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<ol><li> 1. Copyright 2008 STI INNSBRUCK Angel Padial Madero </li><li> 2. Siri 2 </li><li> 3. Introduction Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator The App uses a natural language This app answer questions, make recommendations and perform actions desired by the user Siri means in Norwegian : "beautiful woman who leads you to victory" 3 </li><li> 4. Introduction Siri is only available for iOS Its support 9 different idioms Siri adapts to the customer preferences over time Siri's primary technical areas focus on a Conversational Interface, Personal Context Awareness, and Service Delegation. 4 </li><li> 5. Foundation The idea of Siri started as a project of the USA army but it was developed by SRI International Siri was created in December of 2007 by Dag Kittlaus , Adam Cheyer, Tom Gruber and Norman Winarsky Siri was originally introduced as an iOS application available in the App Store In the first years they grew very rapidly Siri was acquired by Apple on April 28, 2010 5 </li><li> 6. Foundation October of 2008 8,5 M $ November of 2009 15,5 M $ April of 2010 (around) 200 M $ 6 </li><li> 7. How it works? Siri works with a natural language user interface for voice recognition Siri has personal context awareness, so it helps to make the desired request When Siri know what we want, delegate requests to a set of Web Services 7 </li><li> 8. How it works? Your speech is interpreted in your phone and in a server at the same time. When it understood a series of vowels and consonants it create a candidate list of interpretations of your speech might mean Siri communicates with servers in the cloud to interpret your requests and retrieve the information you need 8 </li><li> 9. How it works? Maybe Siri can perform your request in the phone so stop the communication with the server If Siri doesnt understand you, she can give you a list of choices or just indicate that she didnt understand People have created a Siri Proxy that allow you to build and run plug-ins to add custom features to Siri 9 </li><li> 10. Siris limitations Siri needs a good connection to internet to perform the requests You must speack clarely to Siri in order she can understand you Siri can misinterpret you Siri doesnt understand all spelling variations (i.e. Jeff or Geoff) 10 </li><li> 11. What does Siri for us? Find a restaurand Know the score of your team Buy tickets Post in facebook Send a tweet 11 </li><li> 12. What does Siri for us? Launch an App Check the weather Send a text Find information 12 </li><li> 13. What does Siri for us? Set alarms Get directions Siri takes dictations Eyes free 13 </li><li> 14. 14 </li><li> 15. References iphone-4s-que-entiende-lo-que-dices gadgets/siri1.htm 15 </li></ol>