How to make your home eco friendly

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How to Make Your Home Eco Friendly?

An eco friendlyhome is where the heart and profits are!

Change those hungry lightsGo for energy efficient appliances. They are easily available everywhere in different price ranges that one can practically afford. For example, using the fluorescents (CFLs) bulbs can help you save four times less energy than the conventional bulbs and they last eight times longer than the regular bulbs.

Warm the winter, cool the summerInsulate the roofs and walls since a major amount of heat in a home is released through them. Doing this not only improves living condition and enhances comfort level but also reduces heating costs.

Look beyond the ordinary power sourcesOpt for solar panels and other alternative sources of power generations to reduce your power consumption and saving on electricity bills. Products like solar lights, solar water heaters etc., save energy while saving benefits may be realised after some time and not quickly.

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