Enterprise Mobility - Looking into the Digital Future

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  • Enterprise MobilityLooking into the Digital Future

  • What will mobility look like tomorrow?

    Businesses will have to adapt to the certain trends in response to the mobile movement

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  • 1. Fading differences

    By 2016, worldwide shipments of smartphones will reach 480 million, with 65% being used in BYOD environments.

    (Source: IDC)

    38% of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016.

    (Source: Gartner)

  • 2. Holistic ManagementAccording to an analyst report from 451 Research in October 2015, 40% of companies plan to prioritize the mobilization of general business apps over the next two years, as compared with those that plan to mobilize only field service and sales teams.

    Gartner has predicted, come 2017, 25% of enterprises will have an Enterprise App Store for managing corporate-sanctioned apps across their organization with a further +40% being interested in establishing one

  • 3. IoT

    Parstream found that 86% of stakeholders in business roles felt data was important to their IoT project while only 8% were fully capturing and analyzing IoT data in a timely fashion.

    A 451 Research report has found 46% of enterprises expect to have IoT deployed by 2016.

    Gartner forecasted 6.4 billion connected things will be in use in 2016. Gartner also estimated IoT will support total services spending of $235 billion in 2016.

  • 4. Wearables

    54% enterprises already have BYOW in place.

    40% companies are planning to have a BYOW policy in future.

    18% of industrial companies will implement acombined solution involving smart glasses and/or

    smart watches tied to live data feeds from IoT

    sensors and industrial machines in 2016.(Source: Salesforce Research)

    Research firm Tractica predicted that by 2020, enterprise wearables

    market will be worth over $4 bn.

  • 5. Analytics at playGartner expects that by 2017, more than 20% of customer-facing analytics deployments will provide product tracking information that leverages IoT

    According to Infonetics Research, subscriber data management for mobile operators will reach a $2 billion market by 2019. The need for analytics for voice over LTE and subscriber information is driving this growth.

    Frost & Sullivan said that big data analytics can help retailers increase margins by more than 60%.

  • 6. Enterprise managed devices

    Gartner clients who have tried MDM received poor feedback

    from their workforce. Now its clients are inquiring about

    alternative methods to securely provide enterprise access from

    mobile devices. The industry is focusing more on securing the

    apps that run on the devices -- the MAM approach.

  • 7. Change in security policies

    In 2016, as cyber threats continue to increase, 47% of the

    companies plan to hire between 1 and 10 cyber security


    (Source: Cybrary)

  • 8. Sector specific OS choice

    Source: Allot Communications

    Each platform has notable advantages and limitations for certain enterprise environments and work processes.

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    Enterprise MobilityLooking into the Digital FutureWhat will mobility look like tomorrow? 1. Fading differences2. Holistic Management3. IoT4. Wearables5. Analytics at play6. Enterprise managed devices7. Change in security policies8. Sector specific OS choiceThank You


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