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A gift giving survival guide for the budget conscious consumer. Learn how to spend less on gifts but give more! By Jennifer Melnick Carota, the Gift Therapist.

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  • Giveology A Gift Giving Survival Guide For the Budget-Conscious Consumer 2009-10 By Jennifer Melnick Carota, The Gift Therapist
  • WHAT IS GIVEOLOGY? How I Became an Expert Giveologist Giveology Ill never forget the day when I realized that I was onto something pretty big. I was preparing for our annual holiday gift swap at the office and I had to find a $20 gift for the gift exchange. I was pretty low on cash but couldnt risk the embarrassment of giving an el- cheapo or uninspired gift. It just wasnt my nature. The department stores were way out of my price range, so I figured Id give the discount department stores a shot--And so the reluctant challenge began. The process of spending less but giving more! I proceeded to our local Big Lots store and did a bit of window Thank you for downloading your copy of Giveology: Giving the Best shopping. Doing the math in my head, I realized that I could give a You Can with What Youve Got! I hope you find this information fabulous gift well under $20. I couldnt believe itI was saved! very helpful and I encourage you to share this with your friends, family, colleagues, social networking groups and anyone else in need When the day of the party arrived, I must admit I was a bit nervous. of shopping advice. I am very proud of this publication and had a lot We each took turns opening our gifts one at a time My gift was of fun piecing it together over the last few months. I would love to coming up next. Fingers crossed and palms sweating, I was really hear from you and please share your thoughts, advice, and bargain hoping she would like it. I prayed that I didnt look like a cheapskate! shopping strategies too! Liking the gift was an understatementshe loved it! In case you are not familiar with the concepts The gift was a hit! As a matter of fact, she and the girls scolded me for of Giveology, here is a spending too much money!!! Giveology was born! little primer from my first edition that was released last year Jennifer Melnick Carota 2 What is Giveology? | Giveology 2009-1
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS What is Giveology? .................................................................................. 2 Serve-ware Gift Ideas ............................................................................. 22 What the Experts Have to Say! .................................................................. 4 Fashion And Beauty Bargains Online! ...................................................... 25 How to Give Great Gifts in a Bad Economy ............................................. 5 Post Holiday Savings and Safety Tips ...................................................... 28 Getting Started Without the Guilt ........................................................ 6 Regift, Reuse, Resell .............................................................................. 29 How to Give the Perfect Gift ................................................................. 7 Cures for the Holiday Shopping Hangover.......................................... 31 Still Stumped? Try The social networking Strategy! .................................... 8 About the Gift Therapist .......................................................................... 32 Super Secret Gift Giving Strategy: ............................................................. 9 The Gift of Three (3) ................................................................................. 9 Money Saving Strategy: Give in Groups! ................................................. 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips.................................................................. 11 Holiday Savings When Youre Short on Cash ........................................... 12 How to Jazz Up a Gift Card ..................................................................... 14 Gifts for mom From the HeartNot the Wallet ................................. 15 The Gift of Food with a Twist ................................................................... 16 Super Simple Recipes That Make Great Gifts! .......................................... 16 3 What is Giveology? | Giveology 2009-1
  • WHAT THE EXPERTS HAVE TO SAY! I am honored to include articles and advice from some of the savviest bargain shoppers on the planet in this issue of Giveology! From New York to LA, these ladies have us covered! Only the best in the business will do for Giveology readers, so I encourage you to visit them online for even more bargain shopping tips. Without further adieu, meet the savvy shopping dream team! Stevie Wilson Kim Danger Stevie Wilson pens the blog on Southern Kimberly Danger is author of the upcoming book California lifestyle and trends and contributes to Instant Bargains: 600+ Ways to Shrink Your Grocery Her blog includes videos, podcasts and a Bills and Eat Well for Less and creator of sassy attitude featuring an eclectic mix of topics. While Her savings tips can also be completing her masters degree, Stevie began found on and contributing to online beauty and fashion sites, Follow Kim on twitter @mommysavers. eventually starting her own prestige online magazine, Privilege. Shes worked for a slew of publications from contributing writer to senior editorial positions in both online and print magazines. Follow Stevie on twitter @LAStory. Aly Walansky Julia Scott helps readers save money on A real-life sexy single blonde in New York City, Aly has everyday expenses like groceries, household bills, worked as a shopping expert for iVillage and a style and meals out, travel, and more. After writing about beauty writer for many markets, which have included saving money for almost two years, Julia has and Her budget shopping become a real cheapskate. She has been profiled advice has been sought by myriad web and print by NBC, and written about in the Washington publications, and she currently contributes regularly to Post, Readers Digest and the LA Times. She lives nine blogs and a long roster of magazines, including in Los Angeles. In July, Julia launched a second site,, which uses ShopaholicsDaily, eBeautyDaily, and her own A Little Aly-Tude. Follow Aly on Google maps to help Angelenos find and share local deals. Follow Julia on twitter twitter @ alywalansky. @bargainbabe. 4 What the Experts Have to Say! | Giveology 2009-1
