Sales Presentations: How to Lose Your Audience in 10 Ways

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PowerPoint PresentationWant your sales presentation to bore at new extremes?Here are 10 of the most unattractive presentation ideas and off-putting ways to pitch your prospects.1. Put everything youll say on your slides.2. Use small font so it all fits.3. Read every slide.4. Write your data out in bullets.5. Show off A LOT of data. Dont worry about telling a story.6. See how long you can talk without stopping.7. Never stop for questions.8. Focus your presentation on you, not why it matters to the audience.9. If online, keep your webcam off.10. Lengthen your presentation to an hour, every time.Ready to lose the boring presentation for a sales pitch that gets a yes?Learn the science of killer sales presentations. Download your free eBook from PGi