Why People Abandon Online Shopping Cart ?

Why People Abandon Online Shopping Cart?

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On an average 65% visitors do not complete the transaction process after selecting the products and adding them to their shopping cart. The question which arises here is that why the rate of shopping cart abandonment is increasing? This presentation created by Vebology team revolves around some of the major causes of shopping cart abandonment. Do work on these factors and enhance the shopping experience of your visitors.

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Why People Abandon Online Shopping Cart ?


Repetitive actions making check out process complex

This is one of the common syndromes where the website owner tends to fetch the entire information from the customers. Add to this the fact that the customers have to go through these types of submissions again and again. Therefore it is always advisable that you make your check out process as simple as possible.

Shipping Costs

One of the common issues with the shipping services provided by different portals is that either they do not provide service to all the possible destinations or they charge too much for shipping. In both the cases it can lead to cancellation of your order.


Unclear Delivery and return policies

Unclear or blur policies on the return of products, no option for filing the grievances about the services and absolutely no option to help and no technical support is something which can ruin your project badly.

Hidden Costs

Hidden cost is one of the oldest marketing policies. Many online portals lure the customers with offers which look very attractive but once you go ahead with the deal you may have to pay much more than the mentioned price.

Security Features

Security features are very important to make sure that the customers can securely perform their transactions on your website. Make sure that the payment gateways are properly integrated to the site and there are no glitches in completing the transaction procedure.


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Popular Payment Options Unavailability

It is always good to add a touch of glitter to your brand. And this can be done by using the already present brand of the market with your service. At times everything goes fine with your site until the time customer checks the payment options. And not finding the popular brands he might prefer to cancel the order.

Product information and images

One of the common reasons for increased bounce rate and abandonment is the lack of clarity and information about your products on the site. With the increased focus on U.I and user experience it is important that the proper care must be taken while providing product’s information.

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Looking for better deals

Deals which are not more than a combination of some copied content and stolen images, is not going to do any good. Therefore make attractive offers and deals for your product. Make sure you come up with good offers during the festive time.

Site Response Time

Nothing hurts you more than the fact that your site does not load on the devices easily. Think of the fact that your brand awareness is growing smoothly and yet you find very high bounce rate for your site with zero conversion value.