  • HOW TO GIVE GREAT GIFTS IN A BAD ECONOMY Many of us (not all!) have all been guilty of this practice at one time or another. I always admired folks who would pull out their wallets and pay in cash for things. Too bad I never felt that satisfaction until after I hit rock bottom and was forced to pay EVERYTHING with cash. It was tough, but I made it through--and learned a thing or two. For families who are facing this dilemma for the first time, I encourage you to see the gift in this valuable lesson. Accept the challenge to give more meaningful gifts (rather than expensive ones!) and watch the magic happen. It's a safe bet that not only will your gift giving skills improve, but your relationships with the giftee as well as your bank account will improve as well. You can't put a price tag on that! The years of auto-pilot gift giving are now over. You knowthe act of buying gifts and not really paying attention to the price tag or genuine interests of the gift recipient. You found a decent gift, put it on your credit card, and just kept on spending what you didn't have until your gift list was complete. I remember those days all too well. When the bills rolled in during the month of January, I wanted to run and hide. What was I thinking? Yep...been there, done that. Never again! 5 How to Give Great Gifts in a Bad Economy | Giveology 2009-1
  • GETTING STARTED WITHOUT THE GUILT If you find yourself in panic mode, don't fear! Before you run off to the mall, *Gift giving is about them, not you! How many times have you given a gift please consider the following gift giving truths: expecting rave reviews but in return you get a luke-warm response? Odds are pretty good that you have probably violated this rule. Just because you *Gift giving is optional! When would love to receive cashmere sweater coat does not mean everyone else it becomes an obligation in wants one too. Take the time to research and find out what really makes your mind, it is no longer a them smile and do your best to give a gift that reflects it. A $25 gift card to gift. Think about it and re-visit Macy's is a great gift if you know that your BFF is saving up for that "must your gift list. Are you giving have" leather jacket she's been talking about. Just jot a note in the card that gifts in order to avoid conflict, will add meaning to giving the gift card--"You are going to look great in that keep up with the Jones's, or new leather jacket...hope this helps you make that big purchase!" keep the family peace? Never put the needs or expectations *Great gifts come in many shapes, sizes, and price tags. But never forget of others ahead of your own that the very best gifts strengthen our personal connections with one financial stability. There is no another, never to weaken them. Buying an expensive gift that misses the shame in speaking your truth mark can really do some damage and change the dynamic of your and changing the rules this relationship if not careful. Just stop, think, plan, and do your best connect year. Speak up now and make no apologies. For example..."Our family is not while minding your budget. I promise you, you'll never lose. in the position to buy gifts for extended family this year, but would love to have you over for a pizza and movie night when it fits your schedule." See how easy that was? *Not all gifts are created equal. Be aware of what types of gifts are the most meaningful to important people on your gift list. Would your best friend prefer a sterling silver bracelet or a laid-back lunch at your favorite local cafe? Does your Grandmother really need an expensive gift set from Macy's or would she prefer an afternoon spent scrapbooking with you? If you don't know, ASK! You just might create a new tradition in the process. 6 Getting Started Without the Guilt | Giveology 2009-1
  • HOW TO GIVE THE PERFECT GIFT What love language do you speak? How do you show appreciation to people A good friend and colleague of mine recently introduced me to a wonderful around you? Because we as humans tend to project our needs and desires and inspiring book that seeks to help couples enhance their relationships by onto others, the way we choose to give (and what gifts we tend to give) are examining the various "love languages" that people often use to express usually reflective of the needs or affirmations we seek for ourselves...What their love and gratitude for one another. After reading "The Five Love we tend to "give" is a clear indicator or what we "desire". Languages" by Gary Chapman, I had what Oprah would call an "Ah-ha" moment and quickly realized that these principles also apply to gift How does this relate to gift giving? It actually impacts successful gift giving giving tangible gifts is identified as a love language in and of itself! in a major way. I believe it's safe to say that if you are reading this you are What are the 5 languages and how do they apply? Lets first look at the love very interested in giving "the perfect gift" to someone you love, which languages. requires creativity, inspiration, and often times a lot of thought. 1. Words of Affirmation- Desires to hear kind words and positive feedback. By paying attention to the RECIPIENTS love language, you can pretty much 2. Quality Time-Desires to spend quality time with people they love. ensure that your gift will be wanted, appreciated and a success. Never 3. Receiving Gifts Desires to receive tangible gifts or symbolic tokens. assume that because you prefer to receive tangible gifts that the recipient 4. Acts of Service- Desires to make a difference in the lives of others. does so as well...they may have a completely different love language! Can 5. Physical Touch-Desires close physical and/or intimate contact. you see how this relates to couples but also relates to showing our love to the world around us? The moral of the story is that the gift giver be open, observant, and sensitive to other's needs around you. Please don't buy an extravagant gift for someone who would much prefer an experiential gift with you, or a well thought out note of appreciation. By finding out the love language of another, we can take gift giving to the next level...and hit a home run every time! Happy Giving! 7 How to Give the Perfect Gift | Giveology 2009-1
