How is hiring changing, why traditional methods won't work

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Why traditional hiring strategies wont work today?

Does anyone recognize this device? Yes, its a pager. Invented in 1949, pager was a huge rage in the 60s and was a very useful technology in its days, but today practically no one uses a pager and there is no use for it either. The point I am trying to make is that, with time things change and one has to adopt newer technologies and practices.

This will be the theme of my talk today, what has changed in the hiring industry, why traditional hiring strategies wont work today and what are the news ways of hiring.2 sachin@hackerearth.comTraditional Channels (prehistoric)Job listing in NewspapersTemporary employment agencies Employment offices

Lets look at the pre-historic times of hiring. These were in the days when Internet didnt exist, offline was the only way to attract potential job seekers.3 sachin@hackerearth.comNewer ChannelsJob portals Naukri, MonsterProfessional networks - LinkedinSearch - GoogleConsultant and Agencies

Jobs market was one of the first segment to be revolutionized by the advent of internet. It was the rise of job portals like Naukri/Monster. A decade later we also saw the rise of Linkedin, and it continues to be a big disruptor in the hiring industry. In fact Linkedin was the first platform ever to introduce the concept of passive job seeking. I would not say Linkedin has passed, but the model definitely has to adapt to the massive changes taking place. 4 sachin@hackerearth.comarent these effective anymore

I can confidently say that most of you would agree with me, if I say that most of these channels are not really effective today. Hiring talent is one of the biggest concern of any founder today. And not only startups but larger corporates are struggling good talent.5 sachin@hackerearth.comEmployees are changing

1Decrease in active job-seeking

4Increased risk taking appetite


Culture taking precedence over other things

3Do what you love

2The millennial mind-set


Poor Targeting

7 sachin@hackerearth.comLow audience relevance

8 sachin@hackerearth.comPoor ROI

9 contact@hackerearth.comNew ageHiring

Employer Branding

Skill basedHiring


There are 3 major trends that 10 sachin@hackerearth.comEmployer Brand is the new black 83%Recognize employer brand impact 54%Have a proactive strategy 38%Measure employer brand for talentWar for Talent will be WON by a strong employer brand

11 sachin@hackerearth.comWhat is Employer Brand?What the company doesEmployee satisfactionMessaging and Content (increasingly social)

ThingsTo Know

12 sachin@hackerearth.comEmployer Brand Communication


Companies use to communicate the Employer Brand

Recruiting has always been social, but today we have one of the biggest revolution of the internet age Social Media. 13 sachin@hackerearth.comHave a Culture Code Share it!

14 sachin@hackerearth.comContent that attracts candidates

15 sachin@hackerearth.comContribute to the community

16 sachin@hackerearth.comMake your leaders interact

Ask Me Anything on HackerEarth by Joydeep Sarma, founder of Quoble


Increased focus on hiring right people for the task.Resume filtering alone is uselessAccurate skill based hiring needs a robust assessment methodology. contact@hackerearth.comSkill based Hiring

Skill based recruiting not only works for the employer, but even the employees prefer. Skill based hiring not only helps you understand what are the core skill sets of the candidate but it also gives the candidate an understanding of what kind of work they are going into. 18 sachin@hackerearth.comSpeak the language of your audience

19 contact@hackerearth.comNew sourcing channelsTraditional job portals do not attract the tech savvy crowdProgrammer communities like Github/Stackoverflow have become interesting source of talent

Maintain transparencyFocus on candidate experienceHave updated careers page

20 sachin@hackerearth.comCandidate Experience

Make it easy to applyConstantly engageProvide feedbackMake it personal

21 sachin@hackerearth.comKey Takeaways

1Hiring is more pull than push Employer Brand

3Good Candidate experience is essential

2Industry is moving towards skill based hiring