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Internationalization of Creative Industry Enterprises

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Internationalization of Creative Industry Enterprises depends on the ability to create teams with synergy of business and creative skills.. Each creative soul needs a business manager...

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  • Internationalization of Creative Industry Enterprises Inese Andersone
  • GatewayBaltic is the leading Market and Export Intelligence provider in the Baltic states. We add intelligence to our clients and help them to grow and develop into international markets. Markets: Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia Nordics: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark EU: Germany, Austria, France, UK, Spain and other EU Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic and other CEE CIS: Russia and Belarus We have served over 650 clients in their international market development. In short
  • Market Intelligence: Understanding the market Export Intelligence: Export partner attraction International Market development Export Strategy & Plan
  • Some of our Creative clients
  • The Red Jackets The Red Jackets movement was created in 2012 by likeminded people directly involved in promoting Latvias exports. Why the Red Jackets? Our movement is inspired by a legend - Latvias former president Vaira Vike Freiberga. The movement is built on the idea of a methodical approach for seeking this countrys success stories. The brightest 25 discoveries were awarded the prize of a Red Jacket holding of award of being the most outstanding brand of Latvia. In turn, The Rising Stars are 11 smaller enterprises with high export potential to surprise the world with its innovation, creativity or simplicity. Next steps: - Mentoring for Rising Stars - Education activities for export oriented companies - A book for promotion of Latvia highlighting brands and inspiring stories.
  • Generalizing Creative Entrepreneurs STRONG: CREATIVE MARKETING BRAND WEAK NO business model NO Sales skills Dislike SALES and FINANCIAL topics
  • Sales is the Blood for the business. Enterprises should strategically work to ensure revenue to their business.
  • GOOD Case studies of Creative companies Munio Candela Pompidoo Brain Games
  • What is common for them?
  • Business minded person in the center of the team! Munio Candela Pompidoo Brain Games
  • To have internationally succesfull business, a creative idea, is not enough. Success lies in the Team. If you have a TEAM, then the rest is HARD WORK with marketing, sales, production, business model, investments... Each creative soul needs its manager
  • How to create multi-skill, strong and internationally succesful teams? I Creative business as a part of Business Administration programme Business planning a part of the Arts and Design education Dedicated team development events for Creatives (like Garage48 for IT Industry) Business Plan competitions for mixed teams II Mentoring programme for creatives Experience Sharing possibilities Educational seminars about sales, finance and business model III Incubators supporting the development and needs of Creatives business Grants for GROWTH , at the START phase and at the INTERNATIONALIZATION phase Market studies, Client and Partner searches, exhibitions, publications... IV Linking traditional businesses with Creative souls programms for industrial design and product development. Match-making events for Designers and Traditional Businesses Strategically mixing people already in the universities Mentoring and education Financial and moral support Link to the Industry
  • With pleasure we will discuss how we can add intelligence to your business! Inese Andersone Phone: +371 268 757 82 [email protected]