  • STILL STUMPED? TRY THE SOCIAL NETWORKING STRATEGY! Here's a little trick to consider if you have to purchase a gift for someone you may not know very well. This could include colleagues, distant relatives, or business contacts that you'd like to recognize with a meaningful gift. With the majority of folks currently using social networking and community sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Myspace, getting to know their personal preferences is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. To get started, run a name or e- mail search on one or more of these sites and youll be amazed at the information that you can find. Often you can find basic information as well as their favorites in books, music, restaurants, movies and sports. Can't find a social networking profile? Try a Google search on their e-mail address. This will often times bring up online groups that the person actively participates in...youve hit PAYDIRT! The goal is not to become a stalker! The goal is to give a gift with meaning using the information that is available to you ...doing your research will make your gift more memorable and much more appreciated! 8 Still Stumped? Try The social networking Strategy! | Giveology 2009-1
  • SUPER SECRET GIFT GIVING STRATEGY: The Gift of Three (3) THE GIFT OF THREE (3) 1. *Think of an experience that you would like to give rather than a specific gift. For example, if you would like to give the experience of relaxation to a special lady on your list, you can begin you build a theme around a home spa or pampering experience. 2. *Choose one central gift that will be the foundation or centerpiece of the gift experience. Remember, you are building a gift with three crucial components. This gift should be the main focus. 3. *Choose two smaller gifts that will tie the theme together. To save major moolah, consider making gift items by hand, baking gifts from your kitchen, or pull from your emergency gift stash. Re-gifting is OK, but make sure the item is in excellent condition or has a clear sentimental value. Just make sure they fit in with your theme, and youll be amazed at the results! For Example: The Gift of Family Time Gift One: A family friendly DVD the entire family can watch together Now that youve learned how to identify a fabulous gift for that Gift Two: A board game or jigsaw puzzle the family can build together special someone, its time to shop. I bet youd like to make a splash Gift Three: A disposable camera to take pictures throughout the on your next gift giving occasion but dont want to spend a fortune? evening and capture precious memories at the same time! Try my super secret gift giving technique called The Gift of Three and make your gift giving experience more personal, affordable, and For more great gift ideas please visit my blog at memorable. Better yet, the Gift of Three strategy is fun and for creative gifts and gift giving themes easyanyone on any budget can do it! using the Gift of Three (3) technique. 9 Super Secret Gift Giving Strategy: | Giveology 2009-1
  • MONEY SAVING STRATEGY: GIVE IN GROUPS! One Gift Gives So Much To A Child! EducationInspirationFriendshipLegacy With budgets shrinking and families growing, gift giving for the holiday season can be quite the challenge. If you can no longer afford to buy an individual gift for everyone on your gift list this year, why not consider giving one large gift to the entire group? This strategy works extremely well for large families and workplace gift exchanges. For example, rather than buy each family member one small gift, why not put together a thoughtful gift basket filled with toys, games, or activities that the family can do together? For the office, why not suggest everyone pitch in small gifts for the office survival baskethave each person bring a practical gift that can be shared by everyone in the office! This can be lots of fun and extremely funny! I recently found a new website that is perfect for collecting money for group gifts. The folks over at have made collecting for a group gift a cinch! The next time you are put in charge of collecting money for a teacher, coach, or long- distance gift, head on over and get your collection started. Once everyone has contributed, you can even buy the gift right from their website, saving Create Treasured Memories even more time, energy and stress. Gift Therapist approved! By Reading Together as a Family Kathy Stupar 412-897-5838 [email protected] 10 Money Saving Strategy: Give in Groups! | Giveology 2009-1
  • BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING TIPS 2. Play it safe! Keep a detailed list of the credit/debit cards that you keep in your shopping wallet in a safe place at your home. Be sure to include the card name, account number and customer service phone number. Should you lose your wallet or have it stolen, having quick access to this information will save you valuable time and stress should this unfortunate experience happen to you. 3. Pack a snack! The old rule "never go shopping hungry" still rings true, especially while holiday shopping. During a long day of shopping, keep your blood glucose balanced by nibbling on a granola snacks, protein bar, or homemade trail mix. These are healthy and filling treats that will boost your stamina, mood, and budget! 4. Dress for success! Minimize your morning primping and select your most comfortable clothes and sneakers to get the job done! Leave your bulky coat in the car and rely on a fleece pull-over or hoodie to shield you during your long walk to and from the parking lot. You can always tie your hoodie around your waist later and still have two hands to manage all of your shopping bags! 5. Prioritize your list and shop backwards! Buy the small gifts first and big gifts last. Find great bargains by 1. Get organized! Clean out your wallet to include only the cash, taking 10 minutes to browse the credit cards and photo identification that you will need to make your clearance racks first. Challenge yourself purchases. Leave all unnecessary items at home to lighten your load, resist to come in under budget. Applying your the urge to overspend, and protect against loss or identity theft. Creating a savings toward the bigger purchases on separate shopping wallet is a simple and effective way to keep your lists, your list, next year's gift budget or your cash, cards, and receipts organized throughout the holiday shopping season. favorite charity! 11 Black Friday Shopping Tips | Giveology 2009-1
