Why Presentations Suck?

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I asked ~40 people What makes preparing and delivering presentations so difficult? They named 3 reasons each. This is the analysis of their replies.


<ul><li>PRESENTATIONS SUCK WHY Alexei Kapterev WWW.KAPTEREV.COM </li><li>GOOD PRESENTATIONS ARE HARD TO DO. </li><li>THEY MIGHT SEEM EASY. </li><li>BUT OF COURSE THIS IS JUST AN ILLUSION. ITS ALL HARD WORK. </li><li>BUT WHAT EXACTLY MAKES THEM SO HARD? (oops, wrong picture) </li><li>BUT WHAT EXACTLY MAKES THEM SO HARD? (yep, thats me) </li><li>to I DECIDED ASK </li><li>I asked ~40 people What makes preparing and delivering presentations so difficult? Disclaimer: I am not a sociologist, this is by no means scientific. If you want to research this subject properly please do contact me. They named 3 reasons each. This is the analysis of their replies. Its illuminating. </li><li>PRESENTATION PROBLEMS META Motivation (31) Setting goals (12) Presentations arent important (9) Slacking (8) Other (2) No content (10) Audience-related (8) Presentations culture (7) Other (4) STRUCTURE Structuring (15) Storytelling (9) Focus on the core (11) Other (4) SLIDES DELIVERY Design skills (12) Lack of taste or visual culture (7) Fear or anxiety (10) This is the amount of complaints in this category </li><li>Surprise #1: MOST PROBLEMS WITH PRESENTATIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PRESENTATION SKILLS. </li><li>SUCK PRESENTATIONS beca e PEOPLE DONT WANT TO DO THEM </li><li>HARD WORK YOU SEE, ON ONE HAND, ITS HARD WORK. ON THE OTHER HAND </li><li>OH, WAIT, WHATS ON THE OTHER HAND?! ?HARD WORK </li><li>This presentation is just a formality, you know All important decisions are made behind the scenes anyway Everybody admits secretly that its just a waste of time PRESENTATIONS ARENT IMPORTANT </li><li>PEOPLE DONt SET MOTIVATING GOALS There was no clear goal There is no real goal, they just do it because they were told to do it They dont understand that they have to SELL their ideas </li><li>TRY SETTING GOALS THAT MOTIVATE YOU TIP #1 </li><li>WORK ON THE END FIRST (ITS WHERE YOU ASK PEOPLE TO DO SOMETHING!) TIP #2 </li><li>Come up with your ending before you figure out your middle. Seriously. ! Endings are hard, get yours working up front. Pixar, Inc. Storytelling Rule #7 </li><li>SOMEHOW COMMUNICATE THAT PRESENTATIONS ARE IMPORTANT TOP PRESENTATION AWARD WINNER OR SOMETHING TIP #3for managers </li><li>Surprise #2: STRUCTURING INFORMATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PRESENTATION SKILL </li><li>The main point is obscured by lots of irrelevant detail. Source: PowerPoint Presentation Flaws and Failures: A Psychological Analysis (2012) by Stephen M. Kosslyn et al THE SINGLE MOST COMMON AND ALSO THE MOST ANNOYING PRESENTATION PROBLEM </li><li>STRUCTURING &amp; PRIORITISING I want to tell them EVERYTHING but theres never enough time They dont structure the information so its just incomprehensible. Presenters dont focus on whats most important </li><li>HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY THE CORE? YOU NEED TO ORGANISE YOUR INFORMATION </li><li>LEARN TO USE MIND MAPS OR CONCEPT MAPS FOR PLANNING PRESENTATIONS TIP #4 </li><li>Surprise #3: POWERPOINT* * OK, no surprise here </li><li>Editing slides for most people is really, really HARD. Editing slides for most people is really, really HARD. </li><li>Editing slides is hard I am not a designer so it doesnt come out pretty Most presentation programs require a tutor to use them Design. </li><li>TIP #5 FORGIVE ME FOR BEING CAPTAIN OBVIOUS BUT SOFTWARE &amp; DESIGN TRAINING HELPS </li><li>1. Do I really, really want to make this presentation? Why? Get to the bottom of it. 2. Mind mapping helps a lot.This is probably presentation skill #1. 3. Theres still no decent slide editor, both powerful and easy to use.This is an opportunity. KEY TAKEAWAYS </li><li>License: CC, Attribution, Share Alike | http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/ kapterev@gmail.com www.kapterev.com/eng/ ALEXEI KAPTEREV </li></ul>