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  • Content Marketing Strategy January, 2014
  • About Me Chief Marketing Technology Officer Content Marketing Institute Consultant Dad, BBQ Fan Featured in Gourmet Magazine @willdavis @rightsource #MDSG 2
  • The Game Has Changed 4
  • The Game Has Changed 5
  • The Game Has Changed 6
  • The Game Has Changed 7
  • The Game Has Changed Buyers are educating themselves Corporate Executive Board - 60% of a buyers decision-making process in B2B is complete before they even talk to a salesperson Sirius Decisions cites that number at 70% IDG Research: Enterprise organizations download an average of 10 informational assets during the purchase process. 8
  • The Game Has Changed 78% $987,417 58% 24% 82% 78% of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing. (Source: Hanley-Wood Business Media) The average, annual spend on branded content outsourcing was a $371,364, and $987,417 for companies that exclusively outsource. (Source: Custom Content Council) 58% of consumers trust editorial content. (Source: Nielsen) Companies with over 1,000 employees typically allocate 24% of their marketing budget to content. (Source: Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs) 82% of consumers like reading content from brands when its relevant. (Source: The CMA) 9
  • Content Marketing Planning Only 44% of B2B Marketers have a written content marketing strategy Only 11% of companies that rate content marketing as ineffective have a written strategy B2B Marketers with a content marketing strategy are 600% more likely to be effective 2/3 of B2B Marketers without a content marketing strategy are creating more content now than they did in the previous year View full CMI Research 10
  • Strategy Still Wins Image Source: 11
  • What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Image Source: Content Marketing Institute 12
  • The Content Marketers Mindset Content marketing is not another tactic Content marketing is not another line item Content marketing impacts marketing AND customer service, public relations, recruiting and more 13
  • How Do I Attack Content Marketing? First, understand that content creation is merely one, isolated, basic step. Content Planning Content Creation Content Optimization Content Distribution Content Reporting and Analysis 14
  • Why Are We Doing This? Brands have to become publishers but brands have different business models and business goals than publishers. 15
  • Content Supports Business Objectives Yours probably isnt selling ad impressions How does your content marketing strategy fit in with the business strategy to drive business results? 16
  • Content Supports Business Objectives Business Objectives Business Strategy Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategy Content Objectives Content Strategy Credit: Jay Baer/CMI Content Tactics Content Metrics 17
  • Content Strategy Comes From: Business objectives (business plan) Marketing objectives (marketing plan) Content objectives (content plan) Business Objectives Business Strategy Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategy Content Objectives Content Strategy Content Tactics Content Metrics 18
  • Answer these 12 questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why are we doing this? Whats the goal? What is our unique story? Who is our audience? Who is on our team? What is everyones role? 6. Who will handle each piece of content marketing? 7. What are our primary themes? 8. What types of content should we create? 9. When will each piece of content get published? 10. How will we distribute each piece of content? 11. How will we report on the content marketing effort? 12. Whats the budget? 19
  • Understanding Your Audience Who are your buyers and influencers? What do they care about? What problems do VP they face? Marketing How can you help solve them? What are their IT CFO objections? Director 20
  • Example: Consulting Firm Helps clients solve complex challenges across the industry spectrum From public companies to private companies to investors A nimble, experienced, unique team of expert advisors, analyzers and problem solvers 21
  • Buyers/Influencers Large Company BD (VP Strategy or BD) Smaller Firm C-Level Exec (CEO, COO) Investors, VCs (Managing Partner) Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer Chief Medical Officer 22
  • What Are Their Questions? Address Who can help us commercialize our tech? Who can we acquire that does XYZ? What is their background? Who have they worked with thats like me? What are their specialties? How do they understand my companys unique challenges? How do they work? 23
  • And So Many More From: Talking with your clients Talking with your prospects Talking with your got-aways Talking with your sales team Reviewing analytics Reviewing industry trends Online research RFP Questions 24
  • Informed Content - Keywords 25
  • Informed Content Keyword Trends 26
  • Address Questions With Content Different content topics for different buyers Different content topics for different stages Different content types for different buyers Different content types for different stages 27
  • Editorial Calendar 28
  • Content Plan 29
  • Content Plan 30
  • Content Pyramid 31
  • The Content Creation Challenge Goal for each piece of content In line with overall marketing goal? Stick to the plan If you wander, the audience wanders Dedicated content staff Content creation duties cant be shoehorned into existing jobs Hire dedicated staff or outsource Writers should be great, not just good 32
  • The Content Creation Challenge Provide writers (internal or outsourced) with: Background Story framework Access to experts Garbage in, garbage out Have content ready as back-up for emergencies Enlist staff for content ideas 33
  • The Content Creation Challenge Keep the pipeline full of ideas Brainstorm What questions are customers/prospects asking? Spin off new topics from a successful idea Create series Make sure enough content is in progress at all times Edit Anything less than remarkable will be lost in the sea of mediocrity 34
  • Make It Remarkable 2,000,000 blog posts 294,000,000,000 emails 864,000 hours of video 35
  • Content Optimization Not just for search engines (the robots) but buyers (the humans) too What do you want them to do? What calls to action (CTAs) should you include? AKA Uh, Now what? 36
  • Content Optimization - Lead Capture Forms are the enemy of spread but You