Social Media Happy Hour [Infographic]

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  • 1. HouseHunt. com Presents. ..youronl g E-tome Seatfclii IBefore you even start your digital home search,know fundamental factors such as budget,bedroom needs,etc. 3. MarketResearch the housing market conditions by comparing list price to actual selling price.If they sell for considerably less,you will have more room to negotiate! Look for specific communities based on factors including school district,crime rates,nearness to work.etc. Pro Tip:Use a variety of sites to gather neighborhood data. 5. RealtorThis is the most important step!Look for an agent who has a strong Internet presence and evidence of success.Make the call and (s)he will walk you through the off-line part of the process. / ..I_ F ,GET NEWSLETTERS I ON our:BLOC; . '- .ow socm NETWORKS Ucomcrus l'3@@@4. Desirableswith all the research you've done to this point,make a list of houses that you think are good fits and you would like to visit.You will present this list to your agent.WWW. HOUSEHUNT. COM/ NEWS~ REALESTATE/