  • HOLIDAY SAVINGS WHEN YOURE SHORT ON CASH BY KIMBERLY DANGER The holidays are quickly approaching, and many people out there are Mix flour and salt together. Add oil. Add water until flour becomes dough looking for creative ways to stretch their budgets on decor, gifts, and food. like. Roll out dough and use cookie cutters to cut the dough. Add metal ornament holders or puncture dough with ice pick so that a ribbon can be The good news is that saving money can be easy if you simply know where strung after baking. Put on cookie sheet and bake for about an hour at 250 to look. Sometimes bargains can be found right in your own home! degrees. Remove from oven and let cool. When cool, paint (make sure you use gloss craft paint, or metallic, they yield the best results). Adorn with Home-style Dcor and Gift Ideas google eyes, sequins, beads, or anything else in your craft stash. Dont Theres no need to go broke buying holiday forget to write your childs name and the year on the back. dcor. By simply looking around your Supermarket Promotions home and using what you have, youll be able to create attractive displays for your This time of year, grocery stores compete for your business more than ever. home or for gift giving. Evergreen boughs, Many offer turkey, roast or dogwood branches, and pine cones that ham as loss leaders. Some you may have in your own backyard look great this time of year in just about any even run promotions such as arrangement. An old-fashioned sled looks spend $50 get a free turkey. great by your front door. Fluffy woolen mittens look great on tabletops or Be sure to take advantage of walls (a scarf can be used as a table runner). A hardcover holiday book these deals to maximize whether a childrens book or a cookbook -- looks great on side tables and savings. If you enjoy coffee tables. Frame attractive holiday cards and use as wall decorations or cooking, you can even take on tabletops. your supermarket savings Ornaments one step further and give an Making a homemade ornament for each of your children every year is a elderly neighbor or relative a great tradition. As they get older, they can help you with the project and Soup of the Month or make ornaments to give cousins and friends. Here is a simple recipe for Dessert of the Month club. dough ornaments that costs just pennies: When you cook for your own family, make a double batch 2 cups flour and bring the other to them. 1 cup of salt 2 tablespoons of Vegetable oil Wrap up a calendar (You can find them at any Dollar Store) and mark the 1/3 - 1 cup water dates of when youll bring over the goodies. Just be prepared to follow through! 12 Holiday Savings When Youre Short on Cash | Giveology 2009-1
  • Cash In for Gifts DIY Gift Wrap Gift wrap is an expense that most people dont figure into their holiday budget. Instead of breaking the bank, consider using what you have available to you. Look for red, green or holiday fabric from the clearance section at your local fabric store. Tie with a spool of inexpensive ribbon. Whats great is that this can be used over and over again. The comics section from your Sunday paper Use your childs artwork to wrap smaller gifts Use a craft scissors to cut designs from holiday cards to use as gift tags Most households have at least $50 in spare change just sitting * For unique gift wrapping ideas please visit for around. If youre having a hard time coming up with money for gifts free tips and tricks to make gift wrapping easy, unique and affordable! this holiday season, now is a great time to cash in. Either take your Redeem Rewards for Stocking Stuffers loose change to the bank and get cash to use for presents, or take to a Coinstar kiosk and redeem for gift cards to give babysitters, Many stores offer rebate and rewards programs to keep members teachers, or family members. Their service is free when you redeem coming back. Members who have mastered the ins and outs of how your change for gift cards to, iTunes, JCPenney, Lowe's, these programs work can save loads of money even get items for and other participating retailers. free! Be sure to shop stores like CVS and Walgreens for stocking stuffers and toiletries that can be used as stocking stuffers or part of a gift basket. 13 By Kimberly Danger | Giveology 2009-1
  • HOW TO JAZZ UP A GIFT CARD Giving gift cards doesnt have to be boring! Use them as a complement to a fun, creative and practical gift. Use them like a gift tag and tie them onto a plate of homemade cookies, cuddly stuffed animal, or new bestselling novel. For example, for the book lover, wrap up a book or CD and use the gift card as the gift tag. For the coffee lover, slip the gift card and a sample sized gourmet coffee into a holiday gift mug. Super easy, super thoughtful, indeed! 14 /How to Jazz Up a Gift Card | Giveology 2009-1
  • GIFTS FOR MOM FROM THE HEARTNOT THE WALLET 5) Help in the garden/around the house do a few hours of work that she BY JULIA SCOTT might not be able to do herself anymore, or just doesnt want to do! 6) Make her dinner have fun with it by creating a special menu and table setting. 7) Talent show if you have a big family that lives nearby, enlist their help to perform short skits for your Mom. The skits dont have to be about her or her life because the act of everyone working hard to entertain her will be a fabulous gift. 8) Personalized tote purchase a blank tote and decorate it yourself (or have her grandchildren do the honors). Fill the tote with gifts. 9) A Small Indulgence Erin at About.coms Frugal Living blog suggests finding out what your Mom has been denying herself, and then buy it for her. Perhaps it is a particular beauty product, type of chocolate or magazine. 1) Breakfast in bed doesnt matter if this has been done a million times, it 10) Print coupons - go online and sift through recent newspapers for still pleases. coupons you know your Mom uses. 2) Make a video ask each of her children what they love about her on 11) Picnic lunch pack a lunch and DVD. take her on a hike, to the beach, or to a park. 3) Frame a picture - choose a picture of you and her or better yet, of her grandchildren. 12) Write a letter - tell your mom what you appreciate about her. Bonus 4) Memory jar write a dozen of your favorite memories of your Mom on points for special stationary or a hand- slips of paper. This works best if you can get siblings to contribute. decorated envelope. 15 Gifts for mom From the HeartNot the Wallet | Giveology 2009-1
