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<ul><li>1.Meridian InternationalCenterProfessional ExchangesDivision Notable Visitors</li></ul><p>2. Hamid Karzai President of Afghanistan (2004-present) President of the AfghanTransitional Administration(2002-2004) Chairman of the TransitionalAdministration of Afghanistan(2001-2002)RP 88-Peck 3. Raul Alfonsin President of Argentina(1983-1989) Established the PermanentAssembly for Human Rights(1975) Representative in the ArgentineChamber of Deputies (1963-1966)IV 76Member, UCR National Committee-Chapman 4. Fernando De La Rua President of Argentina(1999-2001) 1st Chief of Government of BuenosAires (1996-1999) Senator for Buenos Aires(1973-1976, 1983-1989,1992-1996)IV 66Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior-Hunt 5. Luis Moreno-Ocampo Prosecutor of the InternationalCriminal Court (2003-present) Charged President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan with genocide District Attorney for the FederalCircuit of the City of Buenos Aires(1987-1992) Assistant Prosecutor at the Trialof the Juntas (1985)IV 88Chief Prosecutor, Federal District ofBuenos Aires-Buttermark 6. Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister of Australia(1975-1983) Australian Minister of Defense(1969-1971) Australian Minister for Educationand Science (1968-1969) Australian Minister for the Army(1966-1968)IV 64Member of the House ofRepresentatives-Keogh 7. William Hayden Governor-General of Australia(1989-1996) Australian Minister of ForeignAffairs and Trade (1983-1988) Australian Minister for SocialSecurity (1972-1975) Member of the AustralianParliament for Oxley (1961-1988)IV 70Member of Parliament, AustralianLabour Party-Keogh 8. Paul Keating Prime Minister of Australia(1991-1996) Deputy Prime Minister of Australia(1990-1991) Treasurer of Australia (1983-1991) Member of the AustralianParliament for Blaxland(1969-1996)RP 71: Asian MPsMember of Parliament-Hancock 9. Gough Whitlam Prime Minister of Australia(1972-1975) Leader of the Australian LabourParty (1967-1977)IV 64Deputy Leader, Australia LabourParty-Mahin 10. Heinz Fischer President of Austria (2004-present) President of the Austrian NationalCouncil (1990-2002) Austrian Minister of Science(1983-1987) Member of the Austrian NationalCouncil (1971-2004)IV 64Secretary, Socialist ParliamentaryFaction-Keogh 11. Bruno Kreisky Chancellor of Austria (1970-1983) Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs(1959-1966) Member of the Nationalrat(1956-1966) Undersecretary of the ForeignAffairs Department of the AustrianChancellery (1953-1956) Assistant Chief of Staff andPolitical Advisor to PresidentTheodor Korner (1951-1953)IV 58State Secretary for Foreign Affairs-Mettger 12. Reinhold Lopatka Austrian State Secretary in theMinistry of Finance (2008-present) Secretary of the Austrian PeoplesParty (2003-2007) Deputy to the National Council(2003-2007) Styria Austrian Peoples Party(OVP) State Manager (1993-2001)VV 85: Young Political LeadersState Chairman of Young PeoplesParty-Thunander/Vasko 13. Peter Pilz Member of the AustrianNationalrat (1986-1991, 1999-present) Called for Arnold Schwarzenegger to lose his Austrian citizenship in 2005 due to his support for the death penalty. Federal Spokesperson for theGreen Party (1992-1994)IV 88Member of Parliament, Green Party-Calambokidis/Brown 14. Wolfgang Schussel Chairman of the Austrian PeoplesParty (2007-2011) Chancellor of Austria (2000-2007) Vice Chancellor of Austria(1995-2000) Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs(1995-2000) Austrian Minister for EconomicAffairs (1989-1995)IV 71, SCP 84: Austrian MPsSecretary, Parliament; MP-Slavik/Thel 15. Fred Sinowatz Chancellor of Austria (1983-1986) Vice Chancellor of Austria(1981-1983) Austrian Minister of Education andArt (1971-1983)IV 631st President, Burgenland ProvincialLegislature-Spray/Frucht 16. Fakhruddin Ahmed Prime Minister of Bangladesh(2007-2009) Managing Director of PFSFMicrocredit (2005-2007) Governor of the Bangladesh Bank(2001-2005)IV 77Joint Secretary, Ministry of Planning-Slavik/Copenhauer 17. Tom Adams 2nd Prime Minister of Barbados(1976-1985) Leader of the BarbadosOpposition (1971-1976) Member of the BarbadosParliament (1966-1985)IV 73 18. Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Prime Minister of Barbados(1987-1994) Deputy Prime Minister of Babados(1986-1987) Member of the Barbados House ofAssembly (1971-1976) Senator of Barbados (1967-1971)IV 75Minister of Education, Youth Affairs,Community Development, and Sports-Fosdick 19. Pieter De Crem Belgian Minister of Defense (2007-present) Leader of the Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams Party(2003-2007) Mayor of Aalter, East Flanders(1995-present) Member of Parliament in theChamber of Representatives(1995-2007)RP 99: NATO-Calambokidis 20. Wilfried Martens President of the EuropeanPeoples Party (1992-present) Belgian Senator (1991-1994) Prime Minister of Belgium(1979-1992) Deputy in the Belgian Chamber ofRepresentatives (1974-1991)IV 71Member, National Committee of theChristian Socialist Party-DePuy 21. Leo Tindemans Member of the EuropeanParliament (1979-1981,1989-1999) Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs(1982-1989) Prime Minister of Belgium(1974-1978) Member of the Belgian Parliament(1961-1989)IV 67Member of Parliament-Lunau 22. Guy Verhofstadt Chairperson of the Alliance ofLiberals and Democrats forEurope, European Parliament(2009-present) Prime Minister of Belgium(1999-2008)IV 83President, Belgian PVV-Hancock/Conley 23. Jigme Yoser Thinley Prime Minister of Bhutan(1998-1999, 2003-2004, 2008-present) Bhutan Minister of Foreign Affairs(1998-2003) Secretary in the Ministry of HomeAffairs (1992-1994)IV 87Director of Education-Probasco/Reedy 24. Zeljko Komsic President of Bosnia-Herzegovina(2009-2010, 2011-present) Croat Member of the Presidencyof Bosnia-Herzegovina (2006-present) Bosnian Ambassador to theFederal Republic of Yugoslavia(1998-2002)SCP 01: Municipal GovernmentIssues-Vricella 25. Zlatko Lagumdzija Bosnian Foreign Minister(2001-2003) Chairman of the Council of Ministersof Bosnia-Herzegovina (2001-2002) President of the Bosnian SocialDemocratic Party (1997-present) Member of the House ofRepresentatives of the ParliamentaryAssembly (1996-present)IV 95Vice President, Social Democratic Party-Christensen 26. Quett K.J. Masire 2nd President of Botswana(1980-1998) Vice President of Botswana(1966-1980) Co-Founder of the BotswanaDemocratic Party (1962)IV 75Vice President of Botswana-Polk 27. Jose Sarney Costa President of the Brazilian Senate(1995-1997, 2003-2005, 2009-present) President of Brazil (1985-1990) Vice President of Brazil (1985) Governor of Maranhao(1966-1971)SCP 64: Brazilian LegislativeDelegationMember, Chamber of Deputies-B. Johnson 28. Sylvie Kinigi President of Burundi (1993-1994) Prime Minister of Burundi(1993-1994) First and only woman to hold the position. Took over after President was killed in a coup attempt. Senior Advisor to the PrimeMinister for Economic PolicyIV 94Former Prime Minister-Lewis 29. Edward Schreyer Governor-General of Canada(1979-1984) Premier of Manitoba (1969-1977) Member of the Canadian House ofCommons (1965-1969) Member of the ManitobanLegislative Assembly (1958-1965)IV 78Leader of the Opposition, ManitobaLegislative Assembly-Keogh/Hill 30. Andre-Dieudonne Kolingba President of the Central AfricanRepublic (1981-1993) Took power in bloodless coup detat Chief of Staff of the Army of theCentral Africa Republic (1981) CAR Minister of Defense(1979-1981) Brigadier General of Army of theCentral African Republic(1973-1981)IV 