Top Tips For Digital Savvy Real Estate Agents

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  • Top Tips for Digital Savvy Real Estate AgentsPresentation by Kelly Marsh

  • Improving your real estate social media presence starts with your website.

  • The core areas to focus on for optimization include:

    Header and profile images;

    Posting frequency;

    Adding company info;

    Blocking spam accounts; &

    Including links.


  • Header & Profile Images:

    Its not enough to publish your headshot and a randomly selected listing photo atop your social media business pages.

    You need to ensure they include calls to action, have appealing design, and are relevant to your business.


  • Posting Frequency:

    Posting midday on Facebook may not also work well for Google+ or Instagram, so you should develop a real estate social media marketing schedule for each channel that aligns with the days and times during which you get the most traction.


  • Adding Company Info: Prospective clients need to

    know how to get in touch with you, so include important company info (& links) in your profiles.

    This should be the first task you take care of when creating your social media accounts, but since your business details might change over time, check on your profiles every once in a while to make sure they are up-to-date.


  • Blocking Spam Accounts:

    A considerable portion of the social media world is made up of spam accounts.

    On Twitter, for instance, roughly 10% of all accounts are spam.


  • Just being associated with these users like allowing them to retweet, favorite, and share your content can harm your online reputation, so weed out any of these fake accounts by reporting and blocking them.

    Social networks who identify these types of profiles are pretty good about deleting and banning them too.


  • Always include links:

    Certain social networks, like Instagram, dont offer linking capabilities across the board, but wherever possible, include a link to your website and content.


  • You could get 100 shares for a single post on Facebook that offers a few home buying tips, but without a link that leads to your site, youre missing out on an opportunity for generating and nurturing leads.


  • Other Tips: Besides optimizing your real

    estate social media profiles, there are ways to alter your website and email marketing to augment your social profiles.

    For instance, in your email signature, including social sharing buttons that lead to every network on which you have a presence.

    If you want to take it a step further, link to a specific piece of content there as well.


  • Still not convinced social media can help your lead generation

    and nurturing efforts?


  • Check out these 4 stats from the Social Media Examiners 2014 Social

    Media Marketing Industry Report


  • 77% of B2C social media marketers said they believe they can grow a loyal fan base through their social accounts.


  • In 2014, roughly two-thirds of marketers indicated they plan to use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube more in their marketing strategy.


  • Nine in ten marketing professionals noted their social media marketing efforts led to increase exposure for their brands.


  • 92% of marketers deemed social media vital to their overall marketing strategies an increase from 86% the year before.


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