoeraseitjusttickthebox.
  • 6.StartFreeDemo Now, you may startyourDemoMigration.CMS2CMSwillimport10pageswiththerelated entitiesfromyourWordPress to Drupal,thus youllbe abletochecktheserviceinprocess andwhatsmoreimportant,youwilllookatyourcontentonthenewDrupalwebsite.
  • 7.StartFullMigration After that, proceed with your Full website migration. When its finished youll receive the emailnotificationandbeabletoenjoyyournewDrupalwebsite. Dont hesitate any more, move your WordPress to Drupal with no hassles and losses. CMS2CMS will perform it accurately and almost in no time. Just set up your free Demo MigrationandyouwilldefinitelyenjoyyourlightningfastswitchingtoDrupal.
  • WordPresstoDrupalMigration:Supported Entities