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  1. 1. House remodeling Contractor Richardson
  2. 2. Re- Modeling What is Remodeling ? Remodeling means to change or renew or renovate or reconstruct a particular thing it may be a house or building or any other.
  3. 3. Home remodeling What is home remodeling ? Home remodeling or home improvement often refers to building projects that alter the structure of an existing home, it can also include improvements to lawns, gardens, and outdoor structures, such as gazebos and garages. It also encompasses maintenance, repair and general servicing tasks
  4. 4. Types of Home Remodeling Home remodeling Upgrade Comfort level Maintenance and repairs Additional Space Saving Energy Safely and Preparedness
  5. 5. Home Remodeling Upgrading Comfort Level To upgrade the heating , ventilation and Air conditioning systems (HVAC) To upgrade rooms with luxuries , with a new modular kitchen and a hot spa to a bathroom To increase capacity of plumbing and electrical systems. Basements with waterproofing. Soundproof rooms .
  6. 6. Home Remodeling Maintenance and repairs Replacement of roof top Repairs to the foundation and chimney To repaint rooms, walls and fences. To repair plumbing and electrical systems.
  7. 7. Home remodeling Additional rooms To turn out marginal areas into living spaces such as Basements to Recreation rooms or entertainment hall or home offices to extra bed rooms etc. Attaching two rooms.
  8. 8. Home remodeling Saving Energy Thermal Insulation , Replacement windows and lighting Renewable Energy with Biomass pellet stoves , wood burning stoves ,Solar panels and Geo Thermal Exchange Heat Pumps.
  9. 9. Home remodeling Safety and Preparedness Home fire Burglar alarm Systems Fire Sprinkler Systems to protect homes from fire. Security door and windows. Storm cellars Bomb shelters Generator backups
  10. 10. Home Remodeling
  11. 11. Home Remodeling Home Remodeling Contractor To renovate or reconstruct a home or any building , you can engage with a contractor or you can do it by your own . But enroll a professional to work is always the right choice, since you dont have complete knowledge about it.
  12. 12. Home remodeling There are many associations involving in this industry to provide key assistance and information's to the customers. National Association of Remodeling Industry Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario American Institute of Architects American society of Interior Designers
  13. 13. Home Remodeling International Interior design Association National kitchen & Bath Association
  14. 14. Home Remodeling Richardson Design & Build Phil Richardson, Owner of Richardson Design & Build has been in the construction business. since 1993 when he received his degree in Construction Management from Cal State University, Chico. He was hired on as Head Superintendent for one of the top General Contractors in Rancho Santa Fe (Doan Construction) from 1994 to 1996 overseeing and running the construction of large residential homes.
  15. 15. Richardson Design & Build We offer the following services New Construction General Remodels Addition Kitchen Remodel Bathroom Remodel New Flooring
  16. 16. Home remodeling To make a perfect Renovation , you need to hire professionals . We are the perfect professionals your looking for . RICHARDSON DESIGN & BUILD Oceanside,Ca.92056 PH: 760-219-4011 (mobile office )