  • THE GIFT OF FOOD WITH A TWIST SUPER SIMPLE RECIPES THAT MAKE GREAT GIFTS! Giving the gift of food does not have to be boring! To make gift The following recipes are just a few of my favorites that do double giving tasty, we use the Gift of 3 strategy: duty when using the gift of three strategy. Consider making and One food item taking these crowd pleasing recipes to your next dinner party, family One piece of serve-ware gathering or potluck get-together. Be sure to tell the hostess to One small gift to tie the theme together. Just keep the dish! It is a super simple formula and so much fun to put together. And as a Disclosure: The following section contains affiliate links to my online bonus, you dont have to worry about getting your favorite dish back! So Amazon store. Should you choose to purchase products through dust off your recipe box and start pulling your favorite recipes! Cant cook? these links, a small commission would be paid to me by Amazon Thats OK! Did you know that discount department stores like Lots, TJ Maxx through our affiliate agreement at no additional cost to you. Prices and Marshalls carry a wide assortment of gourmet gifts at bargain basement and availability are subject to change. The following prices were prices? No-bake gift ideas include: accurate at the time of posting on November 1, 2009. Gourmet Dipping Oils International Coffee Beans Belgian Chocolates and Truffles Exotic Bread and Muffin Mixes Flavored Syrups for Desserts and Coffee Herbal Tea Assortments Pre-packaged Dry Soup and Chili Mixes Jarred Salsas, Tapenades, and Marinated Veggies Dont forget to check the kitchen clearance section for discounted serve- ware to give along with the food item you choose. To tie the theme together, look for a cookbook or unique serving utensil to add some extra pizzazz and thoughtfulness to your next gift of food! Check out for more fun, food and recipes! 16 The Gift of Food with a Twist | Giveology 2009-1
  • Classic Beer Bread Make it a Gift: Find the perfect loaf pan at your favorite discount After trying many different recipes, this recipe is by far the easiest and most department store and make it part of the gift. Choose another small gift to versatile. Depending upon your taste, choose 12oz of a beer of your choice. compliment the recipe. For example, a cookbook, magazine, or Mason jar Light beer will result in a lighter bread, whereas a dark beer or lager will filled with the dry ingredients with a recipe card attached. For example: result in a heavier, more dense bread. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a standard sized loaf pan with your favorite non-stick cooking spray or grease with butter (my favorite!) In a large bowl, mix the following dry ingredients together with a wooden spoon: The Beer Lovers Cookbook * 3 cups of all-purpose or self-rising flour $11.24 * 1 Tablespoon of baking powder * 1 Tablespoon of sugar * 1 Teaspoon of salt Add 12oz (usually one bottle) of your favorite beer to the dry mix. Stir gently until dough forms into a ball. If dough is too stiff, add 1/4 water. Do not over-mix! Place into loaf pan. Bake for 45-50 minutes at 375 or until toothpick pierced in the center comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes and remove from pan. Cool an additional A Bread Basket Warming Set 10 minutes. $18.99 Cut and serve with your favorite cheese spread, dip, or hearty soup. This bread also tastes wonderful toasted with cream cheese! Enjoy! 17 Super Simple Recipes That Make Great Gifts! | Giveology 2009-1
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip Love chicken wings but hate the mess? Dip away into this luscious recipe Make it a Gift: Along with the dish, include an appetizer cookbook, six pack that is a staple in our home and a crowd favorite all year long. The recipe is of beer, or bottles of gourmet hot sauce! For example: very easy, forgiving, and economical if you choose to use fresh chicken that you have on hand (or in the freezer) instead of the canned that can be expensive. I have also substituted with Ranch dressing and mozzarella cheese and it was fantastic as well! The recipe is as follows: Ingredients: Oster Platter with Warming Pot *1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened *1/2 cup blue cheese salad dressing $39.99 *1/2 cup Hot Pepper Sauce or Buffalo Wing Sauce *1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese or shredded mozzarella cheese *2 (9.75 ounce) cans of chunk chicken breast in water, drained *Assorted fresh vegetables or crackers Directions: _ Heat the oven to 350 degrees _ Stir the cream cheese in a 9-inch deep dish pie plate or 8x8 baking pan until it's smooth. _ Stir in the dressing, pepper sauce and blue cheese. Stir in the chicken. _ Bake for 20 minutes or until the chicken mixture is hot and bubbly. Gourmet Hot Sauce _ Stir before serving. Serve with the vegetables and crackers for dipping. $24.99 If taking this dish to a party, you may want to double the will be gone in no time! Enjoy and happy sharing! 18 Super Simple Recipes That Make Great Gifts! | Giveology 2009-1
  • Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball Make it a Gift: Is the hostess a chocoholic? Along with the pretty serving This is one of my favorite and most popular dessert recipes to date! I can't dish, bring a bottle of Godiva chocolate liqueur or gourmet hot chocolate tell you how many times I have given out this recipe after bringing it to a for the kiddos! For example: party or having a little on hand for guests at home. If you like chocolate chip cookie dough, you are going to love this! If you don't have the mini-chips, go ahead and use what you have. You can even use chopped Hershey bars if you like :) Let the drooling begin! Fiestaware Chip and Dip Ingredients: $29.99 * 1 pkg. 8oz. cream cheese (for a healthier version you can use low-fat) * 1/2 cup butter * 1/4 tsp. vanilla * 2 Tbs. brown sugar * 3/4 cup confectioners sugar * 3/4 cup mini chocolate chips * 3/4 cup finely chopped pecans (optional...I usually leave them out) Directions: Bring cream cheese to room temperature or microwave on 50% power for approximately one minute to soften. Beat cream cheese, butter and vanilla Serendipity Gourmet Hot Chocolate until creamy. Slowly add sugars until blended. Stir in chocolate chips. Spoon the batter into your favorite serving dish and sprinkle with pecans (if you $15.99 are using them, if not, just sprinkle a few chips on top for a lovely presentation). You can also form into a ball by chilling the cheese ball for 15 minutes in the fridge before gently forming into a ball and rolling in pecans and/or chocolate chips. Serve with assorted graham crackers (I vote for cinnamon), vanilla wafers, or strawberries! 19 Super Simple Recipes That Make Great Gifts! | Giveology 2009-1
  • Mojito Martini Recipe Make it a Gift: Bring a basket or large metal bucket filled with a bottle of If you can't be in the Caribbean, bring the Caribbean to you! This elegant light rum, bottle of lime juice, fresh mint leaves and decorative sugars to rim recipe is super easy and will make quite an impression on your dinner the glass. Be sure to include a stunning set of martini glasses for the host guests this holiday weekend. Let the fun begin... and hostess as well! For example: Ingredients *3oz light rum *A handful of fresh mint leaves A Travel Friendly Beverage Dispenser *2 oz of lime juice (fresh is best!) $32.99 *1 tablespoon of sugar Directions Wet the rim of a cocktail glass and press down in sugar to get it on the rim. Put mint leaves, remaining sugar, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Mash ("muddle") the mint with spoon. Add light rum and ice. Shake, strain, pour. If it's too tart, add more sugar to the shaker. This recipe makes 1 Mojito Martini (double, triple or quadruple as necessary!). A Modern Set of Acrylic Martini Glasses $23.99 20 Super Simple Recipes That Make Great Gifts! | Giveology 2009-1
  • Bacon -Wrapped Water Chestnuts Make it a Gift: Wow the hostess with a lovely serving platter that she can These are always a huge hit when I make these for the holiday. But make keep after the party has ended! Include stainless steel serving tongs or a every day a holiday and whip up a batch of won't be high quality slotted spoon for ease in serving! For example: disappointed! Let the fun begin! Ingredients: *1 pound sliced bacon *2 cans (8 ounces each) whole water chestnuts, drained *1/2 cup Dark Brown Sugar *1/2 cup mayonnaise Decorative Serving Platter *1/4 cup chili sauce $30.00 Directions: Cut bacon strips in half. In a large skillet over medium heat, cook bacon until almost crisp; drain. Wrap each bacon piece around a water chestnut and secure with a toothpick. Place in an un-greased 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish. In a small bowl, combine the brown sugar, mayonnaise and chili sauce; pour over water chestnuts. Bake uncovered at 350 for 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly. Yield: about 2-1/2 dozen. A Must Have Set of Appetizer Serving Tongs Tips: Rather than fry the bacon in advance (and dirty another pan) I wrap $6.95 the chestnuts in the raw bacon, then broil for about 15 minutes until crisp. (You can also get the kids involved and make the wraps the night before and toss in the fridge for next day baking.) Carefully drain the bacon grease from the baking dish, then pour the sauce mixture over the bacon. Reduce oven temperature to 350 and cook an additional 15-20 minutes until hot and bubbly. Enjoy and Happy Sharing! They will not last long! 21 Super Simple Recipes That Make Great Gifts! | Giveology 2009-1
  • SERVE-WARE GIFT IDEAS Take a look at the following serving items and get inspired to give your favorite recipe in your own creative way! Many of these products can be found at deep discounts at your local discount department store like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Big Lots, or Home Goods. If you dont have time to shop on your own, click through on the description and browse my Amazon Store for even more gift ideas that wont bust your budget. Happy Giving! Blue Glass Pitcher $29.00 Square Copper Hammered Trays $24.99 Tiered Bowl Set $50.00 22 Serve-ware Gift Ideas | Giveology 2009-1
  • Four Plate Server $20.48 Mini Crock Pot $15.23 Football Chip and Dip $29.99 Baseball Chip and Dip $24. 23 Serve-ware Gift Ideas | Giveology 2009-1
  • Grill Time Chip and Dip $39.99 Swiveling Cake Servers $24.99 Wilton Cupcake Server $20.99 24 Serve-ware Gift Ideas | Giveology 2009-1
  • FASHION AND BEAUTY BARGAINS ONLINE! BY STEVIE WILSON Do you have a fashionista on your gift list but cant afford the retail prices? Scarves, hats, is another sale site that has ANOTHER site thats a lower price point. At, you have to register on giltgroupe first. You purses and some girlfriend bling are now MUST register with first before you can get into available at bargain basement prices, never having to worry about paying full price Try an off- againfor you or the designer diva on your shoot of Top Button with list! limited sales and a special of the day thats often a real is just one of many sites. Click steal. Its invite only and the on that link and you can register to go shop at link will get you into the site a variety of great sales! to register. Beyond the Rack is another that link will get you members-only site and it invited too. I have bought numerous features Luxury brands at things from this online site (and awaiting Exclusive prices. Their sales another shipment). run 48 hours and sell out fast. New kid on the block Retail Happy Hour is definitely one is a great site but has two that should be on your list. tier shopping: the $7.00/month paid per Retail Happy Hour is free to annum that gives you first crack at join and aims to ease buyers serious bargains and the second tier remorse by running private, which is free and thus you run the risk of 72-hour sales from Thursday not having any good left or nothing in at 4pm PST to Sunday at 4pm your size. You do need an invite to shop. PST on womens Regarding their tier system, unless you contemporary fashion, plan on REALLY shopping a lot or arent beauty and other goods at up in an accessible area, dont worry about to 80% off. Right now this site is on hiatus as they get ready for holiday. it. 25 Fashion And Beauty Bargains Online! | Giveology 2009-1
