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  • 1. SARAH PALINS RESUMESo you think you know Sarah?

2. Photo H/T Joe Silva1992-1996 Wasilla City Council 3. Early Leadership Councilwoman Palin focused on reducing property taxes andredefining the city governments role Supported 2% sales tax with a corresponding reduction in propertytaxes. The sales tax was fairer and more optional, and kept reducedgovernment control over what Wasilla residents owned Opposed master-planned community type zoning regulations andfavored retaining a do-it-yourself approach Opposed development plan that would have required residents ofnew sub-divisions to pay for weekly garbage removal by acompany owned by city council member Nick Carney Voted against mayoral pay raise Personally read and reviewed every line item in city budgets as wellas proposed regulations, and ordinances. Councilwoman Palin took constituent calls to her home at all hoursof the night, including holidays and weekends 4. 1996 AP Mat/Su Frontier photo of mayor Palin 5. Actions as MayorFiscally Responsible Cut taxes Eliminated small-business inventory taxes Eliminated property taxes Eliminated business license renewal fees Cut the real estate property tax mil levy during each year in office Did not support proposed city-wide smoking banBusiness Friendly Built and paved roads Extended water and sewer lines Paved runway at Wasilla Municipal Airport City bond financed by half-cent sales tax to build Curtis Menard Jr. Multi-Use Sports Center Wasilla became a major commercial center under Mayor Palin. Established small businessesgrew, and major national chains opened their doors in Wasilla. Tough Cut her own pay Says one of her favorite quotes comes from author and former football coach Lou Holtz, onhow to build your team: Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated. Fired police chief who refused cut department budget and who attempted to undermine theMayors authority. Requested letters of resignation from all department heads to keep on file. Only twocomplied. A Leader Among Leaders Led dozens of other mayors in dealing with statewide issues, such as municipal revenuesharing, and advocating for local government control. 6. Alaska Oil and Gas ConservationCommission Chairman 2003-2004 7. Going RogueWhile on the commission she discovered one of herfellow Republicans on the commission waspersonally profiting from his position. She first triedto deal with it directly as she was bound by therules not to disclose information she learned aschairman while part of the commission. When talkfailed she resigned the prestigious and high payingposition in order to legally be able to go public.Going against her party and against advice she wentpublic with her accusations resulting incommissioner Randy Reudrich being found guiltyand fined the biggest civil fine in Alaskan history 8. 2006, First Woman and Youngest Governorin Alaskan History 9. A Run To Remember Ran and won a primary against the settingGovernor of her own party and against the adviceof the Alaskan Republican Party Won a series of three way debates handily Won the Governorship 48.33 % of the vote in athree way race and took control of the secondmost powerful Governorship in the country Decides to live in her own home and drive the 45miles to work rather then force the people ofAlaska to pay for a chef and servants for her andher family 10. House Cleaning 101 Put previous governors jet on EBay(eventually sold by a broker when bids did notgo high enough) First bill, a bipartisan ethics bill meant to cleanup the legislature Vetoed 268 million in pork projects first year Put whole budget process on line 11. A Divisive Political Figure or a Victim of Salacious Political Attacks Sarah has had the highest favorability rating inthe country and likely of any governor inhistory with 93% approval rating in 2007 andstill was at 86% after two years in office A full 75% of all Democrats approved of herafter two years She drove through much of her legislativeagenda with bipartisan support 12. Busy Busy Worked with legislature and signed a ethics reform law that put realpenalties for those breaking ethics rules Pushed through the AGIA (Alaskan Gas Inducement Act) that laidthe foundation for a natural gas pipeline across Alaska and openedup competition to all bidders. Creates ACES (Alaskan Clear and Equitable Share act) and gets itpassed. The act replaced an old system, it gave the state auditingpowers and gave the Alaskan royalty collection and distributionmuch more transparent Tells oil Exxon Oil to drill on an unexploited lease or lose lease Cut Spending and froze hiring and reduced budget by nearly 10% Went line by line on bills and vetoed things seen as pork or wasteful(angering legislators but endearing herself to the public) Set up the Petroleum Oversight Board to keep honest peoplehonest Chaired Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) 2007-2008 13. International Experience While Governor A question that came up often during campaign, funny the press never asked about Obamasexperience. Maybe it was because he didnt have any! Palin trumped Obama in her economic, energy , executive and international experience Worked with the government of Yukon to renew theAlaska-Yukon Intergovernmental Relations Accord toaddress joint concerns on the environment, tourismand trade among other things (Met with President ofIceland and made quite an impression on him) Hosted, spoke at and worked with many world leadersat the Arctic Energy Summit, part of the discussionsincluded a proposed Bering strait rail tunnel shesupported Met trade delegates and diplomats from around theworld. (more on that from the U.S. Global LeadershipCoalition can be had here) Dealt with cross border issues with Canada 14. Vice Presidential Nominee 15. Game Change Recognized as one of the premier experts on the oiland gas industry she was an unofficial advisor toMcCain before becoming his VP pick The only person with executive experience on eitherticket More experience across the board then the Democraticpresidential nominee Republican grassroots support rivaling Ronald Reagansand eclipsed the presidential candidate in excitement(name one time in history this has happened?) Brings record crowds where ever she speaks 16. 2009 Sarah Goes Rogue Again.Tired of Seeing Her Children, Her Family, HerFriends and Her State Under Constant Attack the Mama Grizzly Takes the Fight to the Enemy 17. From Sea to Sea (and beyond) SarahPalin Goes on the War Path 2009 Going Rogue published, goes on the road. 2010 Sarah hopscotches across the United States attending tea party rallies and givingspeeches meant to build toward political victory. True to her rogue character vows towork to elect constitutional conservatives regardless of party affiliation or if they areendorsed by the party establishment (she did endorse a Democrat against a Republicanonce in Alaska) 2010 Endorses forty three people running for house seats in congress and twelvepeople running for Senate. Many running primaries against established good-ole-boycandidates. Thirty of those running for House of Representative seats won and Seven ofTwelve Senate candidates won. 2010 She is also credited with pushing governors like Nikki Haley of South Carolina overthe top. 2011 Documentary, The Undefeated, premieres, is later shown in direct competition toHBO movie of Palin. Documentary squashes HBO in ratings. 2011 Takes message on the road with a bus tour (refuses to give press the itinerary tokeep from having her events interfered with) 2011 Is a headline speaker at various conferences across the globe 2011 brings down the house at CPAC 2012 Endorses candidates and continues the fight by speaking across the U.S. 18. Now Ask Yourself These Questions?Is this the resume of a dumb woman?Is the resume of weak woman?Is this the resume of an incompetent woman?Is the resume of a quitter?Is this the resume of a follower or a leader?Do you really know Sarah Palin?