How to become an engaging storyteller that promotes social shares

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Whimsy and Wonder

I Think An Idea 1-888-240-0606info@ithinkanidea.comHow to Become an Engaging Storyteller that Promotes Social Shares

If your goal is to make content that goes viral, then youre top priority should be learning how to weave incredible stories.

What do the top influencers on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms all have in common?

They have great stories to share.

There are various ways you can improve your storytelling to draw people in and get them sharing your content. Here are three tips.

Tip #1:

Dont just share the good. Dont be afraid to talk about the things that are going wrong with your brand. This shows your genuine and real.

Theres nothing more human than making mistakes and dealing with the hurdles life throws your way!

Tip #2:

Use the conflict-resolution formula (and include a hero). Talk about issues that were overcome and by whom. This can be from your past or present. Tip #3:

Turn your bio into a story. Theres nothing interesting about a corporate biography, so make sure yours starts like a story to capture prospects attention.