  • Another online sample sale site: is a spin-off of the sample sale. Rather than a . Sales are one day conglomeration of sales under one masthead, they get the scoop on only and they do have a clearance various clearance sales for different brands and give you some extra section but if you snooze you goodies: free shipping or an even greater discount on the prices. Stuff for lose. REALLY!! men and women too! now has become and because of the change you might have to check on your password. If you dont have an account, click the link and make sure you register because BDBs is known for having killer sales they used to do live sales in LA, NYC and SF. a no invitation required site that has great bargains too. You can shop right now! This site is overseas just an FYI because everything is in Euros! doesnt require membership either! However there is a VIP level thats $20. 00/ 6 months that gives you first crack at the goods and additional discounts. The Savvy is a not so well-known online & brick/mortar sale site. Price points run under $50 for jewelry that would make for great gifts for birthdays and holidays. Its a no invite site so have a blast. I Dont know if is a website that features home decor items at a this site is going to continue or if its just fading slowly into the sunset serious discount. No invites needed. Check the link! however, its worth bookmarking or signing up for email newsletter. has a list of various sample sales in various cities and you can subscribe to those sale/emails and also you can subscribe to the ONLINE sample sales too. Its a win-win - in case you are in those areas that they list. 26 By Stevie Wilson | Giveology 2009-1
  • Are you a beauty junkie? Check out these sites for more fabulous gift ideas! The has an amazing array of cosmetics, skincare and other products with brand names you will love! However its a members- only site so you must register. Their sales can be a 24 or 48 hour sale, so if you find something you are dying to have, buy it and dont think about it. Because hesitation can make you lose it. There is a beauty panel on board including noted make-up artist, Beau Nelson! is similar in flavor but a different voice . Featuring a steal of the week and lots of brands that you covet (Smashbox, Annick Goutal, YSL, and more) featuring in skincare, fragrance, haircare, cosmetics and even grab bags by brand or gift sets that are definitely a bargain! There is a beauty panel on this site as well and the products tend to move out quicklyso if you spot something you love, buy it fast! Scout these sales regularly and find amazing shoes, jewelry, handbags, clothing, beauty products that would make fabulous gifts for very little money. Every site here has great potential for pre-holiday fashion and beauty as well as gifting! We all love a bargain and why not gift someone something fabulous that just happens to cost less, or fill in those gaps in your wardrobe (or test out new skincare) without paying full price! 27 By Stevie Wilson | Giveology 2009-1
  • POST HOLIDAY SAVINGS AND SAFETY TIPS *Snag up on the post holiday sales right now and get your pick of holiday cards, wrapping, bags, and decor at a minimum of 50% off. Selection is best right now, so stock up now on red, silver, and gold wrapping, bags and tags that are multi-seasonal and can be used for all occasion gift giving. *Use gift cards from obscure shops and retailers ASAP just in case they close their doors. I wouldn't worry too much about the bigger retail chains, but play it safe and use the cards and treat yourself to a shopping spree now! *Organize your gift closet. Clean out the gifts that you know you'll Here are just a few tips to ensure that you start off 2010 in the black never give, including some of the awful gifts that you may have and begin your smart shopping for an entire year of gift giving with a received this year that didn't come with a gift receipt. Donate them to solid plan and strategy! your favorite charity or Goodwill store. Make room for up to date and dazzling items that you find on the clearance racks now for great gift *Establish an annual gift budget in addition to your annual giving later. household budget. Set up a separate debit card account that you can deposit into regularly throughout the year so you can snag up great *Send Happy New Year Cards to folks who didn't make your holiday bargains when you see them without the guilt or stress! gift list. Surprise them with a heartfelt 2010 greeting. *Eliminate the evidence! Never put boxes that contained high ticket *Never overlook sending "thank you" notes to relatives who may items out for the trash. Doing so is an invitation to get robbed! Either have sent you a long-distance gift. Better yet, call and thank them break the boxes down or take them to a dumpster off-site to ensure personally! your family safety. 28 Post Holiday Savings and Safety Tips | Giveology 2009-1
