How to win over your online audience

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How to influence your audience by developing content such as press releases, case studies and interviews that have an impact on your audience's emotions. The key is identify the drivers and to make your content highly relevant - "just keywords for SEO" won't cut it any more.


  • 1. How to win over your online audience by understanding relevance and emotional driversPR & Content Marketing Education Series

2. Do you ever feel like youre drowning in a sea of content? 3. Deloitte Media & Entertainment PREDICTIONSexabytes of User Generated Content that may be regarded as a liability, rather than an asset The public has a fundamental need for quality editorial While paper may be getting tattered, the desire for news remains as strong as ever. 4. But how do you cut through when networks are becoming more and more niche? 5. Content with meaning for your audience is your lifesaver in search engines, social media, and regular press. Press releases Case studies Interviews Blogs Webinars Images Commentary Its heaven for a good content creator! 6. Create fresh content that will rise to the top that people will anticipate and seek out 7. Tell great brand storiesGreat stories even if badly told will move your audience People need a reason to trust you they have a strong b*llsh*t radar They make decisions based on emotion, and justify them with logic 8. Find out what drives your audience Fear of missing out Financial gain Desire for love Desire for sex Desire for power and fame Revenge, Vanity, Jealousy Or a desire to create and build 9. Get to the pointEight seconds is the average attention span of an American adult - Jeffrey Hayzlett, The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing? 8 seconds to hook 110 seconds to sellMoses did it in 2 tablets with 5 points each 10. Simplicity is an art formUse pictures - vision trumps all other senses Choose benefits over features Use short sentences Eliminate jargon Become a master of exclusion: I didnt have time to write you a letter, so I wrote you a novel instead Mark Twain 11. Connect your brands to journalists, bloggers and social media influencers 0414 69 70 71