Getting Meta: How to Use SEO to Promote Your Music (SXSW 2017 Panel)

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<p>Panelists</p> <p>Christopher Moon: NoiseTrade/PledgeMusic (Moderator)Wes Walls: BandzoogleDelaney Gibson: CCXAMike King: iPullRank</p> <p>Overview:</p> <p>What is SEO? </p> <p>Why should I care?</p> <p>How do I navigate this for myself without developing narcolepsy?</p> <p>Where does SEO fit into my bands marketing strategy?</p> <p>What can I expect to gain from practicing good SEO?</p> <p>The Fan Journey</p> <p>Fan Journey illustration</p> <p>Example of a good band SERP</p> <p>Example of a good artist Knowledge Panel</p> <p>Example of a good tour date SERP</p> <p>Example of a good album name SERP</p> <p>Example of a good song name SERP</p> <p>Insights and Pro Tips: The FundamentalsBrand vs non-brand keywords</p> <p>Researching keywords</p> <p>Thinking of SEO when naming your band</p> <p>Using tools to creatively inform keyword research (i.e. Google trends, social listening, Google suggest)</p> <p>------Previous points:Whats in a name?Remember the Fan Journey Think of SEO as you name your bandBrand vs. Non-Brand keywords(Elephant Stone discography vs. indie band in Toledo)</p> <p>Google Adwords Keyword Planner example search.</p> <p>Example of keyword research, for band with non-unique name.</p> <p>Band keyword examples.</p> <p>Google Suggest example.</p> <p>Insights and Pro Tips:Starting OutHaving a band website and other profiles (content)</p> <p>Creating content pages to target keyword searches</p> <p>Feeding the Knowledge Graph: Wikipedia, Wikidata, Musicbrainz, Google My Business, Search Console, etc</p> <p>Building notability (knowledge graph band entity)</p> <p>-----Previous points:WWGD: What Would Google Do? SERP: Search Engine Results Pages (Fans can explore your content right from the search page)Get to know (and tweak) your Knowledge PanelHow Google trends and social listening can inform keyword research</p> <p>The Band Entity</p> <p>Band entity with website as the hub.</p> <p>Example of missing content page for important keyword.</p> <p>Example of managing your Google Brand account.</p> <p>Submitting to Musicbrainz.</p> <p>Example of tool to monitor backlinks and citations.</p> <p>Insights and Pro Tips:Established Artists</p> <p>Schema Markup (what it is and how to make it work for you)</p> <p>Optimizing high-value brand keywords (purchase intent)</p> <p>Finding and optimizing indirect brand keywords (i.e. song from samsung commercial)</p> <p>Band information schema.</p> <p>Example of schema markup for music events.</p> <p>Example: the result of good schema markup for music events.</p> <p>Example of schema markup for uploaded music.</p> <p>Example: the result of good of schema markup for uploaded music.</p> <p>Structured data testing tool.</p> <p>Example</p> <p>Nada Surf SAMSUNG PIXIES AD</p> <p>Example of SERP where Nada Surf could be benefiting.</p> <p>Free eBook for download @</p> <p>Stay in touch!On TwitterChristopher Moon: @anhedoniamoonWes Walls: @weswallsDelaney Gibson: @delaneygibsonMike King: @ipullrank</p>