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  1. 1. Bring someone with you to the top
  2. 2. Because Success is always a team effort
  3. 3. Hi, I am Ben Marius Im a family entrepreneur picture courtesy of the author of this keynote Im Successful Because of my family team
  4. 4. I own a web and app design company here
  5. 5. and co-own a marketing firm and a trade exchange here
  6. 6. With customers all over the United States! purchased from map with Terrain/8473148
  7. 7. If I get the privilege to work for you
  8. 8. You will Need Loyalty And Dependability
  9. 9. I have practiced Loyalty and Dependability since age 12
  10. 10. By working to support my family
  11. 11. Me at Age 12 picture courtesy of the author of this keynote
  12. 12. Then At age 22 I became my siblings guardian
  13. 13. After the death of my dear mother picture courtesy of the author of this keynote
  14. 14. And later my dear father picture courtesy of the author of this keynote
  15. 15. So I committed to helping them succeed in life
  16. 16. Through Financial Freedom
  17. 17. So We began building companies for each family member
  18. 18. pictures courtesy of the author of this keynote Here Are 3 of our businesses
  19. 19. My goal is for you to get a sense of my commitment level In this presentation
  20. 20. A man who cant commit his best to himself or those he loves will be unable to do the same for others. I want you to see the kind of man I am
  21. 21. Thats why my brand mantra is: Succeeding alongside those you love: selling something you believe in
  22. 22. Because.. fundamentally a leader is like a parent. ~Simon Sinek
  23. 23. Now you see that my competitive advantage of Loyalty & Dependability Rules everything Ive ever done
  24. 24. I only commit to things I believe in
  25. 25. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. ~Simon Sinek because
  26. 26. My Target Audience Entrepreneurs with products or services worth believing in
  27. 27. My vision of success to only market ideas that can have a real impact in peoples lives
  28. 28. Only then will Those around me feel fulfilled in my labor of love
  29. 29. Do you have a product or service worth believing in?
  30. 30. Good! Let me help you spread the word!