Xamarin: Create native iOS, Android and Windows apps in C#

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  • Xamarin: Create na,ve iOS, Android and Windows apps in C# Alius Petraka, Senior Mobile Developer

  • C#The best language for Windows development

    Modern Features Advanced Tools Proven Libraries Large Community

  • Intro

  • C# + ______Xamarin makes C# the best language for mobile development

    Native Code Generation Platform API Bindings Code Sharing Visual Studio

  • Productive environment

    Shared Code

    High Performance

  • Reason #1

    LINQ Support

    Work With XML Easily XDocument

    Event Handling & Delegates

  • Reason #2

  • Reason #3

    Objective-C C# with Xamarin

  • Reason #4

    Objective-C C# with Xamarin

  • Reason #5

    Java C# with Xamarin

    or async

  • Reason #6

  • Build App Multiple Times

  • The Write-Once-Run-Anywhere Approach

  • Xamarins Unique Approach

  • What is native?

    Native User Interfaces Native API Access Native Performance

  • Windows APIs

  • iOS APIs

  • Android APIs

  • Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java can be done in C# with Xamarin!

  • Emerging Technologies & Devices

    Android Wear Google Glass Amazon Fire Phone Amazon Fire TV

  • a

    C# runs on ~2.6 Billion Devices

  • Disadvantages

    You need a license Its not a shared UI Platform You need to understand each platforms UI controls and

    UX recommendations You need a Mac for iOS development

  • Xamarin Studio

  • NuGet

  • F#

  • Windows Azure welcomes Xamarin

  • Telerik UI for Xamarin

  • Free

  • @aliuspetraska


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