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<p> 1. Program INSPIRE Intro to Boundless, Marc Vloemans OpenGeo Suite &amp; INSPIRE, Bart vd Eijnden GeoCat, Jeroen Ticheler Get, Thodoris Vakkas/Gabriel Mavrellis Addition, Diogo Vitorino 2. Our world is open. Mature &amp; proven open source technology Store, publish and edit geospatial data Serve maps, build applications, and share spatial data Reduce costs of deploying geospatial software Experts in open spatial software 3. Our History 2002 GeoServer project founded 2008 OpenGeo formed as FOSS company 2009 OS projects packaged as OGSuite 2011 OpenGeo Suite downloaded 20Kx 2013 OpenGeo rebranded: Boundless 2015 60 employees, Int. partner network 4. Our Clients US International 5. Our Product: Feature-complete, production-ready open source web mapping platform. Certified and standards-compliant Documentation, training, and professional support Lowers the cost of ownership of open source software A complete geospatial platform built on powerful open source software. Leverages standards-based technology to take advantage of the web. With commercial support, all from one company. 6. Web enabled OS alternative 7. Open standards based migration 8. All the usual amenities 9. Functionality vs TCO TCO Functionality High Low Low High 10. Open Source Components 11. PostGIS: Database Standard-bearing relational database for geospatial Part of the PostgreSQL enterprise open source database, with a feature set similar to that of Oracle or SQL Server Routinely bests Oracle and SQL Server in spatial queries and analysis 12. GeoServer: Server Popular standards-based web and feature server for data publishing and editing Integrated with GeoWebCache to optimize map tile delivery GeoServer supports the OGC standards for web services like WMS and WFS and formats like GML, GeoJSON, and KML Replace ArcGIS Server, Erdas Apollo Server, or other map servers 13. OpenLayers: Web UI Kit Full-featured interface and SDK Desktop-style widgets for building rich spatial applications JavaScript-centric development model supports multi-platform mobile applications on Android, Mac OS X, Windows, etc. Replace Google, Bing, or other map interfaces 14. QGIS: GIS Desktop Open source GIS desktop tool. Superior features, stability, and ease of use comparable to proprietary alternatives. Replace ArcGIS Desktop and other GIS desktop tools 15. &amp; Version 6.4: INSPIRE Bart van den Eijnden 16. Boundless = Business 17. Our service delivery Service Training (on/offline) Consultancy (Architecture &amp; Migration) Implementation Bespoke development Configuration Support (SLAs) Delivery US&amp;EU direct EMEA Partner network SaaS Hybrid: SaaS/Partner/Boundless 18. Roadmap 19. Your choice ... Ol school support Commercial support 20. Questions? </p>