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top 20 apps for working with buyers and sellers in real estate


  • 1.Tablets now come in allshapes, sizes andoperating systems. Which one is right for you? amyCHOREW 1inspire train implement

2. amyCHOREW 2inspire train implement 3. amyCHOREW 3inspire train implement 4. OS &IOS Apple Android Android Blackberry Windows 7Apps2.2 2.3HoneycombOSStorage16-32-6416-3216 1 Gig 16 - 32OptionsWireless Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi,Wi-Fi,Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi,OptionsBluetoothBluetooth Bluetooth 2G, BluetoothBluetooth 2G, 3G 2G, 3G3G4G 2G, 3GBattery8-10 hours 7 hours 10 hours8-10 hours 8 hoursLifeCamera 1.3 mp front 1.3 mp front 1.3 mp front 3 mp front 0.3 front 3 mp rear3 mp rear 5 mp rear5 mp rearamyCHOREW 4 inspire train implement 5. Other . . . Platform OS Software Compatible Accessories amyCHOREW 5inspire train implement 6. Running yourBusiness amyCHOREW 6inspire train implement 7. Tweet your App @amychorew@gingerw#narannualamyCHOREW7 inspire train implement 8. You need the Cloud!amyCHOREW8 inspire train implement 9. What is Cloud computingCloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources,software, and information are provided tocomputers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid. Definition From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia amyCHOREW inspire train implement 10. Benefits of Cloud ComputingamyCHOREW inspire train implement 11. Consider DropBox.comamyCHOREW inspire train implement 12. @amychorew #narannualamyCHOREW12inspire train implement 13. Delivering information the way the consumer wants it is key This is where the virtual office andTablet comes in handyKnow your client amyCHOREWinspire train implement 14. Put Presentation in Keynote amyCHOREWinspire train implement 15. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 16. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 17. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 18. An online meeting . . . SkypeamyCHOREW inspire train implement 19. Use Public Folder of Dropbox amyCHOREWinspire train implement 20. Public Folder in DropBoxamyCHOREW inspire train implement 21. Use your Tablet to get your signatures on your forms Uniform Electronic Transactions ActamyCHOREW inspire train implement 22. The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) was developed by the NationalConference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws to provide a legalframework for the use of electronic signatures and records in government orbusiness transactions. UETA makes electronic records and signatures as legal aspaper and manually signed signatures. 23. This is where a Tablet makes it easy! amyCHOREWinspire train implement 24. PDF Creator SoftwareiAnnotate SignmyPad Noterize amyCHOREWinspire train implement 25. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 26. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 27. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 28. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 29. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 30. amyCHOREWinspire train implement 31. Working with buyers amyCHOREWinspire train implement 32. CrumbTracks amyCHOREWinspire train implement 33. TourNarratorbyAlamode 34. Search . . . Hotpads.comamyCHOREW inspire train implement 35. PropertyEvaluator /Calculator amyCHOREWinspire train implement 36. Real AlertamyCHOREW inspire train implement 37. Tweet your App @amychorew@gingerw#narannualamyCHOREW 38 inspire train implement 38. Working with sellersamyCHOREW inspire train implement 39. Editing Files . . . Think . . . Prelisting PackageamyCHOREW40inspire train implement 40. DocusignamyCHOREW 41 inspire train implement 41. amyCHOREW42inspire train implement 42. Taking Notes 43 43. MagicPlanMEASURES,DRAWS andPUBLISHES anINTERACTIVEFLOOR PLAN onthe web, just bytaking pictures.amyCHOREW 44 inspire train implement 44. Open Home Pro How Many BedroomsAre You Interested In Do you Want ToReceive Updates ifthe Price on theProperty decreases Are You Pre-Approved for a Loan? Are You on Facebook? amyCHOREWinspire train implement 45. amyCHOREW46inspire train implement 46. CRM to manage BusinessamyCHOREW 47 inspire train implement 47. Tools for Social MediaamyCHOREW inspire train implement 48. Top Apps for working with Buyers Dropbox Keynote SignmyPad / iAnnotate CrumbTracks / Tour Narrator Google Docs or Documents to Go RealAlert Property Evaluator amyCHOREWinspire train implement 49. Top Apps for working with Sellers Dropbox Pages / Docs to Go / Quick Office Docusign Skype Open House / OpenHome Pro DaVinci / Magic PlanamyCHOREWinspire train implement 50. I am honored to be with you today Slides available at: SlideShare amyCHOREW51inspire train implement