Double Your Productivity: Powerful Productivity Hacks For Getting More Done

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There's a difference between being productive and having spurts of productivity. Long-term productivity requires that you make it a part of not only your routine but your mindset. In this Slideshare, I've outlined the most commonly overlooked step of tracking your time to figure out where every minute of your day is going.. You track your business expenses, right? Why aren't you tracking your time? It's the one thing you can't get back and your most important investment! It's time to get a better return on your time by maximizing your productivity.


<ul><li> 1. * POVVERFUL PRODUCTIVITY HACKS FOR GETTING IVIORE DONE</li></ul> <p> 2. FIHST THINGS FIHST 3. aaa mm oee eea N- eee eee .eeeYUU NEED T KEEPTHAIIK BFYUUHIIMEeaa Mu aea eae W- oee eao . . eee 4. &amp; THE EASIEST WAY Ill KEEP IHAEK ISPASSIVELY 5. &amp; THE EASIEST WAY Tl] KEEP THAEK IS 6. |][lWNlA| ] A EHEE APP LIKE HESEUETIME RescueTime 7. HESEIIETIME HUNS I IN THE HAEKEHIJIINII ANI]THAEKS THE TIME YEIU SPEND[IN APPIIEATIIJNS ANTI WEBSITES 8. IE YTIU AHE [IN A EIIMPUTEHA Il]T THIIIIIJISHIJUT THE DAY, YIIU MIGHT NEED A HEEHESHEH[IN WHAT YIIIIHE AEIITIMPIISHINE. 9. IIESEUETIME EIVES YIIU A HEPIIHT AT THE END l]E EAEH [| AY TIUTIININE WHEHE YIJUH TIME WENT 10. EET SIENEI] UP ANI] STAHTPASSIVELY THAIIKINIS mun TIME 11. GET THE COMPLETE RI-_iITEU'. R PI:1O. |")UCT. TV. TT"V '1"?TL ' ran" '| T'RL-' -- -". .Z_I C E5 I). THIS SLIDESI-IARE COUP I . . .,- COURSE WITH ON DISCOUNT SIIVEH 3000 HAPPY ,_ 3_/ESTAHAHAATING&amp;PHDDDGT| VE STUDENTS E l 1:1:r 7 H HI M1113 ME "rt lf~ill'*'lllE 12. I l i.I i f II , _ I l Vii I i . . 3 3 . ~.. ,t . 13. YDU MIGHT WANT TD TAKE IT A STEP EUHTHEHGET DIGGED INSIGHTS INTD HDW YDU SPEND YDUH DAY 14. THAT MEANS YDU NEED TDTHAGK YDUH TIME. 15. [ID TIDWMDIID A FINE APP MKE ITIYGGLE 16. THIS APP IETS YDU GIDGK IN ... 17. J" 0: /,1; /// 7// Z/W, /re1. IT ex}.v&gt;y: V7&amp; DDT,WHEN DDING SPEGIEIG TASKS /2"):5// /./ _/; // A. 18. STAHT DY THAGKING EVEHY SINGIE TASK YDU DD EDH JUST DNE WEEK 19. _I: II: IEIUeSTAHT DY THAGKING EVEHY SINGIE TASK YDU DD EDH JUST DNE WEEK &amp; YDUII HAVE A WEAITH DE DATA TD WUHK WITHI 20. |3ETSTIi[HTEF| %][9 m U M V .THAIIKINE YDUH TIME .00/L2/ a4geZza Jag you/ z e/ zmw. /4 [ 21. |I_| | | I_| | | I_| | | I_| | | I_| | | I_| |l]N|3EY| ]UVE l| ]E|3E[lYIJUH TIME.Ll HEHEAHE SUME LlVALUABLE INSIGHTS| I_| | | I_| | | I_| | ' | I_| | | I_| | | I_| | IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII 22. Hl]W MUEH TIME Yl]U SPEND [IN EACH IIIIEUUNT UH CLIENT "ME 23. H[IW MUIIH TIME YI]U SPEND [IN EIIEH IIEEIIUNT DH EIIENTVEHSUS HI]W MUEH HEVENUE YIIU IIHE EIIHNINE$5/"ME 24. FINN | ]UT WHEN Y[IUHE MIIST PH[II]U| ITIVE 25. / I/ ' #2 I*TrEr (Tiff NTITFI: I1IWHEN I]II YDU PHITEHIISTIIIIITE? IfEPIr EWII EFII Erffr I1 I: I IEIT I 26. fa.II/ II EIINYUUHEIJEEMTHIITTIIVIE? *TrEr EFIIIsINTI, N[_IF EWII EFII Erffr I1 I: I IEI 27. NW [.1 I wIIIII TASKS TAKE YIJU IIJNEEH IIIIIII(VJ I YDU EXPEIIT? 28. NW [.1 I wIIIII TASKS TAKE YIJU IIJNEEH IIIIIII(VJ I YDU EXPEIIT? &amp; WHY Y| ]U AHE IIIIIIIIIIsIIIvIIIIIIII;THEM? 29. NW [.1 I I: IIIIIII YDU FIEIIHE IJUT IINEITHEH WIIY(J I III BET II | ][lNE? 30. n I R I [ I , [ YI [ / E ' :. I u Ill _A. : I I ,1 / rm_, u;II7;. o*3 Q 4.1.,-2 E I g I / ~ I'VE IIIIII34 I I1INMWWWWN I IIIIIHIIEIT III I'III5[III ITIIIIEI 31. GET THE COMPLETE R_ETI. 'EEU'. R PRODUCTTV . T'1""V1 ' ran" '| T'RL-' -- -". .Z_ C 3'5 I .THIS SLTDESHARE COUP . ., - COURSE WTTH ON DISCOUNT $IIvEN3,000NNPPI ,_ 3_/ESTIIHAHIIATIIIIESIPHDDDIITIVESTDDENTS E I 1:1:' 7 H HI Twit;ME "re I: IIIIIW3 32. INCREDIBLE TOOLS AND PRINCIPLESThis course really does deliver What it set out to do.I've implemented 90% of the courses suggestionsover the course of one week and am already GREAT COURSE:PAYS FOR ITSELFSeeing dramatic imPT0Vement in efCienCY- If you are busy,even getting one tip from a course like _ LEONARD G this will more than pay for the course itself.I have already gotten several so far and I haven't nished the course yet.The instructor is clear &amp; upbeat,the content well laid outFULL OF HELPFUL HINTS &amp; very good quality - highly recommended. I've benefitted from implementing just a few sugges- CAMILLE 1: tions from this course.Highly recommend,not just forentrepreneurs but also for anyone who works online.EXCELLENT COURSE I' JERRY X This course is so much more than just teaching you how to be more productive.The outsourcing and mastermind sections are awesome! EINN NENE TN SEE THE wNNIE EIIISS 33. GOT MY MONEY'S WORTH AND MORE! This course surprised me early by presenting nuggets of info that solved some of my current needs.Then the course got better as it went on.I highly recommendthis course to any busy executive or producer.THE REAL DEAL' FONT/ ANA E This course is wall-to-wall,non-stop,straight-up wisdom.No filler.Not a minute of wasted time.Do yourself oneextra solid and listed to it on 2x speed,twice,and you'll becrankin' through your workweek like racehorse from thisday forward.Joel,the course is absolutely spot-on,and ex-EXCELLENT COURSE!tremely well-produced.Very well done,and thank you,sir. This course is so much more than just teaching - JAKE T you how to be more productive.The outsourcing and mastermind sections are awesome! - JONATHAN SELIEK HEHE ID SEE THE WHUEE ELASS</p>