  • REGIFT, REUSE, RESELL BY ALY WALANSKY "We're seeing the trend in re-gifting and reselling unwanted presents Think twice before you stuff that unneeded gift into the back of your closet becoming more commonplace in this economic climate," said Marsha this holiday season: It could translate into cash, or become the perfect Collier, author of "Santa Shops on eBay" and "eBay for Dummies." "For present for someone else! those seeking to make the best of an unwanted gift and maybe even start a small business, eBay is a great place to sell items and make some extra With financial concerns weighing on Americans' minds this holiday season, money; it's also a destination for amazing deals for everyone on your consumers are becoming holiday list." more resourceful than ever. To cope, they are learning According to the survey, the how to manage unwanted most popular items adults would gifts. Over half (54%) of U.S. re-gift include wine, champagne adults who have resold gifts or spirits (21%); trinkets or online plan to do so this collectibles (21%); beauty or year, a 10 percent increase bath products (21%); DVDs, CDs from last year (45%) or books (16%); according to new research electronics/appliances (14%); recently released by eBay and the infamous fruitcake conducted on its behalf by (14%). The most popular items Harris Interactive. adults resell online include personal electronics (12%); DVDs, CDs or books (11%); home technology (10%); event tickets Of U.S. adults who receive gifts during the holidays, more than four in five (10%); trinkets or collectibles (83%) receive unwanted items and almost half (46%) of those adults resell (8%); and sporting or fitness or re-gift, that is, give the unwanted gift to someone else as a gift. equipment (6%). Additionally, nearly two-thirds (64%) of adults feel that re-gifting or reselling gifts is more socially acceptable now than it was several years ago. 29 Regift, Reuse, Resell | Giveology 2009-1
  • Trends in Re-gifting and Reselling: Know Your Recipient: Adults who have re-gifted listed these as the top reasons for doing so: Re-gifting in the Air: Three in five adults said they have received an item that they believe someone re-gifted. Green is Good: Nearly three in four (73%) adults view re-gifting or reselling as a form of recycling, up from 69 percent last year. 68 percent said the item was a better match for someone else The End Justifies the Means: More than one-third (37%) of adults who 66 percent said they didn't think they would use the have resold gifts would feel less guilty about reselling a gift if a portion item of the profit benefited a charity. 61 percent said it wasn't their taste Re-entrepreneurs Emerge: 30 percent of adults said they would rather receive a gift that they could re-gift or resell than not receive a gift at all. 30 By Aly Walansky | Giveology 2009-1
  • CURES FOR THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING HANGOVER Did you blow your holiday shopping budget? Do you dread the arrival *Retrain your brain to shop strategically rather than impulsively. This of large credit card bills that you racked up this holiday season? If so, requires planning, discipline, and consistency! Evaluate your current then you are one of many shopping style and create a plan that you can stick with when you get generous hearted souls the urge to shop. What is your shopping goal? What is your budget? suffering from a post- Where can I find the best bargains? Can online shopping save me holiday shopping both time and money? Answer these questions before you leave the hangover! No good deed house and only take as much money as you can afford to spend. goes unpunished and the Establish a separate shopping wallet if you have to! Leave the credit holiday season is certainly cards at home! Put yourself up to a challenge! Who said shopping no exception. Have no cant be a sport? fear! There are several *Shop for gifts year-round! Designate a closet or bin somewhere in things you can do right your home where you can stash gift items throughout the year. I now to knock off your holiday debt and become a debt free shopper usually allocate $10-20 per shopping trip toward the purchase of once and for all! Use the following tips year-round to save time, timeless clearance items I find while shopping for other things. Check stress and bring enjoyment back to your shopping experiences: out store clearance areas first before making any purchases at full *Sell or Consign items that you no longer have use for! Sell new or price! Use this strategy and never be caught empty-handed or gently used items on EBay, Craigslist or Amazon to sell your items financially challenged for the next birthday, baby shower, or special online. If you prefer more traditional methods, find a consignment occasion! shop that specializes in what you have to sell and sign up to become a member. If you have a lot to sell, start organizing your wares now and plan a springtime yard sale. Youll be surprised how much extra income you can earn from stuff thats probably collecting dust in your closet! The key is to earn extra income and pay that directly toward reducing your debt! 31 Cures for the Holiday Shopping Hangover | Giveology 2009-1
  • ABOUT THE GIFT THERAPIST A native of Pittsburgh, Jennifer Melnick Carota credits her struggles with For More Fun and credit card debt as inspiration for her evolution into the Gift Therapist. Forced to cut back on spending, Jennifer used her counseling expertise to Affordable Gift Ideas, Please Visit devise a system that enabled her to regain control of her spending and inspire others to do the same. The Gift Therapist Her trademark Gift of Three strategy has helped hundreds of consumers give fabulous gifts within their spending limits, allowing them to give more to The Gift of Three Blog people and causes they are passionate about. Just Keep the Dish! An author, speaker, and community champion, Jennifer is the founder and volunteer director of the Black Pants Online Amazon Store Project, a program that supports women and girls seeking employment. Jennifer explains, My credit card debt began when I needed to buy clothing The Gift of Three Boutique for my first job. If I can save one woman from repeating my mistakes, I will feel like Ive made a difference. Facebook The Gift Therapist Fan Page Expert advice from the Gift Therapist has been featured in local and national media including WTAE Action News, The Jennifer Antkowiak Show, and Follow on Twitter National news syndicates and online publications including AOL Finance, @GiftTherapy Bankrate, Clear Channel Radio, FatWallet, and iVillage. Jennifer currently serves as an expert lifestyle contributor on Carolyn Kepchers premier website for women, as well as contributing regular gift Jennifer Melnick Carota, MS, LPC giving podcasts and videos for 412-559-1754 Her first book, Shop Smart GIVE MORE is available for purchase at major online outlets including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Media inquiries and [email protected] speaking engagement requests are welcome. 32 About the Gift Therapist | Giveology 2009-1