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<ol><li> 1. PAID SEARCH Benefits and The Awesome Data </li><li> 2. My Background Dad 7 years experience Audigy Group 2.5 years </li><li> 3. PPC Like Raising Kids There is a lot of A/B testing involved </li><li> 4. A/B Testing Meals OR </li><li> 5. A/B Testing Bribes OR </li><li> 6. PPC Data is Like Listening to Three Kids at once Look at my cool hay fort. Look at me, I am climbing the tree. Look at the fish I caught. Focus on the most important information </li><li> 7. Paid Search vs. Organic Paid Result Map Pack Result (Local) Organic Result </li><li> 8. Why Should I Do Paid Search? I already rank really well for my keywords in organic and map pack results. </li><li> 9. It Is Hard to Rank Outside Your City... In Organic and Local Results. Paid search allows you to easily target specific locations outside your practice city. </li><li> 10. Immediate Traffic Paid search gives instant results while organic Ranking for organic keywords can take months. </li><li> 11. New Product or Service Launches Have a new hearing aid you want to promote? Just started offering pediatric dentistry? </li><li> 12. Dominate Search Results Paid Result Organic Result Map Pack Result </li><li> 13. Find the Missing from Organic KEYWORD DATA With Not Provided Google has taken away a lot of keyword data </li><li> 14. Lets Be Mad Scientists With all this data available, we can perform many tests, and see results quickly. </li><li> 15. Apply Successes to Organic Strategies HELPING </li><li> 16. Test New Landing Pages Test headlines, content and calls to actions on landing pages. Apply successes to main website. </li><li> 17. The Ads Test ad copy and calls to action with paid search. Apply successful ad copy and calls to action to organic Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. </li><li> 18. Keywords (Search Queries) You have got to pay for this information now. (Maybe so Google makes more money) </li><li> 19. Filling in the Missing Gap We can use the paid search query results to identify high converting keywords </li><li> 20. What is Driving Conversions We now know which keywords are generating phone calls and form submissions. Can you hear me? I need hearing aids. </li><li> 21. Avoid Surprises or Disappointments Dont Promise something in an ad and not deliver on the landing page. </li><li> 22. Can you see the disconnect? Search Term was: Invisible Hearing Aids </li><li> 23. Or the Disconnect Here? Search Term was: Lyric Hearing Aids </li><li> 24. Making Everything Flow Search Term: Compare Hearing Aids </li><li> 25. Making Landing Pages Better </li><li> 26. Try to Avoid Stock Photos As Tim Ash said, Stock photography is business porn Anyway we can use member photos is best. </li><li> 27. Photos &amp; Content that Do Something If the photo or content does not enhance the call to action, it does not belong on the page. </li><li> 28. Get an Edge Testimonials and awards are a great way to stand out from the crowd. </li><li> 29. Internal Data The Amount of information we will be able to get can seem almost endless </li><li> 30. Your PPC Dashboard </li><li> 31. The Assisted Conversion </li><li> 32. Number of Touch Points Should I buy that from here or that other place? </li><li> 33. Quick and Slow Conversions </li><li> 34. Member Monthly Data </li><li> 35. PPC Resources Unbounce Blog: PPC Hero: Search Engine Land: Word Stream: A Good Book to Read: </li><li> 36. Thank you for your time Questions? </li></ol>