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Story attractors

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Changes have tripling effects. However; storytelling structures have almost been invariant as they stood against the wind of change. This presentation offers a twist calling for a fractal structure for Acts 1 and 2. This is augmented by example.

Text of Story attractors

  • Story Attractors: New perspectives on storytelling Ali Anani, PhD
  • Rapid changes are causing rippling. effects and the change in one system is affecting changes in other systems
  • Are story structures unaffected? Or are they?
  • And if story structure is affected then in what way?
  • Great stories have the magic formula of moving hearts and minds
  • We know from Twitter, for example, visually how emotions move Will this again affect the storytelling structure?
  • Let us begin the journey of discovery
  • Storytelling has a strategy: Where to take us from where we are
  • But where we are has a pattern that developed over time This repeating pattern is the attractor for each one of us
  • We know also that it is much easier to move from a negative emotion to more negative one than to move from a negative to a positive one
  • Karpman drama triangle has used the diamond structure to show for that arpman_drama_triangle
  • One example is:
  • Twitter has allowed us to measure these emotion live and how they develop over time
  • Positive emotions. The size of nodes represents how common a given emotion is. The thickness of the edges is proportional to how often people travel between two given emotions. -a-roadmap-of-human-emotion-part1-/ Many repeating diamond structures
  • JOY SADNESS ANGERPeople swallow their own poison REVENGE FEAR A character is attracted to this diamond of emotions. It shall stay within its boundaries unless something pulls it out GRUDGE
  • Beware of customers grudge as the more they poison themselves, the more they shall hate you They throw their problem at you. They tend to blame others
  • Example: An Insurance Story
  • JOY SADNESS ANGER REVENGE FEAR GRUDGE Angry family: There sick kid needs a prolonged medical care in hospital
  • JOY SADNESS ANGER REVENGE FEAR GRUDGE The family has to sacrice all its belongings to cover up for the expenses
  • JOY SADNESS ANGER REVENGE FEAR GRUDGE Things get worse as the son must be under oxygen costs build up for the family
  • JOY SADNESS ANGER REVENGE FEAR GRUDGE The family either decides to accept the removal of oxygen or part off with all its belonging chasing a remote hope the kid would recover
  • JOY SADNESS ANGER REVENGE FEAR GRUDGE One member of the family develops grudge against the society
  • JOY SADNESS ANGER REVENGE FEAR GRUDGE He decides to revenge from the society by robbing the house of the hospital CEO
  • JOY SADNESS ANGER REVENGE FEAR GRUDGE The current situation gets worse and worse
  • The victim (patient) is now making other members of the family victims to their deepening grudge
  • The buildup of the conict heat should be within the boundaries of the fractal diamond
  • Within this fractal structure the dilemma builds up again we witness exchange of roles: Hero becomes victim Victim becomes hero
  • If you were an advertising company how would you exploit this vicious diamond-shaped attractor to advertise a new hero product?
  • It is the job of businesses to understand what the customers want to buy, and then rally their corporate culture into delivering the right product, at the right place and at the right time.
  • Heres how the system of triangulation starts: a victim approaches a rescuer (the insurance product) with information about what a persecutor (mounting hospital bills) has done. From there, the drama can unfold in many ways
  • The envisaged future may be best visualized as a point attractor so as not to leave people bewildered
  • Happy Where they are Threatened Revolt Fearful The risks of the approach are obvious, however. As the old attractor is disrupted, some agents in the system will feel threatened and insecure. As a result, they become even more attached to the patterns of the past
  • If the insurance company wants to have a differentiated product/service to play the hero role, this product must be able to move people out of their attractor to a goal that falls outside the original pattern where new behaviors shall be noticed
  • Like light and darkness exist together, So are grief and hope
  • Every body is seeing the buildup of negative emotions, But forgetting about the light existing somewhere
  • Here comes the light in the form of new idea
  • The insurance company believes that it has a social responsibility with an opportunity
  • The insurance company thinks outside the Diamond Fractal
  • The customer cant pay the expenses And the hospital shall not forfeit the bill
  • Social crowdfunding: The insurance company initiates a campaign that moves hearts and minds
  • The patient recovers
  • The insurance company launches a new insurance program: Salvage Insurance campaign
  • The company prospers as it has already gained the trust of people