Ring stolen from church replaced by mr. ashraf ahmed

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  1. 1. Ring stolen from church replaced by Mr. Ashraf Ahmed A bride whose 6,000 engagement ring was stolen from a church on her wedding day, has had a "fairytale ending" after being given a replica by a jeweller. The sapphire and diamond-encrusted platinum ring was taken in West Sussex, as Caroline Marshall, 32, and James Granshaw, 29, got married in June. Jeweller Ashraf Ahmed read the story on BBC News while at Hong Kong airport and contacted the couple. He recreated the ring using a sapphire from his collection. Mr Ahmed's design team set the royal blue stone from his collection in Sri Lanka, in platinum with diamonds, to match Mr Granshaw's original design.
  2. 2. Mr Granshaw's father Mervyn, a retired airline pilot from Guildford, said the family was distraught following the theft at the parish church of St Peter Ad Vincula in Wisborough Green, West Sussex. He said: "This week the ring was delivered to James, and I now have a very happy daughter-in-law again, with a beautiful ring back on her finger. We are delighted." He said Mr Ahmed's generosity meant the couple had a "fairytale ending in this season of goodwill".The ring, designed by the 29-year-old groom, has not been found, despite a 1,000 reward being offered for its return.The bride's handbag containing the ring was taken while the couple were saying their wedding vows. Mrs Granshaw, 32, said: "I am truly overwhelmed by Mr Ahmed's generosity. It's been a difficult time as it cast a shadow over our wedding day but I'm thrilled with my new ring and I can't thank him enough." Reference News Link: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-30346842


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