Must have background colors for your flat design presentation

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This deck is meant to help people who are interested in creating flat design presentations.


MUST HAVE BACKGROUND COLORS FOR YOUR FLAT DESIGN PRESENTATION R:236 G:240 B:241 R:189 G:195 B:199 R:149 G:165 B:166 R:52 G:152 B:219 R:41 G:128 B:185 R:26 G:188 B:156 R:22 G:160 B:133 R:46 G:204 B:113 R:39 G:174 B:96 R:155 G:89 B:182 R:142 G:68 B:173 R:242 G:202 B:39 R:243 G:156 B:18 R:230 G:126 B:34 R:231 G:76 B:60 R:192 G:57 B:43 R:52 G:73 B:94 R:44 G:62 B:80 Credits: Not every failure becomes the stepping stone for success, Only the lesson learnt from them does A.M.S.Pandian