Brand Strategy for Marketers

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  • Branding for Makers

    Things to Think About

  • Is There a Market?

  • Does your product solve a problem?

    At a price point that your target customer will pay?

  • What are you branding?

  • Product or Company?

    Do You Ever Plan to Have Another Idea?

  • What Differentiates Your Product?

  • What Information Do Customers Need to

    Understand Your Product?

  • Do You Know the Packaging, Content, and Display

    Requirements (Opportunities)?

  • Branding Philosophy

  • (Strategy)Ideas



  • Who are you?

    What do you do?

    Why does it matter?

  • Logo

    Word Mark


    Color Palette



    Ease of Use

    Brand Promise

    Support Policy

  • Where are you making a


  • Not: What do you want ?

  • What do you want

    to Achieve?

  • Wasted.

    If you dont know, the money you spend on your social media campaign will be

  • A brand is not . . .

  • your brand is . . .

  • an emotional connection

  • a relationship

  • honesty


  • consistencyhuman

  • promises

  • fulfillment.

  • be honest.

  • be yourself.

  • be sure you know where

    you want to go