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  • The Beginners Guide To Inbound Marketing Table of What is Inbound Marketing?....................................1-5 How Does Inbound Marketing Work?.....................6-8 How Do You Know its Working?.................................9 Whats All This About Content?............................10-15 Content Management Software16-18 Inbound Marketing: The Plan and Process..19-23
  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • What is Inbound Marketing? Y ouve heard plenty of buzz about it. Youre pretty sure you should be doing it. But whatexactly is inbound marketing? Its a holistic, fully integrated approach to building your business via the internet, based on the Law of Attractionthe belief that like attracts like. Using this principle, your marketing is specifically aimed at potential customers who are already attracted to you. You have something they want or needsomething theyre searching for online. And your marketing speaks directly to that, to draw them in. Research Shop Purchase Re-Purchase
  • Inbound Marketing is all about connections Its a mosaic of techniques that use your website, blogging, social media and email to generate and nurture leads and, of course, close sales. Everything is interwoven, just like it is in the real world. With traditionalor outbound marketing, youre advertising products or services in a somewhat-targeted way hoping someone takes notice and follows up to connect with you. With inbound marketing you dont waste effort or money selling your products or services to audiences that arent interested. Instead, you can specifically tailor your messages and delivery formats to reach different segments of your audience, whether theyre in the very beginning stages of their search for information or theyre on the verge of a final purchasing decision. That buying cyclesometimes called a sales funnelfollows a predictable course with four stages: Researching Shopping Purchasing Re-Purchasing
  • Why are the four stages important? Someone at the first stage needs different information than someone whos farther along in their decision-making process. Because inbound techniques allow you to tightly target your marketing, you can provide the information your audience wants, when they want it. Inbound marketing techniques help coordinate your internal sales and marketing efforts, but more importantly, they connect your business with prospective clients or customers. You can establish and develop ongoing relationships that retain customers and turn them into active promoters of your business. You can even use those connections to improve your customer services or product research/development. The engagement process establishes your company as an authoritative, go-to resource, far more than just a sales outlet. That reinforces your overall branding and builds the trust that gives prospects confidence to buy. You can sell more, more often, rather than waiting for them to come to you.
  • Inbound Marketing Works. Period. It works for B2B and B2C businesses. It works whether youre a global enterprise or neighborhood gem. It works no matter what you sell or do. According to industry giant HubSpot, statistics show more than 92% of companies that use inbound techniques improve lead generation. Of those, 40% improved lead generation by at least 75%. And those arent just any leads. Thanks to the Law of Attraction, theyre people already interested in your products and services. People can engage, and get to know your business. You can use your arsenal of inbound marketing tools to connect and converse with them, converting them into not just customers, but customers-forlife. 40%Of companies that use inbound techniques improved lead generation
  • $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 Inbound Outbound $135 $346 Inbound vs Outbound Cost Per Lead Inbound Marketing Works. Period. 89%Of marketers are maintaining or increasing inbound budgets $0 57% of marketers acquired customers from blogging 44% of marketers acquired customers from Twitter 52% of marketers acquired customers from Facebook 62% of marketers acquired customers from Linkedin 57% of marketers acquired customers from their blog Source: HubSpot 120 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts & Graphs With inbound marketing you dont waste effort or money selling your products or services to audiences that arent interested. Marketers are shifting their budgets away from interruption advertising Inbound Marketing tactics dont just generate leads. They generate revenue
  • How Does Inbound Marketing Work?
  • T R U S T How Does Inbound Marketing Work? There are two things for certain: People dont like to be pestered. They want to gather information when they want it, rather than having sales messages pushed at them, as is generally the case with traditional marketing. Whopping numbers of people now ignore TV and print ads, and are on the do not call list. Inbound marketing attracts prospects because it meets them at their point of interest, on their schedule. It puts them in control, where theyre more comfortable. The other reason is trust. People wont buy from you unless they believe youre a respectable business with reliable products or service.
  • Inbound helps you systematically establish a comfortable, trust-based relationship with your target audience, to build traffic and generate sales. Heres how: It attracts online users, drawing them to your website usually via search results. Effective content strategy and well-researched SEO techniques ensure your business shows up as close to the top of the page as possible in search rankings. Just like any marketing, you can use those calls-to- action (CTAs) to encourage visitors to take the next stepsign up here or click here encourages visitors to take the next step. They share their contact data and become a lead a warm one at that. Youll convert each lead from shopper to buyer by giving them what they want in the form of relevant, timely, context-appropriate content. You can nurture leads and convert them to buyers entirely online or pass qualified leads to your sales reps at the right time.
  • Building loyalty is the key to profitability. Attracting new customers is important. But where inbound marketing really shines is its ability to create ongoing conversations with existing customers that build strong, lasting relationships and drive additional sales (both repeat purchases and value-added products and services). You re-attract and retain interest by providing continuing relevant content via your blog, e- newsletter, emails, etc.all of it personalized, just the way your audience wants it. Inbound marketing neednt be an entirely-internet-based process. Millions of businesses use it to drive traffic into their stores and offices. And you can very effectively use inbound to cross-sell with your in-store promotions or traditional print or broadcast advertising. Its the definition of versatility. Relationships! Sales!
  • How Do You Know its Working?
  • How do you know its working? How do you know its working? Inbound marketing gives you highly detailed analytics you can use to track how people respond to your online marketing. You can see the different sources: You can also see how long theyre there, which pages they visit after, and so on. You can see exactly whats working for you and what isnt, based on your specific goals. Not driving traffic from social media? Try posting a few times a day or posting a new article multiple times... And you can see all this information in real-time, to quickly make alterations that drive even more traffic and attract people farther into your sales pipeline. Inbound gives you agility you cant get anywhere else. Social Media Search Results Page Referrals Your blog
  • Whats All This About Content?
  • Whats all this about Content? Shopping is actually an information-gathering process, whether someones looking for a new outfit, a new accountant or parts suppliers for their manufacturing facility. Content is the material you make available online to provide shopping information your prospects want. The most important thing to remember is that content value is in the minds of your prospects and customers. Its not about what you want to say or sell. You have to think like your audience to provide delicious, timely content thats exactly what theyre hungry for. And you have to put that content where theyre looking, so its literally just a click away when theyre ready for it.
  • How do you know what they want? A pop

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