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12 Ways Busy Moms Hire College Students to Get Things Done

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Learn 12 awesome ways busy moms hire college students to simplify their life. Are you still cleaning, organizing, moving, doing yard work, and writing every thank you note? If so, hire college student through and delegate!

Text of 12 Ways Busy Moms Hire College Students to Get Things Done

  • 12WAYS BUSY MOMS USE SWEEPS To hire college students and make their lives easier.
  • CLEANING UP AND ORGANIZING Busy moms know that life gets messy. They also know the value of a few hours relaxing on the weekend. College students know theyre almost out of money, and would love the opportunity to help kind neighbors cleanup and organize their homes. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • MOWING,TRIMMING, RAKING, MULCHING.. It is October 2nd in North Carolina as I write this, as every leaf in the neighborhood plans its descent onto your walkway. Take a break from the yard work this weekend and hire hard working college students who love to get dirty. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • TEACHING MUSIC, SPORTS, COOKING.. Whether you have the next Beethoven, Peyton Manning, or kids that just need something to do; we can match you with dozens of skilled college students. These students grew up playing and learning everything from guitar to softball to karate to cooking; and would love to pass on their skills. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • MOVING, ASSEMBLING, LOADING, UNLOADING AND INSTALLATION Moving heavy things are tough. Not to strong college hunks though. We have worked literally thousands of household moves and won Angies List Super Service awards for 2 years in a row. Give yourself a break and hire Sweeps for affordable help, whether its moving a whole house or a assembling an Ikea chair. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • WRITINGTHANKYOU NOTES You know you are supposed to write them, and you probably domost of the time. Give yourself a break (and forgive yourself, we all take too long), and hire a college student with your handwriting style to help. What better job for a college student than to actually get paid to write? 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • EVENT SETUP, BARTEND, SERVE, CLEANUP Events, birthdays, and occasions to celebrate are awesome. They can also be a major pain before, during, and after. Save yourself and hire a helping hand, or 20, to make it go smoothly. Hundreds of college student Sweepers have serving experience, and would love to help at your next event. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • COMPUTER, PHONE,TABLET,TECH HELP Know how to use your brand new phone? Printer working, files synced, music digitized, computers whizzing and tablet optimized? If youre a busy mom, or just human, you could maybe use a hand with all the gadgetry. Lucky for you hundreds of college student nerds would love to help you! 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • SELLING AND DONATING STUFF Remember that dirt bike, treadmill, or Barbie your kids had to have? Check the basement, the kitchen, the attic, and use Sweeps to sell or donate all the excess stuff crowding your life. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • HOLIDAY SHOPPING AND DECORATING Holiday season = decoration, shopping, and in-law season. Ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas? You are busy enough making your home and family perfect, let us handle the shopping and decorating. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • DOYOURVACATION AND RESEARCH IN GENERAL Ready to go? Hire a college student to make sure you have the perfect vacation, for the cheapest price of course. While were at it we can research insurance, jobs, buying and selling, and anything else. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • PAINT AND POWER WASH Hire the right college students to transform your space with a touch of paint. Delegate the whole project or get a helping hand by hiring motivated, skilled college students to paint. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • AS A GIFT Give the gift everyone is sure to love, extra time. 919-628-0828 [email protected] - @sweepsjobs
  • GETYOUR LIFE BACK Start at or call us at 919-628-0828.