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  • 1.Oresunddirekt practical challengesand solutions in cross-bordercollaborationThe Malm Declaration: Collaboration asan implementation driverEva Eilstrup Oresunddirekt, Denmark/Sweden1

2. Agenda Oresunddirekt is Cross-border information made easy Oresunddirekt promotes mobility Challenges and solutions: Making it work Making it cheap Making it matter2 3. Oresunddirekt is A cross-border information service for the citizens and businesses of the Oresund region www.oresunddirekt.com A semi-autonomous public actor, funded by local and regional government from both countries 3 4. Cross-border information made easy Complex public service information translated and personalised Literal v. conceptual translation Two perspectives two portals, plus additional services4 5. Step-by-step guides 5 6. Oresunddirekt promotes mobility Cross-border mobility is about simple, everyday issues and questions Growing number of cross-border commuters growing number of Oresunddirekt users 6 7. Making it work Large amount of content that needs constant updating Collaborative content validation through networks of civil servants Whats in it for me? Ownership 7 8. Making it cheap Both public administrations and e-government services are facing the challenge of less funding The pressure is on to show tangible results and savings In cross-border collaboration, a small and flexible third party organisation like Oresunddirekt can help cut administrative costs Innovation! Example: income tax return video 8 9. Making it matter Public service informationis worthless unless theusers can relate to it The user is the source, notjust the target Personalisation andconstant surveillance ofchanging user needs Relatablity is just asimportant as reliability9