5 resolutions that will help you

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<ul><li><p>Love is not just about candle lit dinners, chocolates, flowers and a three word sentence. Love is a beautiful </p><p>feeling that words fail to describe and one needs to be sane and composed to find the love of their life. </p><p>Here are some resolutions that might help you fall in love.</p><p>Do some Self-analysis :</p><p>Stop whining about being single and work on finding the reasons why you are single. Maybe you should </p><p>stop being rude or judgmental. Think of way to improve your personality that might help you project as an </p><p>adorable person.</p><p>Avoid negativity :</p><p>The output of being negative will always be negative. Stop focusing on pointing out others mistakes. </p><p>Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a faultfinder. Contemplate the fact that imperfection is </p><p>universal.</p><p>Stop being bawdy :</p><p>No matter how much our society has developed, sex is still a taboo and being bawdy is a big no-no. </p><p>Speaking your mind will always kill the chemistry between you and your prospective lover.</p><p>Stop loose talking :</p><p>Understand the fact that people like to listen to lose talks but no one dares to get closer to a loose talker </p><p>fearing that their personal life would be the talk of the town. So avoid blabbering.</p><p>Get in shape :</p><p>If you yourself are not happy with your shape and size, you cannot expect anyone to look beyond it. Stop </p><p>being lazy and start personal grooming. Nobody likes a fat person who smells like a cat. Hit the gym and </p><p>plan your diet accordingly to make it easy for you.</p></li></ul>