66Assistant Director, Radio Bangui-Payne 31. Juan Guzman Justice of the Court of Appeals ofSantiago, Chile Prosecutor, Chilean Court System(1970-2005) Led the request to strip General Augusto Pinochet of his diplomatic immunity in 2005MRP 93: Independent Judiciary andRule of Law-Blalock 32. Ricardo Lagos UN Special Envoy on ClimateChange (2007-present) President of Chile (2000-2006) Minister of Public Works(1994-1998) Minister of Education (1990-1992)VV 88President, Party for Democracy*Traveled with Alvaro Uribe-Miller/Pereira 33. Belisario Betancur Chair of the UN Commission onthe Truth for El Salvador(1992-1993) President of Colombia(1982-1986) Colombian Ambassador to Spain(1975-1977) Colombian Minister of Labor(1962-1963)IV 52 34. Cesar Gaviria Trujillo Secretary-General of theOrganization for American States(1994-2004) President of Colombia(1990-1994) Colombian Minister ofGovernment (1987-1989) Member of the ColombianChamber of Representatives(1974-1986)IV 82Member, House of Representatives-Keogh/Gerson 35. Alvaro Uribe President of Colombia(2002-2010) Governor of Antioquia(1995-1997) Senator of Antioquia (1986-1994) Mayor of Medellin (1982)VV 88Senator, Department of Antioquia*Traveled with Ricardo Lagos-Miller/Pereira 36. Ivica Racan Prime Minister of Croatia(2000-2003) 1st President of the Croatian SocialDemocratic Party (1990-2007) Chairman of the League ofCommunists in Croatia(1989-1991)SCP 98President, Social Democratic Party-Starr 37. Zlatko Tomcic Acting President of Croatia (2000) President of the CroatianParliament (2000-2003) Member of the CroatianParliament (1995-2006) President of the Croatian PeasantParty (1994-2005)SCP 98President, Croatian Peasant Party-Starr 38. Franjo Tudjman 1st President of Croatia(1990-1999) Founder of the CroatianDemocratic Union Party (1989)IV 66Director, Institute of History of theWorkers Movement-Slavik 39. Moise Tshombe Prime Minister of Congo(1964-1965) 1st President of Katanga(1960-1963) Seceded from Congo after independenceIV 60President, CONAKAT Party-Lunau 40. Petr Necas Prime Minister of the CzechRepublic (2010-present) Leader of the Czech Civic DemocratParty (2010-present) Czech Minister of Labour and SocialAffairs (2006-2009)RP 99: NATO: The Future of theAllianceChairman, Defense and SecurityCommittee, House of Representatives-Calambokidis/Oliver 41. Anders Fogh Rasmussen Secretary General of NATO(2008-present) Prime Minister of Denmark(2001-2009) Leader of Danish Venstre Party(1998-2009)IV 82Member of Parliament-Cabiati/Stilley 42. Lars Rasmussen Prime Minister of Denmark(2009-2011) Leader of the Danish VenstreParty (2009-present) Danish Minister of Finance(2007-2009) Danish Minister of the Interior andHealth (2001-2007)MRP 89: Current Social, Political,and Economic IssuesPresident, Youth Branch, Venstre-Cabiati/Brothers 43. Patrick John President of the DominicaFootball Association (1992-2006,2008-present) 1st Prime Minister of Dominica(1978-1979) Premier of Dominica(1974-1978)SCP 77Premier of Dominica-Fosdick/Benner 44. Salvador Jorge Blanco President of the DominicanRepublic (1982-1986) Senator of the DominicanRepublic (1978-1982) Committee Secretary for theDominican Union Civica deSantiago Party (1963-1964)IV 79Senator, Capital District-Fosdick/Ament 45. Rodrigo Borja President of Ecuador (1988-1992) Member of the EcuadorianNational Legislature (1980-1988) Founder of the EcuadorianDemocratic Left Party (1968)IV 62Lawyer, Member of the Liberal Party-Hadley 46. Jamil Mahuad Witt President of Ecuador (1998-2000) Forced out in a military coup led by President Lucio Gutierrez Mayor of Quito (1992-1998)IV 85Senior Member, Governing Board,Popular Democratic Party-Dean/Ramseur 47. Boutros Boutros-Ghali Secretary General of the UnitedNations (1992-1996) Egyptian Minister of State forForeign Affairs (1977-1991)IV 76Head, Department of Political Science,Cairo University-Polk/Manganelli 48. Anwar Sadat President of Egypt (1970-1981) Named TIME Magazines Man of the Year for 1977 Vice President of the PresidentialCouncil (1964-1970) President of the NationalAssembly (1960-1968) Egyptian Secretary to the NationalUnion (1959-1960) Egyptian Minister of State(1954-1959)IV 66President of the National Assembly-Lunau 49. Armando Calderon Sol President of El Salvador(1994-1999) Mayor of San Salvador(1988-1994) Founder of the SalvadoranARENA Party (1981)IV 86Professor of Law, National Universityof El Salvador-Ansell/Gerson 50. Carlos Humberto Romero President of El Salvador(1977-1979) Deposed in a coup detat that ushered in the El Salvadoran Civil War of 1979-1992 Head of the Presidential GeneralStaff (1972-1977) Salvadoran Minister of Defenseand Public Security (1972-1977)IV 76Minister of Defense-Hancock 51. Juhan Parts Estonian Minister of Economy andCommunication (2007-present) Prime Minister of Estonia(2003-2005) Estonian Auditor General(1998-2002)SCP 92: American Legal Systemand Rule of Law-HancockITT 05: Current Social and PoliticalIssues in the U.S.Member of Parliament 52. Berhanou Dinke Ethiopian Ambassador to theUnited States (1960-1965) Established a Council of Citizens to oppose Emperor Haile Selassie One of three Cabinet members to survive an aborted coup in 1960IV 52Director General, Municipality ofAddis Ababa 53. Sir Penaia Ganilau 1st President of Fiji (1987-1993) Governor-General of Fiji(1983-1987) Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji(1973-1983) Fijian Minister of Home Affairs(1970-1972) Minister for Fijian Affairs and LocalGovernment (1967-1970)IV 63Deputy Secretary, Fijian Affairs-Johnson/Brooks 54. Sir Kamisese Mara 2nd President of Fiji (1993-2000) 1st Prime Minister of Fiji(1967-1992) Founder of the Fiji Alliance Party(1966)IV 64Member, Legislative Council, EasternConstituency-B. Johnson 55. Harri Holkeri Head of the UN InterimAdministration Mission in Kosovo(2003-2004) Speaker for the UN GeneralAssembly (2000-2001) Prime Minister of Finland(1987-1991) Member of the Parliament ofFinland (1970-1978)IV 70Director of the Bank of Finland-Miller/Keith 56. Anneli Jaatteenmaki Minister of the EuropeanParliament (2003-present) Prime Minister of Finland (2003) Chairwoman of the Centre Partyof Finland (2000-2003) Finnish Minister of Justice(1994-1995)IV 95Member of Parliament-MacDonald 57. Paavo Lipponen Speaker of the Finnish Parliament(2003-2007) Prime Minister of Finland(1995-2003) Member of the Parliament ofFinland (1983-1987, 1991-2007)IV 74International Secretary, SocialDemocratic Party-Keogh 58. Michel Barnier European Commissioner forInternal Market and Services(2010-present) French Minister of Foreign Affairs(2004-2005) European Commissioner forRegional Policy (1999-2004) French Minister for EuropeanAffairs (1995-1997)IV 81Deputy, National Assembly-Polk/Forsythe 59. Raymond Barre Mayor of Lyon (1995-2001) Prime Minister of France(1976-1981) European Commissioner forEconomic &amp; Financial Affairs(1967-1973)IV 65Professor of Economics, University ofParis-Spray 60. Pierre Beregovoy Prime Minister of France(1992-1993) Committed suicide in 1993 Member of the National Assemblyof France (1986-1988, 1993) French Minister of Economy andFinances (1984-1986, 1988-1992) French Minister of Social Affairs(1982-1984)IV 77National Secretary, External Affairs-Hancock/Calambokidis 61. Jacques Chaban-Delmas Prime Minister of France(1969-1972) President of the French NationalAssembly (1959-1969, 1978-1981,1986-1988) Mayor of Bordeaux (1947-1995)IV 61President of the National Assembly-Lunau 62. Valery Giscard dEstaing President of the Convention on theFuture of Europe (2002-2003) Produced draft Constitution for the European Union Pr...</p>