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Snappii is a mobile app development platform that allows anyone create mobile apps without programming skills. Snappii builds native iPad, iPhone and Android custom mobile apps faster with more features and less expensively than anybody in the industry! Description Most apps are built in just a few days and even complex apps take only a few weeks. There is no reason to wait months for Mobile App Developers to finish your app! We can give you real working app you can try on your smartphone and tablet devices within 48 hours. Our “secret sauce” is that we use Snappii’s ultra-fast mobile app development platform which enables us to build apps 30 times quicker and add many powerful features to your apps. Since we can build apps quicker they cost less to build saving you money and making custom apps affordable for any company. Need a custom app? Contact us today to get a free quote at or call +1 (603) 651-0066

Text of The SNAPPII story

  • 1. THE SNAPPII STORY A Passion to succeed
  • 2. THE BEGINNING Over 4 years ago Snappii founder realized that every organization will want mobile apps, but the current method of making apps is: Too expensive Need to hire IOS and Android programmers Too slow - takes months to make even a simple app Requires mobile app development skills Apps are too hard to change as needs evolve
  • 3. Apps can be built visually in days Require no programming skills Cost starting at $500 Offer the same native high performance capabilities No compromise in functionality than if mobile programmers to create apps INSTEAD HE DECIDED TO DEVELOP A CLOUD BASED SYSTEM THAT DEMOCRATIZES MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT:
  • 4. WHO WE ARE Snappii has created a platform for developing sophisticated, feature rich mobile apps without writing any code. We enable programmers and non programmers to build native apps quickly and without having to know Objective-C and Java programming. Snappii App Designers leverage the platform to offer clients full service custom app development.
  • 5. WHAT WE DO Weve Radically changed the economics associated with the design, creation and implementation of custom business mobile Apps Better - Apps Robust, sophisticated, highly functional, native Apps ( iOS & Android) Industry specific as well as functional specific (field sales/service) Faster - Creation Rapid, agile and iterative visual app creation; drag, drop and configure No programming required, no need for app developers Cheaper Changed economics Create an App in days not months Prices start at $500
  • 6. WHAT WE DO We specialize in creating custom business mobile apps We offer the Snappii Mobility Platform as a service for DIYs Over 50 Industry specific apps in the app stores today ready to deploy
  • 7. WHY SNAPPII SNAPPII is Ultrafast Mobile App Development Platform Without Coding Users "Draw" the App. Snappii generates the app
  • 8. WHY SNAPPII Native iOS and Android Apps made in a few days not months. When it comes to completely visual mobile app creation, Snappii is the most powerful visual mobile application platform on the market today. Apps are made without coding! We do it or DIY. Instantly generate native apps for IOS , Android and HTML5 for Smartphones, Tablets or both. Once deployed, these apps are easy to change and update using the visual drag-and-drop editor. The Snappii platform combines ease-of-use with no-compromise in functionality.
  • 11. SNAPPII MOBILITY PLATFORM SECURITY Platform Hosted by Codero- a reputable 3rd party solution Snappii has built many security measures into the mobility platform and Apps themselves: All communications between Snappii Apps and Servers are encrypted. We encrypt requests manually using Rijndael Encryption Algorithm. Snappii Apps can take advantage of ACLs (access control lists) which control access rights by groups and individuals. This enables us to create a single App with different features for different types of users. We enable App creators to control where App data is being stored. The options are Locally on device Cloud Server database provided by Snappii Cloud storage e.g. Box, Google Drive, Relational DBMS Oracle, SQL, My SQL CRM and ERP systems. E.g. SalesForce, SAP We encrypt Snappii users passwords that they use for Snappii platform and their own Apple Developer accounts
  • 12. SNAPPII CUSTOMER SUCCESS MODEL Platform Passion People It starts with the People. At SNAPPII we hire only the best and brightest. Luckily being a global company there are a lot of great universities and companies to choose from Next they have to have Passion. Passion to build things people never thought possible. Passion to make sure every customer has the support they need to be successful Finally the Platform. It has to be robust, dependable, open and easy to use
  • 13. CUSTOMER SUCCESS MODEL Customer Success Team Your success is our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Every customer will have specific team to work with for the life of our relationship The person that helps with the trial is the person that will help with the implementation You will know their name, email and phone number of each person on the team We encourage you to stay in constant contact with the team It is the teams goal to make you successful Customer Success Representative Testing Tech Support Implementation Design
  • 14. SNAPPII MANAGEMENT TEAM JOHN P. MURGO President & CEO at Snappii ALEX BAKMAN Executive Chairman and Founder DARLEEN DROWN VP of Sales and Support at Snappii
  • 15. PROOF POINTS Over the past 3.5 years, 27,000+ Apps built, running on 3.6M devices Customers range from F1000 to SMB, Business Managers 50 Industry/functional specific Apps in iTunes and Google play today We will deliver a Prototype for anyone qualified in the audience within 48 Hours! No cost, No obligation You prove us wrong, your App is Free Owned/founded by two successful industry veterans Alex Bakman - Executive Chairman/Founder; vKernel, Ecora, CleverSoft John Murgo President & CEO; Acronis, Process Software, OpenService
  • 16. IN SUMMARY Mobile app development done in weeks not months Apps can be built in volume using any developers and non-developers. Minimum training required Leverage existing developers only when needed to extend apps beyond platform capabilities Rapid prototyping and distribution made easy