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We are offering 360 degree marketing branding strategy and advertising plan exclusive home page or inside full, half page section level display advertising and other online types of advertising like ads in digital edition sponsorship, videos, slide shows and blog advertisement. Realty Fact is the best choice for that. As a marketer, you need a profound advertising partner, which can create an authentic target audience and make people aware about your brand, either products or services. By advertising with Realty Fact, your brand will get a mass identity and will reach to your target audience specifically. Your brand will be recognized not only at India level, but on an international platform. Realty Fact is the 1st of its kind international magazine in real estate sector and your brand will surely get competitive advantage of this initiation.

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  • 1. RealtyFact Magazine Ads Rate Card SmekIndia Group
  • 2. Realty Fact is the leader of real estate news with market reports, the only monthly magazine hitting the newsstand focusing on emerging residential, commercial, retail infra and real estate market news across the world. And will cater all stakeholders attached with real estate sector which will provide insights on how real estate reached at a detonation , where it is today. About RealtyFact
  • 3. We are real estate news magazine and website. RealtyFact website platform covers world wide real estate news over 500 developers across 30 country.With our worldwide reach our clients gain access to thousand of potential customers daily. We are dedicated to provide perfect information on Indian Real Estate Industry. Our Mission
  • 4. Real estate is always changing. Its always challenging and its fun. Hav-ing the right attitude could be the difference between success and failure. We are often faced with opportuni-ties to help people. In fact, A well thought out response to the question, How are you doing ? could change your future. A foremost ef-fort to take real estate sector to a next level of excellence where everyone attached to this sector gets equal chance to enhance his or her business opportunities. The economy is faing unprec-edented challenges, and the environmental and finan-cial regulatory systems in-tended to support it are go-ing through equal profound changes. The impact on the real estate industry has been particular accurate . For all its problem, the real estate market both consumers and companies lived through in-teresting times in 2011.Re-lentless rise in property and interest rates, controversies. High prices and interest rates have been dampers. Demand has been stagnating in a few citremains hangover acqui-sition, the landmark Noida Extension court judgment and, to top it all, the vari-ous reforms proposal, made for a cocktail, investors as well as end users have been showing signs of weariness. Overview Join us and let us contribute to your success in real estate. Its tangible, its solid, its beautiful Its artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate - Donald Trump
  • 5. The term skyscraper was first applied to buildings of steel framed construction of at least 10 stories in the late 19th century. The first steel frame skyscraper was the Home Insurance Building (originally 10 stories with a height of 42 m or 138 ft).
  • 6. The word skyscraper origi-nally referred to a type of sail on a sailing ship. A sky-scraper is held together by a steel skeleton of vertical columns, horizontal girder beams and diagonal beams for extra support. and safety of the building.
  • 7. The Empire State Building in New York was the first build-ing to have over 100 floors and was the tallest building in the world from 1931 until 1972.
  • 8. Our magazine provides clear and concise information, reviews and Insider advice. Checklists and how to help readers on any budget reach saving and investment return goals, We help our readers to find markets and opportunities, and then earn the highest return available on non traded or real estate related investments.Over 90 percent of all todays home buyers look at real estate as housing utility and as an investment both RealtyFact Features We Are Dedicated To Provide Perfect Information Of Indian Real estate Industry! as a family and an investment shelter. Real estate investment is unarguably stable and profitable despite current market uncertainty. Our mission is helping anyone to understand and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. RealtyFact magazine readers includes: *Corporate Real Estate Executives, *Real Estate Information Companies, *Central, State and Regional Authorities, *Bankers, Private Equity Companies, *Brokers and others Intermediaries, *Insurance Companies and financial Institution, *Individual Investors and Buyers.
  • 9. Why advertise in RealtyFact Magazine ? es-tate prof-itable Our and Institu-tion, Realty Fact is the leader in world real estate news with its website getting more than 1 lakh hits monthly . Our website gives a deep insight into the Indian property market. So by advertising you will reach to lakhs of potential customers. As an added benefit, all advertisements in the magazine will also be displayed on our website.
  • 10. T ap into more than 1 lakh global audiences of Realtyfact . Our visitors come from India, USA, UK, China, France , Saudi Arabia and many more countries. Reach our more than 2 lakh newsletter subsribers ! CHECK AD TARIFFS! Great Online Presence !
  • 11. RealtyFact Readers Website International Advertisement Rates News Letter Rate & E-Newsletter Ads: J. sends an opt-in weekly e-newsletter to over 200,000+ subscribers E-newsletter display ads $250 520 pixels x 90 pixels Text links (up to 25 words) at the top of an e-newsletter $100 E-Blasts: Dedicated e-blast $199 600 pixels x 900 pixels Leaderboard banner: 728 pixels x 90 pixels: 1-3 months - $790/mo 4-8 months - $709/mo 9 months and more - $600/mo Square banner: 300 pixels x 250 pixels 1-3 months - $690/mo 4-8 months - $620/mo 9 months and more - $550/mo Vertical banner: 140 pixels x 240 pixels 1-3 months - $390/mo 4-8 months - $350/mo 9 months and more - $300/mo Button banner: 140 pixels x 90 pixels 1-3 months - $290/mo 4-8 months - $250/mo 9 months and more - $200/mo Contact us now to book your advertise !
  • 12. PHONE: +9195-6018-0555, E -MAIL: SMEKINDIA GROUP : WWW.SMEKINDIA.COM RealtyFact